Ideology of Idiots- We Will Build a Spaceship and Nuke God

 A while back I watched a video, the man said, "we will build a spaceship and nuke God", I do hope they let the world of men know first so we can get out of the way.

 The US Military Men and Woman are Dumb Stupid Animals. Thank you for the enlightenment.

Last White Man Standing: anti WW3- YouTube

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Like Da!!!!!! Gosh, this video was funny and real...:)

 Ok, OK. I can not find the right words at the moment.

Kissinger is a dangerous agent of the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, and CFR...  He can not leave this world quick enough.

He is a Khazar Jew...:)

 The youtube administration needs to wise up.

Henry Kissinger and his mentor, David Rockefeller, just as John D. Rockefeller were traitors. John D. Rockefeller along with the Rothschilds tried to steal our country with the illegal Federal Reserve BS.

Came back and seen a type O...:)

 Well, the system seems to be in place, every nation in the world has been compromised or war brought against them because they refused the fed notes, and their media creates the of why and more, much more, a lot more, then some more.

Gosh, no wonder the call people a nasty twisted word of Goy...:)

Henry Kissinger and George Soros is protected by what some call the US Government. No wonder the Republic foundation of America is dead.

Men like Kissinger should not be allowed to breathe the air of liberty or to walk where men have died to secure their right to life. 

Men without honor, loyalty, or respect, for anything but their own power and those who aid them, are unworthy of our trust and confidence.  They certainly should not be placed in positions of leadership or authority.  They are the personification of evil and everything wrong with mankind.  They aren't fit to be dog catchers.

Kissinger is a Khazar Jew butt sniff...:)

 I will put it bluntly, I doubt that anyone of the YouTube Administration will be given a phone call if war breaks out.

 And it would in fact take a idiot to suggest Nuking God. And I did also watch their video, a rose by any other name is a rose, and a idiot by any other term is a idiot.

One thing for certain... there is no shortage of IDIOTS on both sides of the argument.  Idiots seem to find their way into every facet of American life.




Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Gohmert: Dems Will Drag Out Impeachment — Try To Get ‘Best Socialist’ Nominated For President

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered his best assessment of what House Democrats were trying to accomplish with their impeachment efforts.

Gohmert told WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” impeachment could tie up the Democratic Party’s presidential campaign efforts but predicted Democrats would use the occasion to nominate “the best socialist” they can.

“They would lose in the Senate,” Gohmert said on impeachment. “And besides that, the entire time it was on trial in the Senate, the Democrats who are running for president wouldn’t be allowed to campaign. That’s in the Constitution. They wouldn’t be able to campaign. I just can’t imagine them wanting to do that because if they send it to the Senate, they have now perfectly set up the scenario of 1996, where they will reassure Donald Trump is reelected as president. They don’t want to do that. They’re probably going to drag this thing out as long as they possibly can … through Iowa, through primaries — try to get the best socialist they can to be nominated.”

“Then just end up and say, ‘Now we’re close enough to the general election. We’ve thrown mud at the president through the House,’” he continued. “What they’re really doing — they’re using taxpayer funds to campaign against Trump. That’s all this is — a campaign fund that taxpayers are paying for in order to try to throw mud at the president. I’ll be surprised if they have that vote, but I can’t imagine they want to set up this president for reelection by having a trial in the Senate where they lose.”

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