Houston Official Calls for Form of Segregation: Only Blacks Can Police Black Communities

A Houston city councilman has called for segregation in policing. In the wake of the officer-involved shootings of black men across the country and the assassination of Dallas police officers, the councilman said police should reflect the ethnicity of the particular community where they patrol.

Speaking to Fox 26 in Houston, City Councilman Dwight Boykins (District D), “I think at this point, because of the crisis situation, not in Houston but throughout the country, we need to have officers patrolling areas that reflect the ethnicity [of that community].”

The councilman continued, “Because that will eliminate second-guessing. People know their community; they know their culture; and I think that can make a difference.”

Weekend news anchor Sally MacDonald asked a guest on her show for a reaction to Boykins’ comments. Houston Police Officers’ Union 2nd Vice President Joseph Gamaldi responded that the idea was ludicrous and wouldn’t work.

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he should check out chicago. a black police chief and this year hundreds of blacks are being shot and killed by blacks. due to not enforcing laws as well as no witnesses  wanting to step forward - there are not many being arrested

I think that blacks must be fine with blacks murdering blacks.

Seriously , tell me how many black cops are going to like that move....These murderers are killing cops and not just white cops....Look at Baton Rouge!

Thee are TOO MANY of these 'shootings' for them NOT to be pre-organized.  I suspect an Obumbum conspiracy. I think HE is orchestrating all of this from behind the scenes.  Black people do not simply get up one morning, and say "I'm goin' out and shoot me a cop."  Not unless the are pre-conditioned to do so on some sort of cue.  

This is probably over simplified, but what ever it is, it's being orchestrated.  It is NOT random.  There are too many.  Too close together.  I believe it's leading up to something we don't want to see.  We must STOP it before it gets more out of hand than it is.

Randal, you are perfectly correct. I could see this coming in 1968 when the commies began to stir up a lot of trouble; it just took a certain amount of time, and they are willing to wait till the time is right in their evil minds, then they know when to spring the trap on us....God help our country.

EXACTLY......what do you think the scum-bag is doing when he keeps inviting the BLM to the White House?

We know what they are doing, and it scares me silly. Also, I have no doubt they are also having commie/homosexual orgies to boot. Yuck.




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