Hi folks!  Did you ever need to take a little down time to breathe again?  I did.  I know this year is crucial to where this country is headed and I needed to be in top form to fight the good fight.  I am now ready to re-enter the dog fight that is politics.  

So, what do you all think about Donald Trump?  You have to give him credit for igniting a resurgence of Nationalism in the country.  Is that a good thing?  You tell us. 

And, what about Cruz?  Is he living up to your expectations of him as a candidate?  

Are you fed up with the GOP?  I sure am.  Why do the parties have so many 'rules' on who can be a candidate?  Is this what the Founders intended? 

Why isn't Hillary in prison yet?  Will she ever see the justice that she deserves?  

I'm back, fed up and ready to raise some hell!  Are ya with me?


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Mr Trump watch out for the GOP warming up to you. They are not your friends.


Geoff Ross

9:54 AM (1 hour ago)
to NWRNCPaul
 Dear Mr. Trump, Congrats on your New York win.  


   After your nuclear strike in New York with the backing of "The American people" but not the establishment hacks  you have buried a hatchet into the establishment GOP Achilles heal and disabled them. 


These GOP- RINO  hacks are limping like road kill across a busy interstate their heads hurting like a pre menstrual migraine. They are licking their wounds and calling Hillary's campaign office for guidance.  


You good sir as a great capitalist, job creating American free market machine  representing "We the people" will make America great again.


You have the backing of the people unlike the GOP establishment boys and girls club, who eat their own children and drink vodka and lime within smoke filled rooms with their Democrat pals.


Be careful of the GOP establishment snakes as they can see you are  on the fast track to  winning the "holding my nose" Republican nomination.


These establishment folks posing as Americans  will soon start to kiss your backside and be friendly towards you.   The GOP hacks did the same thing to my friend Governor Rick Scott in Florida when I helped him.  


I guarantee Mr. Trump  the so called establishment New World Order GOP Republican mafia officials will start meeting in closed rooms to figure out what to do next. 


After your win in New York they are strategically planning how to get control of you and your agenda for America. They know they cannot defeat you so now they plan to get control of you.    They fear you sir. 


They will use psychologically reciprocity and tell you they like you. They will  congratulate you now but they will try and sneak in their agenda under the radar. DO NOT TRUST THEM !


 They will ask you to be more tolerant towards them, perhaps ask you to mend fences.  Do not mend the fences build the wall !!!


Stay on Course Mr. Trump DO NOT let these GOP hacks get into your mindset.  They will try and manipulate you through kind reproach.  Keep your business mind strong and sharp. Close the deal for us. 


 Keep your foot on the backs of the GOP establishment  and do not let them up for air.   Suffocate these RINO -  Democrat embracing Communists.


The New York pounding on the establishment  has solidified your win and the  acquisition of the soon to be yours 1,237 delegates needed for the "hold your nose" GOP  nomination. This will close down the big boy club from hand picking a RINO in a contested convention.


Mr. Trump,  the establishment GOP hacks thought you had no chance of winning  but they are now all huddled together in their off the radar rent -a-tents, smoking their glass pipes,  bongs, bubblers, and vaporizers looking for help from the Clintons and the Bush's. 


 We Americans in the real Tea Party and conservative movements across  this nation that do not - did not endorse candidates, that refused to let the GOP infiltrate our groups  have our finger on the real pulse driving this nation.


  "Capitalism free markets, low taxes,  freedom.  You sir are number 1.  We have got your back and we are the MAJORITY. 


The Obama stenographers in the media will try and lead the sheeple with false stories and propaganda but we have got your back.


We know  the weak goslings in the Republican Party will not get behind the right person that is good for this nation and its future,  they get behind their  hand picked tooth fairy who will do their bidding.


They choose those from inside the boys club whose turn it is up to bat. 


People like  Senator John McCain, and  Mitt Romney,  all RINO hacks and New World Order political United Nations embracing dipsticks who reach across the aisle and capitulate with the left wing Communists.  McCain who personally insulted the Tea Party movement. Well his days are about up. 


Senator McCain will be fired in November.


Reince Priebus the worthless leader of the RNC will now start officering to wash and wax your limo Mr. Trump  in the hope of a free ride in your 747 so he can try and get you to do things his way.  


 Tell Preibus to step down and go play in the sand box at the local PAWS shelter.  He is worthless. No leadership skills, no courage, no commitment to protecting this nation from Syrian invaders, no strength to take on China and the bad trade deals, no courage to defund the IRS  and the oppressive taxation.


The GOP hacks have no courage to prosecute Obama for his  crimes against the United States of America. 


Look at what these regurgitated fur balls did to you in Colorado, and Wyoming and Georgia...... Not a peep out of Preibus or Paul Ryan...... they need to step aside and be replaced with conservative courageous Americans.


Watch out for Matt Moore and his RINO leadership in South Carolina too, do not trust these folks.  This guy will try get a zero loser like  Kasich in the White House.  Keep an eye on these folks !! Do not engage them in dialogue.


Jeff Roe the "Goldman Sacs - Canadian born boy wonder" Cruz campaign manager will now start reevaluating his campaign strategy.  He will not give up even while waist deep in quicksand.   He wants a contested convention and steal the delegates like in Colorado and Wyoming and Georgia's 7th district. He will fail..... 


Keep an eye on the rear view mirror but don't look back.  You will win this Mr. Trump and I've got your back.  My team in Connecticut is on point ready to turn out for you in huge numbers.... You will win CT in a landslide dude.


I guarantee; you will bury Cruz in CT trust me on this....


California is yours too.... my team in Los Angeles, San Diego, (Ventura County)  are taking the necessary steps with some heavy hitters in conservative parts of Hollywood to secure your win in the Golden State.


My friend Gary O'Neal "Ranger Hall of Fame" has your back nationally as he travel's the nation on his speaking tour. He sends his regards. And a salute from Clint Eastwood.




Senior Chief Petty Officer

Geoff Ross

Surface Warfare Air Warfare

US Navy retired

Senior Chiefs you make me proud to be a veteran of the USN.

Trump campaign is now under control of Manafort and Black are now bringing in the Lobbyists to run the Trump delegate program. Humm now who sold out to win? 

Yep you all got had by the NY Rockefeller Progressive liberal . . how does it feel to get sold out? Rush is talking about the move.

I hope that Trump will use every legal tool he can to win... So when he does, he can destroy and clean the mess, he's doing the right thing by playing the game in fact!!!..... I'm proud of what he's doing, Bravo Trump!!!.... There is nothing you can tell us that will change our mind

That is Manafort's move he is now in charge of the campaign.  Trump didn't sell out to anything.  Trump gave Manafort the head position to run it as he knows how to best. They says he's an ace at it. That is why Trump hired him.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) — Donald Trump's chief lieutenants told skeptical Republican leaders Thursday that the GOP front-runner has been "projecting an…

Magnus there's just no weekend pleasing you. Trump has gone out and hired the best and sleeziest political ground game consultants. If Rafael Cruz had not manipulated Colorado the way he did Trump probably wouldn't have made these staffing editions.

Trump will do what it takes to win. I expected no less. It's kind of nice having a candidate that doesn't let you down.

Lobbyist are your friends now huh?

How does Trump get to 270 - he does not and loses to Hillary so keep on electing Hillary.

Nobody is going to vote for dirty Hillary. Trump is going to beat her senseless with her record.

Trump could lose worse than these . . . 

3. RONALD REAGAN over JIMMY CARTER, 1980: No one’s going to vote for a Hollywood actor who was best remembered for his role opposite a chimpanzee, right? Especially not against a sitting president, am I right? Well, there you go again! In fact, the dashing—if somewhat aged—ex actor and former Governor of California easily unseated the unpopular Carter, taking forty-four states and 489 electoral votes, making it the worst drubbing for a sitting president since Herbert Hoover felt the sting of the populace’s ire in 1932.

2. RONALD REAGAN over WALTER MONDALE, 1984: Who would be a better candidate to run against a popular sitting president than the vice-president of the man he had thoroughly trounced just four years earlier? Or, for that matter, who could attract Americans more than a man who promised that, if elected, he would raise everyone’s taxes? Welcome to the surreal world of the Democratic Party, circa 1984, when Walter Mondale was handed a defeat of biblical proportions, taking just his home state, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia. What were they thinking?

1. RICHARD NIXON over GEORGE McGOVERN, 1972: Okay, so how does an unpopular president embroiled in an unpopular war beat a man so handily that it hurts? Nobody knows, but South Dakota Senator George McGovern, running as an over-aged peacenik, learned the hard way when he took just the state of Massachusetts and DC in his ill-fated run at the White House. It’s debatable whether his defeat was worse than that suffered by Mondale at the hands of Ronald Reagan twelve years later, but I can guarantee you it wasn’t any better.

OUCH! John Kasich Responds To Angry Donald Trump Tirade

The rules! The rules! Donald Trump doesn’t like the rules of the GOP presidential contest and has been on what Dana Bash from CNN calls a “tirade” about those rules. John Kasich thinks Trump’s anger over the rules is laughable.

Watch this:

What if Donald Trump does in fact get an 83 on his math test, as Kasich puts it, when he needs a 90 to win? Will Trump will have only himself to blame?

The rules for delegate selection have been known for months in most cases and Donald Trump did fail to put together a half way decent ground game. However, if John Kasich walks away with the nomination isn’t that like giving an honorary degree to guy who got a D- just because he’s the teachers pet?

Let’s keep it real, Trump can’t complain if he fails to secure the 1,237 delegates and loses as a result. But if some guy who has been soundly rejected by the voters walks off with the top prize lots of people are going to be mad with good reason. John Kasich isn’t really even the third choice of voters, he got beat by Marco Rubio in A.Z. weeks after Rubio exited the race. Most of Kasich supporters are former Bush and Rubio backers. John Kasich was below 5% with Bush and Rubio in the race, enough said.





Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

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