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  GO SARA !!!



NO - I do not !!  Palin works for the other side. Just do some research and don't be afraid to get your feelings hurt. She was born and raised to be what she is...a double agent loyal to the powers behind the throne of Obama. Start with Sarah Palin and the MK Ultra program/Beta Sex Kitten and see what you find. She is classified as a ¨Military Asset¨ !!!

Stop supporting the people who seek the demise of this great nation and the total enslavement of its people -- if that means anything to anyone !!!

Palin related to Obama, Bush, Cheney... is that just a coincidence? Come on...

LOL... You had me for a minute there!

LOL, you should do some real research on these people and not just accept the manufactured, scripted resume those in power present to the people. They have been doing that for centuries. Perception VS reality

If you are going to post such statements, back them up with facts !

Hey Micheal, why dont you do your own research on these things? Always wanting someone else to do your work forya right?
Well here you go. Just remove that worn-out tennis shoe from your mouth first so you can read. Enjoy:
Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin: Mind Kontrolled BETA Prog'md ...
Snarling SarahCuda: MK (Mind Kontrolled) Ultra Monarch BETA Prog’md Sex Slave/Human Laptop on Auto-Pilot. ... Heinz (Henry) Kissinger: Over 40yrs MK-Ultra PIMPIN. ... For a clear understanding of not who, but “WHAT“ Sarah Palin & family are, the reader MUST be familiar w/MK-Ultra

She was implanted into the hearts and minds of American citizens by some very skilled deceivers..... the same folks who got people to buy into Obama. These people are related by blood and marriage. Bloodlines. This is 2015 - there has been an information dump like never before. Learn something!!


Wanna go for the fake Sandy Hook HOAX Shooting next? Or just go look it up for yourself on you tube.....

I used to be a huge Sarah Palin fan. Fooled ---      ( brainwashed ) like most everyone else. Then I learned who and what she really is. If I can wake up, so can other folks too. 

I don't think anyone is falling for your crap ! Why don't you go troll another site ! or better yet just go back to the planet you came from !




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New York's Green Light Law - Allows Illegal Aliens To Get Driver’s Licenses

New York passed a law to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this year but it was held up by challenges.

Now it is set to take effect this week.

In typical leftist fashion, supporters claim this is going to somehow make New York’s roads safer for everyone.

Could it really be about voting?

FOX News reports:

Illegal immigrants to be able to get driver’s licenses in NY after legal challenge fails.

Illegal immigrants in New York will able to obtain driver’s licenses starting next week after a last-minute legal challenge was dismissed — making it the 13th state to allow the practice, but one that critics say is unconstitutional.

The Green Light Law, signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year, allows anyone to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status and does not require a Social Security number.

Illegal immigrants can use a combination of documents that include a valid passport from a foreign country and a valid foreign driver’s license, as long as it has been expired for less than two years.

“After waiting 18 years to have their right to drive restored, thanks to our legislature, New York can now officially join 12 other states in making driver’s licenses legally available to all residents,” New York Immigration Coalition Executive Director Steve Choi said in a statement this week, arguing that it will make roads safer and the economy stronger.

County clerks in New York have concerns and are sounding an alarm.

CBS News in Albany reports:

County clerks concerned by loopholes in Green Light law.

Undocumented immigrants now have the green light to get a driver’s license in New York…but several county clerks in the Capital Region are concerned.

Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner said, “We found that everything we were concerned about as far as fraud and all sorts of other things are in that bill, in that regulation and we’re very concerned.”

Hayner tells CBS6’s Lynsey Smith there are a few loopholes in the Green Light Law.

Loopholes, such as a person coming in to get their license and not having to provide their social security number.

“That could lead to criminals coming from other states, coming in and use that as a way to defraud by just simply saying they don’t have a social security number…and that’s a very dangerous loophole,” replied Hayner.

Does anyone believe this is going to make New York safer or that this is really about driving?

Delusional Democrats

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