All truly great things must eventually come to and end. It is with much sadness that I find that I can no longer be the voice of Command Center.

Like most of you, I work. My current job demands coupled with some family issues has forced me to think about all the hours that I spend online trying to defeat the Democrats

We have come so far from the early days.   We are winning and we will continue to win.  Because we are right and we are Americans. We fight for what we believe in.  It is ingrained in our souls. 

I was always just one small cog in the wheel. Someone will replace me and they will be awesome!

The most important thing is to keep speaking out! Keep educating yourselves.  You no longer need me to do that for you. 

We, as a movement, have come so far we can not let ourselves be taken back to the dark years when we knew what was happening but said nothing.  You have a voice.  You must use it!

I wish you all well and I will be on the boards posting on occasion. But, you will no longer find me in your inbox and I know that some will be happy about that!

Fight is what we do.


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Thanks for all you've done. Good luck with future endeavors.

Hello Dee,

Thank you so much for being quite objective in your comments on each topic and leading us to some great articles on the Internet.  Those articles and videos help us to focus on our goals.  I operate an emailed information distribution network with my own circle of Patriotic friends.  I share conservative articles and graphics with them weekly.  Being an active Precinct Committee Officer in my county, I understand what it is like to be stretched in different directions while the family waits for me to finish the latest political "holy grail" task.  Just being an active promoter of the US Constitution and our unique Republic governing system in daily life is a job within itself.

Family and friends expect so much new effort out of retiring people because: ..."Well!, you're retired now and must have lots of time to help us ['with tasks we don't want to do' -- which is implied, but not stated], don't you???"  Your increase of dedicated work at the expense of your family and health is NOT an expectation from this member of your Tea Party family.  Take a permanent break from tracking the insanity of liberal lemming followers' and their evil mind control deeds; heavy stuff to digest for too long!  Job well done!

I finally retired from a long aerospace business career in 2010, albeit with some "regrets" (I miss the challenge of the hunt for new business projects and development program opportunities.  However, I don't miss the in-company politics and the "ME"-centered people at work.)  I will serve my time as a GOP PCO and eventually retire from that function too.  Everyone needs a successor.  We all have a limited time here on earth (that's a blessing in disguise.)

You have done your time in a tough assignment with honor and respect (and have done a sterling job doing it!) I appreciate your extra effort for the nation-wide Tea Party network cause.

You are a Great American. May God bless you and your family.

Best Regards Always,


Thanks for all you've done. Good luck with future endeavors.

You had a GREAT run- thanks, Dee!



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Family first! Good luck, best wishes, and God bless. Thank you for all your hard work.

First it is VERY Sad to see you leave as you have done a Superb Job! Thanks for all your Hard Work as it is Greatly Appreciated! God Bless You in the future!! Second-it'll be difficult to find a replacement that can step into your shoes & carry on to the extent in which you did! We've all been very LUCKY!!! Thanks Again!!

You've been  both a LEADER and a TROOPER, Dee!  As you can see, you have a legion of dyed-in-the-wool fans - and, of course, PATRIOTS!  You are leaving VERY large shoes to fill, but I'm confident that this great site will be left in excellent hands.  We all join in thanking you for the almost thankless task of leading the charge EVERY DAY in knocking down the failed and rotten lilbturd agenda!  Best wishes and good luck in all future endeavors; and, as one more than one commenter requested, "Don't be a stranger!" and drop in with comments from time to time!

Awww,I will miss seeing your bright,smiling face on here. It's calming after reading "what they've done this time-!!!" Please enjoy your retirement and try not to waste too must time checking in. It gets consuming,and before you know it will be addicted from afar.Take care...

We will miss you, but we will fight on...I hope your replacement comes to my "in box" like you did...I wish you only the best!

Job well done.  We will miss you, the contributions have been so informative, and helpful in our fight against this evil.  Good luck to your endeavors, and accept our gratitude for all you've done.

I have looked forward to seeing your posts in my inbox. I will miss them.

Thank you for having done such a great job!




Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Joe Biden On Violence Against Women:   We Have To Keep ‘Punching At It, And Punching At It, And Punching At It’

 The audience laughed as he said this.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that America needs to be “punching” back to combat violence against women during Wednesday’s Democratic debate.

Biden was asked if he would tackle specific issues regarding the #MeToo movement at the beginning of his presidency, if he were to be elected. The former vice president previously sponsored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which aimed to protect victims of domestic violence.

The presidential candidate responded to the question about assaulting women by using the phrase “punching” repeatedly, apparently not thinking about the implications of using such a word.

“No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense, and that rarely ever occurs,” Biden said. “So we have to just change the culture, period, and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it. No, I really mean it.”

A few people laughed in the audience as he said this.

Biden added that it is important to pass the Violence Against Women Act, which has passed in the House and held up in the Senate. The former Vice President also suggested that America has to “fundamentally change the culture” of how women are treated, noting that it is “everyone’s responsibility.”

“It’s a gigantic issue, and we have to make it clear from the top, from the president on down that we will not tolerate it,” Biden said. “We will not tolerate this culture.”

Tucker's big takeaways from the Trump impeachment saga

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