Hillary Clinton and The Muslim Brotherhood Connection

Hillary tied to new Muslim Brotherhood president

Radical links run through secretary of state's chief of staff

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Frightening but not surprising.

 Nothing New Here for me as I have been saying this all along especially since her days with NVA Jane Fonda and the Muslim Sisterhood movement that has no place near Our House! Remember that Mr. President it is not your House it is the "Peoples House"

It is time for several states to secede from the Union.

I didn't spend 4 years active, and become service disabled during Viet Nan to be taken over by communists.


 Yep our hard earned money going to Third World Countries that is this "Administration's Spread the Wealth Strategy" bankrupting us in their progress in order to enslave us however this is back firing because they forgot how to Clean their Weapon the truth is spilling out all over the place. Oh! What a Troubled Web We Weave, When We Practice To Deceive"

No it's not our hard earned money, it's our borrowed from China money that we have to pay interest on.

This would explain the mass immigration of muslims and alot more.  Hillary has her hands in alot these days.  Hope at some point she is caught doing things against the USA.  She is also involved with fast and furious and with the UN and its plan to disarm the USA>

Does anything any Democrat does in Government today surprise anyone? Why would Hillary be any different? She is in bed with alot of third world countries and the UN. There is going to come a day when the real American people make the decision to take back what is ours and when it happens it is going to get really messy. That is why I never leave home unarmed and many times with more than one weapon. Never know when someone will make that shot heard around the world again and I don't want to be caught away from my home unarmed. I have a license to carry and I use it everyday.

Right on - bring it on!  A lot of folks are sick and tired of the government corruption being dealt out.  I keep my .45 on me and my AR-15 in my car trunk along with spare clips for both.  Put a "slide stock" on an AR-15 and you can send 100 rounds downrange in under 5 seconds.  Bureaucrats would have a hard time ducking and dodging.

Texans don't need a CCL to carry in their vehicle as long as it is completely concealed.  House Bill 1815 was signed into law by Rick Perry, September1, 2007 providing for a private citizen to carry concealed from their residence to their vehicle, while in their vehicle and from their vehicle back to their residence without a CCL.

Always didn't like her! Phony like obama!She's a commie,bills a commie,obama is a commie!!! It goes on and on!!! Please GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

liberals, mooslimes, marxists, communists, socialists, democRATS, they are all on the same team.  They all work for Satan.

Our Goverment is filled with Tricksters....It is so hard to beleive that this betrayal takes place..everyday and it reaches to all corners of the earth from every branch of our so called goverment. Who and how do we demand an end to this..is it too late...Or do we have a crowned king?





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Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Joe Biden Vows: Give Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare To All Illegal Aliens In U.S.

Former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate Joe Biden is vowing to give Obamacare, funded by American taxpayers, to all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States.

During an interview with Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart, Biden forgot that Obamacare technically bans illegal aliens from enrolling in healthcare plans — although illegal aliens are still able to obtain subsidized and free healthcare at Americans’ expense — and promised that under his plan, all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens would be able to get Obamacare.

The exchange went as follows:

DIAZ-BALART: When I … NBC moderated that first debate with you, I didn’t … I don’t recall a clear answer, under your plan should … would the 11, 12 million undocumented immigrants that live in the United States, that have been here many for generations, would they have access …


DIAZ-BALART: — to health insurance.

BIDEN: Yes, they … if they can buy into the system like everybody else.

DIAZ-BALART: Because you know, in [Obamacare] they can’t.

BIDEN: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Well they can, that’s my point. They continue to be able to do that.

DIAN-BALART: They cannot under the ObamaCare.

BIDEN: Well and that’s my point, they will though. They will be able to buy into … [illegal aliens] would be able to buy in, just like anyone else could.

Biden joins Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — among other 2020 Democrats — in committing to forcing American taxpayers to pay for healthcare for illegal aliens who arrive in the U.S.

Already, due to loopholes, American taxpayers are spending nearly $20 billion every year to provide illegal aliens with subsidized healthcare, emergency room visits, and other health services.

Under the 2020 Democrats’ plan to provide taxpayer-funded healthcare to all illegal aliens living in the U.S., Americans would be billed potentially $660 billion every decade just to cover the costs. Other research has found that the plan would cost Americans at least $23 billion every year.

As Breitbart News has reported, experts have said that giving taxpayer-funded healthcare to effectively all foreign nationals who can make it to America’s borders would drive “strong incentives for people with serious health problems to enter the country or remain longer than their visas allow in order to get government-funded care.”

Despite 2020 Democrats’ continued push for taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal aliens, American voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the plan. The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey revealed that the healthcare-for-illegal-aliens plan is the least popular policy position, with opposition from 62 percent of U.S. voters.

Similarly, a CNN poll from July discovered that 63 percent of likely swing voters oppose providing healthcare to illegal aliens, along with nearly 6-in-10 of all likely U.S. voters and 61 percent of moderates. A Rasmussen Reports survey also found that likely voters, by a majority of 55 percent, oppose giving healthcare to even the most low-income illegal aliens.

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