I think Hillary Clinton may have just tipped her hand on policy if she were to be elected President in 2016: state control of the media. The undeclared democratic presidential frontrunner is bemoaning the press for basically asking questions she doesn’t want to answer and reporting on things that are embarrassing to her.

The Hill reports that Clinton slammed the media during a technology conference in San Francisco:

“For me, we have created very difficult hurdles for people who want to serve, who believe they can lead, to be able to do so, and the media has intensified that over time,” cried the former Secretary of State.

Is she still upset over losing the nomination to Obama? The press didn’t event Whitewater, Vince Foster’s “suicide” or Hillary’s vote on the Iraq war; they simply reported on it.

“If you look at how much time used to be spent reporting the news, the real news, not analyzing it, but reporting the news, in the 1960s and ’70s compared to now, it’s dramatically shrunk,” said Clinton.

In other words; stop digging into Hillary’s spotted past and selective memory.

“And people are looking for the best angle, the quickest hit, the biggest embarrassment, instead of in a democracy doing what we should be doing, which is giving people information so they can be decisionmakers, since as voters, indeed they are,” she continued.

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Tell the truth about them, and they get upset.

Cry me a river.

you made my day!

So what she has promoted in the past against the Republicans has come around and bit her in her butt. Now, she feels it's unfair to her but not if done to someone else. This is the same attitude of Obama, so if she became potus, she would censure the press even more.

if someone bit her on the but ... they would die quicker than ebola!


OOOOOHH poor baby!  OH HELL.....pull up your big girl panties and get over it!!!  You chose to become the devil's mistress...you should be used to the heat.  And if you're not...you'd better get used to it...one of these days you'll be spending your time in a furnace for eternity.

Poor Hitlery, she just can't stand having her deceitful and treasonous behavior pointed out in a public way. She should be in jail rather than highlighted in interviews and TV talk shows.

She should be forced to live in a 10 X 10 room with Obama. they're both murderers.... Benghazi

The clintongs have been murdering people for decades ! They seem to have perfected the act !

I have just one word for Hillary( the murder ) Clinton . BENGHAZI ! If she thinks she can run away from the death of US Ambassador Stevens and the people that tried to save him , she is truly delusional .

She's not delusional.... she is a coniving, lying, deceitful, murdering liberal.




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