All truly great things must eventually come to and end. It is with much sadness that I find that I can no longer be the voice of Command Center.

Like most of you, I work. My current job demands coupled with some family issues has forced me to think about all the hours that I spend online trying to defeat the Democrats

We have come so far from the early days.   We are winning and we will continue to win.  Because we are right and we are Americans. We fight for what we believe in.  It is ingrained in our souls. 

I was always just one small cog in the wheel. Someone will replace me and they will be awesome!

The most important thing is to keep speaking out! Keep educating yourselves.  You no longer need me to do that for you. 

We, as a movement, have come so far we can not let ourselves be taken back to the dark years when we knew what was happening but said nothing.  You have a voice.  You must use it!

I wish you all well and I will be on the boards posting on occasion. But, you will no longer find me in your inbox and I know that some will be happy about that!

Fight is what we do.


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So what, who wants to make me a rasist? I am what I chose to be. I am free born and have every right to be what I choose.

Philips the demogoons want to make us in their image.  OMG.

God gives us choice, I often get a sarcastic streak comes about me, I do get upset with constant talk of race, that garbage takes up to much energy and its time consuming, we have much bigger problems, first being as Trump says uniting this country.
Washington will never regardless of the discovery in any investigation charge these villians for their treacherous high crimes. I highly suspect the underworld conspiracy embedded in this Government has hundreds if not thousands of traitors that support the NWO. The arrest, trials and imprisonment of these would most likely carry civil unrest equal to civil war. Regardless our Republic under our Constitution demands justice. I can only suggest that we turn to our God in prayer and ask for guidance, to carry out his will not ours.

God Bless America and the State of Israel

Live Free or Die

I almost told you off until I read your whole article. Now I am glad that I didn't  .  Now John for my opinion ,  If you look at Africa you have a continent with little advancement due to the fact that I believe most Africans are not either motivated enough , or just plain LAZY. The only reason they  got civilize at all was because of the British at one point. Good  article. 

BS... GWU's liberal faculty has become outlandish in their predilections and pronouncements... being prejudiced and racist at their core... they are abusing their power to establish racist ideology as part of their curriculum... in an attempt to brainwash their student body into accepting a racist bias against the White Race as normal.

RACISM is a personal choice... in other words it only requires the individual to use his personal power too direct his prejudice against a race.  Institutional Racism is the sum of the governing body of that institutions personal bias... or racism when negatively focused on an individual race... such as the Caucasian Race.  White privilege doesn't exist ... in fact white suffrage is common today and white racism has become the bane of our society.

Personal Power + Prejudice = Racism.

Collective Power (institutional power) + Prejudice = Institutional Racism

Blacks do not accept the above definitions for Racism.... as they would mean many in their race are racist... They want to point the finger at institutional racism, while denying individual racism and their collective responsibility for institutional bias/racism.  It is also a lie to state that White's are the only race holding institutional power... It is obvious that La Raza, NAACP, BLM, ACORN, and the Educational Institutions of America, have some serious soul searching to do, if they think they are not racist... They are using their power too inflict prejudicial treatment of the White Race...

I am sick of the so called elite and intelligencia in our culture, redefining words and establishing false paradigms, which are all too often racist, at their core, and certainly Marxist, in their outlook.

The resignation of all sitting US Attorney's is normal... subject to the inauguration of a new President...  The sitting US Attorney's traditionally submit their resignations pending the new Presidents refusal and request to stay on.  In this case, most of the US Attorney's under the Obama Administration are so tainted with corruption... everything from supporting unconstitutional EO's to  aiding and abetting illegal immigration that they all needed to go... immediately... on January 20th... not several weeks latter.

Let's hope that Trump and AG Session.... will recommend strict conservative, Constitutionalist, as replacements for these Obama appointees.  Let us also hope, that temporary appointments to these offices are made immediately,  and that Trump doesn't leave these US Attorney positions open, for some Obama political hack to fill, while Congress works to confirm the new US Attorneys.  

To hell with his investagation, he has plenty of time on his hands to write a book.

I agree with you

Yeah, so he was investigating Trump, or so he alleges. Where is the evidence from your investigations? Oh, you don't have any? Now that's what I call cleaning the swamp.

Good job Mr. President!

Are we witnessing the "morph" of this particular email into a permanent discussion on a number of issues?  I welcome the comments of the Col. on the hypocrisy of Liberal speech on racism (which I heartily endorse!).  If so, I welcome it.  I guess it has to be an "unofficial" move on the part of the participants to make it work.  While it will not be as neatly divided into topics as has been Dee's very useful daily series of emails of interest to TeaParty.ning members, nevertheless, it is good to see the discussion carry on in some form.




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Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Joe Biden Vows: Give Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare To All Illegal Aliens In U.S.

Former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate Joe Biden is vowing to give Obamacare, funded by American taxpayers, to all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States.

During an interview with Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart, Biden forgot that Obamacare technically bans illegal aliens from enrolling in healthcare plans — although illegal aliens are still able to obtain subsidized and free healthcare at Americans’ expense — and promised that under his plan, all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens would be able to get Obamacare.

The exchange went as follows:

DIAZ-BALART: When I … NBC moderated that first debate with you, I didn’t … I don’t recall a clear answer, under your plan should … would the 11, 12 million undocumented immigrants that live in the United States, that have been here many for generations, would they have access …


DIAZ-BALART: — to health insurance.

BIDEN: Yes, they … if they can buy into the system like everybody else.

DIAZ-BALART: Because you know, in [Obamacare] they can’t.

BIDEN: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Well they can, that’s my point. They continue to be able to do that.

DIAN-BALART: They cannot under the ObamaCare.

BIDEN: Well and that’s my point, they will though. They will be able to buy into … [illegal aliens] would be able to buy in, just like anyone else could.

Biden joins Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — among other 2020 Democrats — in committing to forcing American taxpayers to pay for healthcare for illegal aliens who arrive in the U.S.

Already, due to loopholes, American taxpayers are spending nearly $20 billion every year to provide illegal aliens with subsidized healthcare, emergency room visits, and other health services.

Under the 2020 Democrats’ plan to provide taxpayer-funded healthcare to all illegal aliens living in the U.S., Americans would be billed potentially $660 billion every decade just to cover the costs. Other research has found that the plan would cost Americans at least $23 billion every year.

As Breitbart News has reported, experts have said that giving taxpayer-funded healthcare to effectively all foreign nationals who can make it to America’s borders would drive “strong incentives for people with serious health problems to enter the country or remain longer than their visas allow in order to get government-funded care.”

Despite 2020 Democrats’ continued push for taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal aliens, American voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the plan. The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey revealed that the healthcare-for-illegal-aliens plan is the least popular policy position, with opposition from 62 percent of U.S. voters.

Similarly, a CNN poll from July discovered that 63 percent of likely swing voters oppose providing healthcare to illegal aliens, along with nearly 6-in-10 of all likely U.S. voters and 61 percent of moderates. A Rasmussen Reports survey also found that likely voters, by a majority of 55 percent, oppose giving healthcare to even the most low-income illegal aliens.

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