Ignorance from the left continues to fan the flames of Racism

Eleanor Homes Norton, the Democratic representative in Congress for the non-voting District of Columbia, is quite adept at providing the entertaining sound bite. Most recently she asserted that Congress doesn’t have the right to know about everything going on in government.

Today’s comments on MSNBC might even top that. Speaking with host Jose Diaz Balart, she called the racial mix of elected officials in Ferguson, MO, “troublesome”:

Here you have the mostly white police force in a mostly black community. But I’m perplexed about why most of the elected officials are white as well. Is there something about the way elections are done in Missouri or in the county? That’s troublesome.


Usually when you get a minority community or a community that becomes mostly minority, you get some diversity of representation. So you may have an elected leadership, as well as a police force, that does not feel that they are truly representative of the community and that’s poison.


Hey, black community. You see what happens when you don’t have your own elected officials out there, people who have had experiences similar to your own. I don’t understand that. Again, there may be something about the way the election are conducted in that county. But if I were in that community, the first thing I would be doing is organize voters to go to the polls in November.

read more here: http://www.ijreview.com/2014/08/169466-dc-democrat-wonders-many-whi...

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Ignorance is responsible for some of the stupid rhetoric from the left but more of it is malignant purposeful speechifying  to cause disruption and chaos.

World history is replete with examples where peoples of the same race went to war against each other, with horrific nightmarish results. I wonder what Eleanor Holmes Norton, Jesse Jackass and Al Charlatan would say to THAT? Elimination of all races but one on the face of this earth will not necessarily bring us peace on earth, good will to men! The greatest number of murders committed in America today is: black perpetrator, black victim.

we the people,who are the real government.we will be calling norton at her washington office,and demanding an apology from this racist congress women,and will be sending her emails/faxes this is a racial hate crime.and we demand she be fired.god bless american veterans/citizens

Let's look for some good examples of Black communities that have Black Representatives, Detroit, Chicago, D.C. Let's also look at the number of Black Community leaders that have been brought up on charges for illegal activity in office. Kwame Kilpatrick former Mayor of Detroit, Clarence Ray Nagin, Jr. former Mayor of New Orleans, Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr. Council of D.C. rep for Ward 8 and Mayor of Washington, D.C.  a certain member of the Jackson family Jesse Louis Jackson, Jr. former US House of Representatives for the Illinois's 2nd Congressional District and the list would go on from there. 

Not only are all the above listed leaders Black but they were also Democrats.  Just look at the mess this country is in for another fine example of poor leadership by the likes of Obama and Eric Holder.  If Blacks are smart, they would carefully select who they elect to office based on character and integrity rather than color. 

Isn't Ms. Eleanor Homes Norton suppose to be impartial???  It is no more OK for her to make such a biased statement than it would be for a white member to seek preferential treatment of whites.  If the community does not like their elected officials they need to vote for whomever they would like.  The police requirements might have a clause of no prior arrest which would restrict many of those fine young men aka looters and rioters from applying.




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BREAKING:   Hillary Clinton Donor Ed Buck Arrested After Another Male Overdoses In His Seedy LA Apartment

Democrat donor and Hillary friend Ed Buck was finally arrested Tuesday night after a third man overdosed in his apartment.

The man who overdosed in Ed Buck’s Los Angeles apartment last week survived, however the other two victims previously died.

Ed Buck will be in court Wednesday.

Ed Buck loves to inject young black gay escorts with methamphetamine — the mother of one of Ed Buck’s victims described it as a fetish.

He was finally arrested after two black gay escorts died in his apartment from overdoses.

KTLA 5 reported:

The prominent Democratic donor and LGBTQ political activist Ed Buck was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating a drug house and providing methamphetamine to a 37-year-old man who overdosed last week, officials said.

Buck was charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Buck is accused of injecting the victim, who survived, with methamphetamine on Sept. 11.

CBSLA Assignment Desk @KCBSKCALDesk

: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested and charged by @LADAOffice. Buck is accused of running a drug den out of his home. @JeffMichaelNews has details on .

Video of Ed Buck getting taken away by Sheriff deputies:

Bill Melugin    @BillFOXLA

BREAKING: Democratic donor Ed Buck has been arrested at his West Hollywood apartment on drug charges, per @WHDLASD. Neighbor on scene tells me Buck is currently in the back of one of the cruisers. Two gay black men previously died of meth overdoses at his apt. @FOXLA

Bill Melugin    @BillFOXLA

BREAKING: Here is video of being taken away by deputies following his arrest at his apartment on drug charges tonight. @FOXLA

of another young black gay escort was found at the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck, a top Democrat donor and political activist.

As previously reported, a black gay escort named Gemmel Moore died of a meth overdose at Ed Buck’s West Hollywood home in July of 2017.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office previously declined to prosecute Ed Buck saying the evidence was “insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (Buck) is responsible for the death of Gemmel Moore,” which sparked an outrage from family members and others in the community.

Jasmyne Cannick told FOX and Friends nearly a dozen black men have come forward to speak on their experiences with “serial predator” Ed Buck.
Cannick also went off on the Democrat Party: “Over 77% of black people in California vote Democratic. We vote for Democrats.

It is a shame that when something like this happens, when you have the chair of your state party when at the time of this , Eric Bauman, who was willing to turn a blind eye as well as instruct others not to speak on it. As a black woman, as a black Democrat, I expect more from my party.

Last week, a black male was seen entering Ed Buck’s seedy LA apartment.

Update: Top Democrat Donor Ed Buck Charged with Maintaining Drug House – Police Find HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS of Men in Compromising Positions in His Home

Buck was charged with operating a drug house.

According to the LA Times — Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Buck’s home of men in compromising positions.

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec

Sheriff’s investigators found hundreds of photographs in Ed Buck’s home of men in compromising positions

Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested, charged with operating drug house

Buck was charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. Buck...   latimes.com

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