Illegal Immigrant Speaks Out At Press Conference About Being Illegal, Then Is Promptly Detained By ICE

Image result for ICE agentsAn illegal immigrant decided to speak publicly at a news conference about her immigration status Wednesday. She was later detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

Daniela Vargas, 22, was detained in Jackson, Miss. shortly after speaking at the press conference, The Clarion-Ledger reports. Vargas, an Argentine national who arrived in the U.S. at age 7, was previously protected under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Her DACA status, however, recently expired.

Vargas’ attorney Abby Peterson told The Clarion-Ledger that Vargas’ car was pulled over by ICE agents moments after the news conference, and they told her, “You know who we are, you know what we’re here for.”

The press conference was hosted by local churches, immigration attorneys and the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance to speak about recently deported families.

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It's about time.  I always wondered why ICE wasn't rounding them up when they come together as a group to protest.  Easy as netting a school of fish.  Nab them when they come together to spit on our nation and its laws

What really irritates me is when protesters marching for illegal benefits be given them, i,e., welfare, medical services, cheap housing, and they're displaying Mexican National Flags, who the hell do they think they are?  ICE should move in and arrest those illegals  Deport them all!  They can fix their own country instead of bringing their problems here.  Worse yet, the Mexican government tells the Mexican people that they have a "right" to be in the United States because we stole the land from Mexico!

Douglas, it really irks me when they get away with their lies and no one on our side even tries to straighten them out. We kicked their asses in that war, then paid them millions of OUR American dollars for the land, which they happily took. Now that it's obviously gone, suck it up and get out of OUR country.

O well, shit happens!

WOW! This is great stuff!!

man it is a different day in America...glad to see it

Yes Michael but we must not get comfortable. In the heat of summer in the Midwest some capture snapping turtles and after their heads are removed if their heads are touched have been known to bit. We must not underestimate our enemies they are now very desperate, I predict a very hot and bloody summer.

Afraid you're right...

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Good Job ICE agents doesn't it feel good to finally be able to do your Job. Deport her asap !! no dam trial, and just look at all the betraying Churches and all these other none profite Taxpayer sucking Org. rushing to her aid . Where  were all you bleeding hearts when their are American Vets homeless and dieing from lack of care  and half A**ed care where were you then !!.

  Good work ICE !

Finally, we are getting the swamp cleaned and the 'in your face' hooligans who entered this country illegally and would spit in your face for having lackluster and weak laws to rid our nation of such.




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