ICE Arrests 680 Illegals in Largest Single-State Raid in U.S. History

ICE conduct biggest single-state raid in US history

 Agents apprehended illegal aliens who had been working at seven Mississippi food processing plants across six cities, federal officials confirmed.

 Not since 2008 – when 595 illegal workers were arrested – has this many illegal aliens been arrested in a workplace raid by ICE. reports: According to federal officials, some of the hundreds of illegal aliens arrested on Wednesday have already been ordered deported by an immigration judge and have refused to self-deport. Those illegal aliens will be quickly deported.

 Other illegal aliens have yet to go through the immigration courts and will be afforded a review process where they will make a case to remain in the U.S.

 U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi Mike Hurst told the media at a press conference:

We are first and foremost a nation of laws and the Rule of Law is the bedrock, the very foundation, of our great country. I heard someone say that a country without borders is not a country at all and while I agree with that, I would also add that without law there is no order. Without the enforcement of law, there is no justice.

 The food processing plants raided by ICE include the Koch Foods Inc. facility in Morton, Mississippi. The plant is not associated with the GOP mega-donor billionaires Charles and David Koch.

 ICE officials said the investigation into the illegal aliens and their employers is ongoing and could not comment on specifics of the case.

“These are not victimless crimes,” an ICE official said. “Illegal workers create vulnerabilities in the marketplace … as well as stealing the identities of legal U.S. workers, citizens, and legal immigrants alike, who must suffer the long-lasting consequences of their stolen identities.”

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Ice missed the REAL CRIMINALS in this raid... the owners and managers of this business should have been dragged off and the aliens left behind... with no jobs or means of support, they would return to their homes, in their birth countries.

Put the employers in jail and watch the jobs for illegals vanish... let the illegals go, why pay for their incarceration and attorneys? Why spend taxpayer money shipping them home.. .let them walk or ride... but make sure they get no aid and comfort while in the US.

As for an illegal alien's right to appeal to immigration... They have no Constitutional rights. They are not citizens. Read the Preamble to the US Constitution.  It clearly states that the Constitution applies to our posterity and ourselves... not to illegal aliens, These illegal aliens are not our posterity or citizens.

Let any appeal for admittance to the US be made from outside the US... from their home states and at their own expense. This whole process is carp... and flies in the face of Constitutional law. Any judge attorney or other law enforcement official should be fired for supporting such illegal acts.

The Courts don't make the laws in the US... they administer justice, enforcement, case by case... their verdicts apply only to the case in adjudication... Stari Decisis is not law, it is dicta used by the courts to advise on how similar cases were adjudicated.. nothing more.

If a law is found unconstitutional... it remains so until Congress fixes it... relife from the law must be case by case until Congress acts to change the law... the Courts may not change the law.

Congress's failure to correct laws the Courts find unconstitutional... is their way of disagreeing with the Court. Agreement with the Court occurs when the Congress acts to correct the law, to bring it into conformance with the Court's ruling... if Congress fails to act on the law as the Courts decided, it is tacit denial, disagreement with the Court's findings.

The President needs to enforce the law, not court decisions. He is not the Courts lackey, he is the chief LAW enforcement officer ... not the BAILIFF of the court, or its enforcement arm. He is a co-equal branch of government and answers to the people thru elections and Constitutional means... including impeachment.

If the President violates the law... as determined by Congress not the courts... Congress must act to IMPEACH the President. The Courts don't tell the President he is acting illegally. Congress must tell the President he is acting illegally... using the Impeachment process...The Courts have no jurisdiction over the Office of President.

Whenever you return to  Asia... I'll return to Europe. There are no indigenous people in the Americas they all arrived here as migrants from Mesopotamia or thereabouts.  Get a refund on your education it is woefully lacking.

You first...:)

I am old fashioned... Ladies before Gentlemen...

No, I insist, age before beauty..:)

Sure... I am older but beauty is in the eye of the beholder... you loose... you go first.

you have no idea what I just did...:)

well go to the restroom and change...

Put on a dress and a happy face...:) if possible...:)




Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Gohmert: Dems Will Drag Out Impeachment — Try To Get ‘Best Socialist’ Nominated For President

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered his best assessment of what House Democrats were trying to accomplish with their impeachment efforts.

Gohmert told WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” impeachment could tie up the Democratic Party’s presidential campaign efforts but predicted Democrats would use the occasion to nominate “the best socialist” they can.

“They would lose in the Senate,” Gohmert said on impeachment. “And besides that, the entire time it was on trial in the Senate, the Democrats who are running for president wouldn’t be allowed to campaign. That’s in the Constitution. They wouldn’t be able to campaign. I just can’t imagine them wanting to do that because if they send it to the Senate, they have now perfectly set up the scenario of 1996, where they will reassure Donald Trump is reelected as president. They don’t want to do that. They’re probably going to drag this thing out as long as they possibly can … through Iowa, through primaries — try to get the best socialist they can to be nominated.”

“Then just end up and say, ‘Now we’re close enough to the general election. We’ve thrown mud at the president through the House,’” he continued. “What they’re really doing — they’re using taxpayer funds to campaign against Trump. That’s all this is — a campaign fund that taxpayers are paying for in order to try to throw mud at the president. I’ll be surprised if they have that vote, but I can’t imagine they want to set up this president for reelection by having a trial in the Senate where they lose.”

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