Hi folks!  Did you ever need to take a little down time to breathe again?  I did.  I know this year is crucial to where this country is headed and I needed to be in top form to fight the good fight.  I am now ready to re-enter the dog fight that is politics.  

So, what do you all think about Donald Trump?  You have to give him credit for igniting a resurgence of Nationalism in the country.  Is that a good thing?  You tell us. 

And, what about Cruz?  Is he living up to your expectations of him as a candidate?  

Are you fed up with the GOP?  I sure am.  Why do the parties have so many 'rules' on who can be a candidate?  Is this what the Founders intended? 

Why isn't Hillary in prison yet?  Will she ever see the justice that she deserves?  

I'm back, fed up and ready to raise some hell!  Are ya with me?


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Magnus we bump heads again.

The original proposal for "universal healthcare" was introduced by Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania. I shoveled the snow off of his mothers driveway and sidewalks for many years. My mother called it being neighborly. I share that tidbit of irrelevant information to explain how I came into possession of direct knowledge of these facts.

That healthcare legislation was written on our kitchen table by my father, with contributions from several other heretics of healthcare delivery. The most notable one being an ER physician practicing in Oregon. This wasn't my pop's first such legislative endeavor; he penned the legislation signed by Nixon authorizing the HMO and PPO healthcare delivery systems. To put it kindly, the insurance industry has grossly abused that law.

These very smart people put together a plan that would provide basic healthcare coverage for every man, woman, and child in the United States and it did so using the existing appropriations for Medicaid and Medicare. I use the qualifier "basic" because the proposal did not provide blanket healthcare coverage. Then, neither does Obama's ACA

The plan covered the top 455 medical "conditions" being treated in US hospitals at the time. A broken bone (or bones) is a medical condition; it doesn't matter which bone was damaged or how badly it was damaged. As defined in the proposed legislation virtually every orthopedic procedure in use at the time was covered under that single medical condition. The 455 identified medical conditions was expansive enough to include pain alleviation therapy for those suffering from the final stages of HIV/AIDS. The chemical cocktails of toxic pharmaceuticals was still in its experimental stages.

What the plan did not cover were things like organ transplants. I point out the ACA does not mandate these coverage's either. The Democrats killed this legislation in committee,  and here's the reason why. Things like the medical maintenance required to treat an anencephalic baby (a child born without a brain) was not included. These infants will consume over a million dollars a day in healthcare resources with zero chance of improvement. No human being suffering from anencephaly has lived to see age 5; 99.8% of these infants, receiving the absolute best care possible don't survive the first week. Because Medicaid did cover these medical services the Democrat leadership decided the proposed legislation could be perceived as a reduction in services to low income families. Since such a perception could potentially tarnish the Party's image, healthcare for all was rejected.

My father was a George Wallace democrat that evolved into a Reagan Republican. He believed that it was morally wrong to intentionally profit from the pain and suffering of other people. It is why he dedicated his life to pioneering the delivery of top quality vertically integrated healthcare. I can go on almost infinitely on this but I believe I have made my point.

Supporting healthcare for everyone does not mean Trump secretly seeks bankrupting our country or destroying the country. That is the objective of our current President and Hillary Clinton's democrat party. They do not speak for everyone. I know that the healthcare system Donald Trump supports can be done, and it can be done for considerably less money than the ACA is currently consuming. I've seen it with my own two eyes.

Seeking to alleviate the suffering of others is called compassion. It is a Christian virtue; not the sign of evil intent. Evil manifested itself in that Congressional committee when this innovative approach to healthcare delivery collided with Hillary Clinton democrats. That's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it  

Who said health care was not a State and County issue? If you look at the 50 - 70 time frame all had insurance even the street people called hobos back then were treated in County hospitals for free. So, it was a lie that there were people without health care and that lie still exists.

Here is a report where Progressive designed government programs used money to push out the Country hospital system and it hurt the needy the most.


My pipe smokes fine but I quit 12 years ago.

Donald wants a Canada style system. However he changed his story because of push back. Limit law suits, stop government funding abuses - e.g. big staffs of social workers and non profits.

Nixon was a Progressive.

My parents never had health care most of their lives and the only one my had later in life  was the VA - that murdered him.

My Mom never had health insurance until she had  her late life steady job that came with health insurance as it use to back in the day. Her job before then had none. I might add that vehicle insurance was not a forced law by govt then either and no one had insurance - if they had an accident they paid for it themselves to fix it.

Insurance is anther Govt racket an a scam. Today e have almost al our income eaten up by Govt regulations and forced services, if you can call them 'services". So what you earn goes right back to the the govt and you have nothing left and no savings.  In fact today no one knows what  a "savings" is. WE are cycled slaves on an endless treadmill that never stops.

Today  virtually EVERYTHING you do or  have is paid for by you and TAXED about 12 times with all sorts of made up "taxes" add to the monthly bill.  In the past we had none of any of that. All that money that today the govt takes from us was what use to be OUR savings for a rainy day.

WE use to get free TV, water from our own well, our own septic system,  any service we had we paid for in cash with NO taxes and no govt interference in these PRIVATE business  transactions. Today the govt controls it all - there is no private anything - and you pay through the teeth for it all to THEM ! You are today a fully owned slave and don't know it ! you wok FOR them and Pay them for your "privilege" to be allowed to work ! But most of what  you work for goes right back to the DC masters. And you are not allowed to know what they do with YOUR money and have no say in any of it.. Today everything you do and every move you make is govt taxed. Totally UN-Constitutional - every bit of it.

Taxes are "extortion" and I get sick when I hear anyone say "I HAVE  to pay MY taxes" - they are NOT YOUR taxes or your debt !  It is all DC's debt. And that money is YOUR money - not their's - they have no right to touch a dime  or force you by threats and Blackmail to make you pay for THEIR DEBTS !! That  is mob mentality and DC is a Mafia of their own making !  You have made them millionaires from robbing you !

Congratulations slave !  Make sure you line up for their cattle mark on you as well - they must OWN you body AND soul !  Their  Mark will do that.


Even the World Court told the Federal Reserve that the trillion dollar debt was theirs, and theirs alone. 

Little Bright Feather,

So glad you have broken this down as some don't understand that we are slaves.. Now maybe they will.

I was so in and out with this coyote business here and yes last night he got another chicken  right under my nose !  But I see how I messed up my words and spellings  and I even left a word out here and there,  with all this going on. jumping up in the middle of things to grab a flashlight and gun and getting out there fast does not make for good writing. I don't know how he is getting them - they are perched so high up in  trees and up in the rafters - and then he seems to vanish right before me - I never see him run away with the chicken or jump the fence, etc -he just vanishes into thin air !

Trump takes NY but how does Kasich get so many votes when he's never done one rally that I've seen.  In fact other then Cruz, none of them seem to do any rallies. And Cruz does very few.

I'm having trouble for some reason with my mail program tonight - I'm getting no mail at all and I'm NOT over-full as it keeps putting out.

Or my mail server Brighthouse has shut it down  - I cannot send out and I cannot receive any mail.  Payback for me not having their TV service anymore maybe ?  I only have internet with them and I do not have TV anymore - they have such high prices I could not afford it - so you know what they do now  - they send a man out to my house and when I'm in the house and not looking out or working out there, he puts this notice on my door that I own them money - as if I don't know that and then I get charged another $20 for him doing that !   I was working out front almost all day today and he sat in his truck on the other side of the road waiting for me to go in the house so he could sneak that notice on my door !  I have  a payment arrangement with them and they ignore that and I'm about to call a lawyer to stop this extortion and harassment by them ! They are trying to make it so I can never get it paid up.   I'm almost paid in full and they keep adding these new fraudulent charges every month and that is extortion and fraud ! I keep calling them up about it but they  keep saying they don't know anything about any payment arrangement - They pull this Hillary on me every time - well maybe a lawyer can get their memory working again  !

Right now the only way I can contact the outside world is on forums like this one. I can't even send out my newsletter !

Magnus, you forgot to include City (Municipal) hospitals as well. Not everyone has embraced the dismantling of our healthcare infrastructure in the 70's and early 80's. Pittsburgh had both, only Allegheny County General has survived.

The City of Colorado Springs purchased the Beth El Hospital in 1943 to guarantee its citizens would always have a minimum standard of Healthcare in the community. My tenure as a member of the Colorado Springs City Council was a constant battle to retain municipal ownership and control of the Memorial Health System. Progressive "community leaders" argued the previous Mayor's "Blue Ribbon Committee" had determined the City shouldn't be in the hospital business. They didn't know about my having a compartment in my tool box of life experiences that addressed this concern.

The ACA imposes regulations on "For Profit" and "Non Profit" hospitals. It failed to address "Municipal" hospitals. Instead of capitalizing on that inadvertent exemption the hospital system was sold for less than its cash on hand balance shortly after I was term limited. I am painfully aware of the progressive agenda to reduce this nation to a 3rd world country. I also know how vindictive the puppet masters are when they meet someone that not only opposes, but will obstruct their agenda. That however, is a story for a different time.

The original crux of managed healthcare was to change how medical care was delivered. We use a reactive model; meaning physicians wait for the sick patient  to come to them. My father used a proactive approach

Central Medical Health Services was established as a private, for profit organization. It started out as a hole in the ground and was closed within a year of pop's passing. You can't leave examples of what works just lying around. There's the risk someone might use it.

The hospital was located on the South side of the Civic Arena. It was white with pink energy efficient windows. While it was a going concern CMHS was the preferred trauma facility of the Pittsburgh's first responders.CMHS was more than a hospital, it also offered a healthcare plan that provided blanket (zero deductible, all medical conditions covered) coverage for a family of 4 for $70 a month in 1975. That plan and what are now called "non-compliant" insurance fully funded operations.

Several things came together to make it work. First, most of the physicians practicing within the plan were also investors. Their practices were located in the hospital, occupying several floors. This arrangement was a critical component of vertical integration.

Second, because the physicians had "skin in the game" they didn't practice defensive medicine. For example a traditional skull series of x-rays requires 5 films. only 2 of these are required for diagnostic purposes. The other 3 go into a folder labeled "Law Suit". My dad encouraged his doc's to practice good medicine and they knew he had their backs if a lawyer came a calling (and they did) At all times the hospital delivered cost efficient, physician lead, healthcare

Third, in order to remain in the health plan all covered participants were required to have 2 physicals a year. This served 2 purposes.; (1) To promote a patient culture shift. The reason you went to the doctor was to remain healthy, instead of the traditional reason; which is because you are sick.(2) To promote a physician culture shift. The doctors were encouraged to practice preventative medicine. Early diagnosis is critical to controlling healthcare costs.

I asked my dad why changing the culture was so important and his answer sticks with me to this day. " Son, if you can catch the staff infection when it is treatable with a pill you don't have to replace a kidney. The success of geriatrics (the treatment of old people) means people are living longer. That has created a whole host of new medical challenges. If we do not change the way healthcare is delivered, the eventual costs will bankrupt the country." He said this in 1976

The early years of CMHS were thin. The deal they struck with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield only covered the facilities construction costs. The insurance company never intended CMHS to go operational. It was supposed to generate a loss that could be parlayed against taxes. Pop's wasn't about to flush his career down the drain over an accounting trick. He gambled everything in order to prove this idea would work. That meant he stopped paying himself, only drawing enough money to cover our living expenses. My parents even took on a second mortgage to meet investor calls.

CMHS was chartered as a for profit facility. The day that happened Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Pennsylvania stopped remitting payment on its Medicare and Medicaid billings. It was against their "policy" to make payment if that act resulted in "profit" for the hospital. The resulting lawsuit took over a decade and was finally decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The arguments didn't take long. In a nutshell the Justices only asked 1 question. "Were the billed for services provided?" The "yes" answer removed any consideration of "policy" from the table. The decision was "pay the man".

The release of 10's of millions of dollars was my dad's vindication. The investors saw their return on investment and my father proved cost efficient delivery of healthcare services could be accomplished with out compromising the quality of care received. It's not easy and requires "management by walking around".

By the way my dad was a charter member of the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA); a charter member of the American College of Hospital Executives (ACHE) and the first person to be awarded Hospital Administrator of the Year. I have that award, it is a crystal flintlock pistol.


As to your assertions I know nothing about Donald Trump. He was placed on my radar screen sometime in late November, possibly early December of 1974. That's when I over heard my Scout Master sharing a story about some "ballsy kid" that had just negotiated what was possibly the "greatest real estate deal in history". They were talking about Trump's zero down option on the Penn Central Rail Road's west side rail yards.

Who was my Scout Master and how did he know about this? Well he just happened to be the first name partner of real estate agency with an exclusive contract with the Penn Central Rail Road for property acquisitions. He secured that contract shortly after completing the property assemblage for what is now known as Central Park. I've been following his career since the Commodore Hotel purchase in 1976. I was still in high school at the time. In fact I wrote a report about that deal for my economics class.

I'm pretty sure Trump has been on my radar screen a lot longer than he has been on yours. I also know a great deal about how straight talk gets spun by the media and how petty the republican establishment can be. I won my election without party assistance. The County GOP threw me out of the party in 2004 and the grass roots members brought me back in later in the year. It's all in the Denver Post/ Rocky Mountain News archives. A less flattering and less objective version can be found in the archive of the Colorado Springs Gazette.

This link tells the Trump story from a different perspective.


You should show more respect for the people on this site. You used to. What happened?

Tom Gallagher:

Real Estate development is one of the toughest businesses in the world.  However,  there is a nasty way to do things and a kind way to do things.  Can you demonstrate that Trump is kind.   You appear to know him.  At  this point I do not, but I am hoping to change that shortly.  What can you demonstrate that shows Trump to be a kind man?


John, look at all the things Trump has done for people - total strangers - the vets - elderly - his former winner of a beauty contest who is now dying and worried about her young son.

The list is too long - just look up some of these things.  Go to his Twitter page and look at a few of the videos put up - they don't stay up long they are changed every day. Look at all the vets kids he's paid their college for them. Older folks struggling to pay their mortgage - he pays it off for them. He goes to the  kitchen of a restaurant he would go to and hand out $100 to each worker in the kitchen.  The vets who need special needs that the VA won't give them - Trump pays for it. The farm that he saved for a family. The man's a giver. THAT is Christian - by their fruits you shall know them. But not all Christians are Spirit-filled Christians, but they are still Christians  on a different level, and a work in progress as we all are.

Trump has changed many lives !

What has Cruz EVER given anyone ? What has he EVER done for anyone ? What accomplishments does he have that is not just all hot air ?

He has never gone to visit a vets hospital much less even mention the vets at all.

But Trump visits the vets hospitals at every stop he makes in each city. It is the first thing he does when he lands. But Trump will never tell you about all the good things he does. He wants that to be between him and God. He is very private about his faith and giving like this. THAT is being a Christian.

As for his mother's Bible - I'd not use my mother's keep sake either - I'd want to keep it as good a shape as possible.  I have several of my own Bibles for use - and boy do they look it. One is virtually falling apart - it's my favorite one I mostly use because the pages are a bit thicker and easy to turn.

Then I have study Bibles too. They have maps, graphs, concordance, etc.

Remember they attacked Jesus this same way. They spread bad rumors around about HIM too. They even killed Him they saw Him as such a threat and liar, and whatnot..and we all know how Holy He was and is.

I bring this up and use Jesus as an example because He was the purest person on Earth,  yet because good people automatically will  get slammed and lied about in this Satanic era we are in, Trump is looked at through different eyes because the same views and sights are not being put on Cruz in this way.

Anyone today who is a truly good person will be slammed and accused of every fabrication and twist to things anyone can come up with...it's just how evil operates.

Good is bad and bad is good ( Is 5:20 God warned of this time)

That is what is happening here.


John, for the record I have never met Donald Trump. However I do know several people that have invested in his deals. I also know people that have contracted with him to construct his projects. They all would do it again.

I've seen the video about the riled up neighbors in Aberdeen and how Trump's not a nice guy. In fact there are several of them out there, all easily found on the internet. Much harder to find but still out there on the web are tales of Scotland's development review and approval process. Onerous, would be the polite word describing it.

Trump did not put the one neighbor in a hole. The public officials of Aberdeen did. The engineers designed what the reviewers wanted. That's how the approval process works. The earth grading was performed in conformance to the approved plan set. The same things apply to the dune stabilization work.

In a nutshell, the bad, evil, land developer Donald Trump video's are about NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard). We have a lot of that in this country and these folks find support with environmental groups; sometimes extremist environmental groups. There are people just opposed to change. Our planet is in a constant state of change. The processes of evolution and adaption are naturally occurring and are all about change. Societal values are in a constant state of change. The people screaming "stop the world, I want off" are just being irrational.

The hobby farmer on the adjacent 26 acres has a shabby looking property. That's a fact and the video's show it. What the video doesn't show is that farmer is a willing seller at 5 times market value.A number he took to the Trump organization and was promptly rejected. That's called good business. The video(s) ... those are called pressure.

I'm old school, and on this blog I have already written a more detailed post on this. The measure of a mans character can be gauged  by looking at how his children were raised and what kind of people the have become; how does the man treat his wife, and how does he treat his employees. I have yet to find a better measuring stick

Trumps children are all well educated, well spoken, polite and unimposing. What does that tell you? Donald Trump has had 3 wives. Both ex's still adore the man and Melania isn't going anywhere. I may not agree with how Donald reacted to that PAC hit piece, but I respect how quickly and vociferously the man jumped to the defense of the woman he loves. It say's a lot. I have yet to find anyone other than failed contestants of the Apprentice that have bad things to say about him. That speaks volumes.

Donald Trump has performed random acts of kindness through out his professional career. He does not bring them up. The recipients of his generosity are stepping forward and it appears there are a lot of them. That also speaks to his character and Christian values. 

What I find consist about his detractors is they are all outsiders looking in. That's called envy and it also tells me a lot about the man.

Well Tom G.

Thanks and some don't like the truth and others don't know the truth so here is a bit of truth.

Lyn........aren't you concerned about offending some Christians by showing uncovered teats?




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