Investigators: Peter Strzok Could Be Funded By The CIA

 Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok received large amounts of funding from the Central Intelligence Agency, according to a bombshell investigation. Strzok, a central figure in the spying and wiretapping scandal of President Trump, grew up in Africa while his father worked on various CIA projects.

Peter Strzok is funded by the CIA, investigators say

 True Pundit reported Brennan’s involvement in Sept. 2017 and now — nine months later — others are asking questions about the FBI’s involvement with the CIA with what amounts to an apparent clandestine operation to unseat President Trump — or make sure he was never elected in the first place.

 The FBI’s Strzok bragged in internal FBI text messages about obtaining a CIA coin – often awarded for meritorious service to intelligence agents — from and personally signed by former CIA Director John Brennan in 2017. Now Strzok is accused of working with CIA cut-out Stefan Halper to set traps for Trump associates.

 How did Strzok know John Brennan and what was his involvement with FBI operations linked to Trump campaign skullduggery? FBI and CIA operations are separated for a reason.

 Peter Strzok Sr.. the father of the FBI’s Peter Strzok, served 21 years in the Army before taking a post in Africa for Catholic Relief Services, a charity with bonafide international links to the CIA and funding from the United Nations. According to records, Strzok worked for CRS staring in 1981 and lived abroad with his family a young Peter in Africa. Prior to taking the position in Africa, the elder Strzok worked in Vietnam, the Middle East and specifically Iran for an unknown U.S. contractor.

 Strzok stayed in Iran until Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was installed in 1979 in the hope of stabilizing the tumultuous region and political climate during the American hostage crisis as well, records show. After leaving Iran, Strzok took the African post with CRS. But it was not Strzok’s first U.S.-backed mission in Iran. In a recent 2016 article in the Fayetteville Observer, he detailed an earlier mission in Iran — as well as his navigating Russian influence in that country —  predating his private work in Iran by nearly two decades. Strzok wrote:

“In 1965, I was an Army engineer captain assigned to the U.S. Military Mission to Iran. Fresh out of Persian language studies at Monterey, California, one of my jobs was to accept civic action schools being built from funds accrued from sales by Iran of food aid provided by the U.S. These schools were being built in border areas, concentrating on nomadic groups such as the Kurds, Balouch, Turkoman, Azeris and Afghans, under the theory that educated nomads tend toward sedentary living with reduced security concerns. One was built in Marivan, a Kurdish village hard up against the Iraqi border. In October 1965, I flew from Tehran, in a de Havilland Otter, to meet with contractors and Tehran Engineer District staff, to turn over the Marivan school for transfer to the government to Iran.”

 The program Strzok headed in Africa for CRS in the 1980s was funded by federal aid to and from USAID, records show. USAID maintains it is an independent aid organization, however its history is entwined and entangled deeply with the CIA. Just like Catholic Relief Services. Both organizations have embedded covert CIA operatives in international outposts to carry out operations ranging from intelligence gathering to covert Ops.

 The CIA funds various covert operations through various front organizations including known CIA operations groups which funnel funds to “various non-governmental agencies” (NGOs) which then use such funds to achieve American intelligence objectives worldwide.

 Often criticized for its involvement with the U.S. intelligence apparatus, CRS is a documented CIA-linked NGO. And USAID is the government-funded equivalent.

 The CRS program in Africa headed by Strzok provided school lunches to children and helped teach local how to farm and raise cash crops, according to reports.

 The elder Strzok has never tried to hide his involvement with CRS. In fact in the 1980s, he often boasted about the work he was doing in Africa, as well as the fact Peter Jr. was living in Africa before he came stateside at age 12 to enroll in prep school in the United States, according to records.

 Now, however, his son’s involvement in an apparent intelligence plot aimed at harming Trump’s political career has thrust the elder Strzok’s career into the spotlight.

 The FBI’s Strzok served as Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, rising to become the Deputy Assistant Director of the division. He led the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

 In 2017, Strzok was the top FBI agent assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged collusion of Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government. But Strzok was fired from Mueller’s team when damaging text messages between Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page surfaced where the duo were highly critical of Trump. Often, they ridiculed Trump.

 After working with USAID-funded programs for CRS in Africa, the elder Strzok stayed active in Africa for the last 30 years running the Agency to Facilitate the Growth of Rural Organizations, records show. The non profit group, founded by the elder Strzok, has focused on working with rural organizations in Africa and Haiti, according to the corporation’s 2009 tax return filed with the IRS.

 In 2010, Strzok’s IRS tax filing said his Agency to Facilitate the Growth of Rural Organizations organized meetings with University of Minnesota agencies and “forest product enterprises to provide safe, low cost fuel to Haitian earthquake victims.

“Organized / provided briefings to World Bank & Inter-American bank staff on program of action” for Haitian earthquake victims.”

 According to tax returns available for Agency to Facilitate the Growth of Rural Organizations, the non-profit’s income, expenses, revenue and assets between 2007 and 2010 were all under $2,000 US.

 In 2003-2004, the group provided grants to schools in northern Iraq for improvements, according to tax returns. That year, the group took in $32,000 in contributions and revenue along with an apparent $5,000 grant from the USDA, filings show.

 In a data sheet included with the tax return, Strzok said the Agency to Facilitate the Growth of Rural Organizations was ceasing operations, after 19 years. (See attachment.) The data sheet detailed Strzok’s involvement in international aid for decades. Tax returns for the group prior to 2001 were not available. The group did recommence operations after 2004 based on tax returns filed from 2007 through 2010, records show.

 In 2013, Strzok Sr. was quoted by a TV news station reporting on African poverty and identified him as president of the Agency to Facilitate the Growth of Rural Organizations.

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Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


 Judge Orders Mueller To Prove  Russia Meddled In Election 

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich

A Washington federal judge on Thursday ordered special counsel Robert Mueller’s team to clarify election meddling claims lodged against a Russian company operated by Yevgeny Prigozhin, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Bloomberg.

Concord Management and Consulting, LLC. – one of three businesses indicted by Mueller in February along with 13 individuals for election meddling, surprised the special counsel in April when they actually showed up in court to fight the charges. Mueller’s team tried to delay Concord from entering the case, arguing that thee Russian company not been properly served, however Judge Dabney Friedrich denied the request – effectively telling prosecutors ‘well, they’re here.’

Concord was accused in the indictment of supporting the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian ‘troll farm’ accused of trying to influence the 2016 US election.

On Thursday, Judge Freidrich asked Mueller’s prosecutors if she should assume they aren’t accusing Concord of violating US laws applicable to election expenditures and failure to register as a foreign agent.

Concord has asked Dabney to throw out the charges – claiming that Mueller’s office fabricated a crime, and that there is no law against interfering in elections.

According to the judge’s request for clarification, the Justice Department has argued that it doesn’t have to show that Concord had a legal duty to report its expenditures to the Federal Election Commission. Rather, the allegation is that the company knowingly engaged in deceptive acts that precluded the FEC, or the Justice Department, from ascertaining whether they had broken the law. -Bloomberg

On Monday, Friedrich raised questions over whether the special counsel’s office could prove a key element of their case – saying that it was “hard to see” how allegations of Russian influence were intended to interfere with US government operations vs. simply “confusing voters,” reports

During a 90-minute hearing, Friedrich questioned prosecutor Jonathan Kravis about how the government would be able to show the Russian defendants were aware of the Justice Department and FEC’s functions and then deliberately sought to skirt them.

“You still have to show knowledge of the agencies and what they do. How do you do that?” Friedrich asked.

Kravis, a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, argued that the government needed only to show that Concord Management and the other defendants were generally aware that the U.S. government “regulates and monitors” foreign participation in American politics. That awareness, Kravis said, could be inferred from the Russians’ alleged creation of fake social media accounts that appeared to be run by U.S. citizens and “computer infrastructure” intended to mask the Russian origin of the influence operation.

“That is deception that is directed at a higher level,” Kravis said. Kravis appeared in court with Michael Dreeben, a top Justice Department appellate lawyer on detail to the special counsel’s office.

Concord pleaded not guilty in May. Their attorney, Eric Dubelier – a partner at Reed Smith, has described the election meddling charges as “make believe,” arguing on Monday that Mueller’s indictment against Concord “doesn’t charge a crime.”

“There is no statute of interfering with an election. There just isn’t,” said Dubelier, who added that Mueller’s office alleged a “made-up crime to fit the facts they have.”

Dubelier added that the case against Concord Management is the first in US history “where anyone has ever been charged with defrauding the Justice Department” through their failure to register under FARA.

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