I R S Newswire IR-2013-82: 2014 dated Tues, Oct 22, 2013 at 2:28PM is a notification that the I R S has delayed the date that they will accept 2013 income tax filings to Feb. 4, 2013, The acceptance date last year was Jan.14,2012. The delay is necessary for as the I R S needs the extra time to get their 50 systems programmed and tested.  "Updating these core systems is a complex, year round process with the majority of the work beginning in the fall of each year".  The integration of oboma care had been estimated to take one week and the date originally projected for acceptance of filings had been Jan. 21.

Naturally, they are indirectly blaming the TEA PARTY'S deliberate closing down the government for 16 days as the reason for the delay.

The computer system failures of the implementation of obomacare was not mentioned and there was no mention of having to get the I R S' responsibilities and required under this B S law integrated into their systems and there is no guarantee that the ACA core systems will be integratable to meet the Feb. 4 target.  I watched the hearings on the system problems on C_SPAN this morning and I do not have much confidence that everything will be completed by then. The newswire does state that the April 15 due date can only be extended by congress.  When everything is working properly, the earliest date when refunds can be released is approx. 2 weeks after the returns are filed and that for direct deposit requests.  Also every year there is a delay with certain individual forms being accepted and those returns have to held as backlog until the are accepted.

the newswire also states that there is no advantage of paper returns over E-filing so now we are all having to wait to see what happens.

Tax returns can be prepared beginning Jan, 1 if the w-2's are received, (some w-2"s can be obtained on line from their employers beginning Jan, 5) so the backlog of returns has always been substantial when the I R S begins accepting the returns and usually takes a couple days  to get on schedule so how many millions of returns will be backlogged by Feb 4 or later.  This idiotic Oboma care legislation has the effect of screwing the entire country up.  Many people depend on their refunds to make payments on their mortgages, car loans, utility bills, etc, etc, etc .The year 2014 is going to be a financial nightmare to millions of people and the democrats will find a way to blame the Tea Party's congressional intimidation of congress for  mess, but then when do they ever admit that their extreme liberal views create these mess's      

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