Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood president

Radical links run through secretary of state's chief of staff

Published: 40 mins ago

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Joe McCarthy had it right in the 50s, but this time it's Islamists, not communists we need to root out.  If we don't wake the hell up and stop trying to please everybody, this country will be sent right down the pooper by the likes of Obama and Clinton.  Remember, it was Hillary's husband who gave away our ICBM technology to the Chinese.  But if Obama is blackmailing or coercing Hillie, that would explain her involvement unless the Clintons are getting some back room money by giving away America with or without the help or threats of Obama.

We need to root out both...both are intent on our destruction....

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Very well thought out. I pray many join!


Bravo! Well said and I agree.




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