Another option  to virally get our messages out into the public eye is by using Vimeo videos. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo videos present a much larger thumbnail that attracts more attention on Facebook and other social media websites. Vimeo videos posted on Facebook will attract more people than YouTube in much the same fashion that an MP4 video will, and you don't need a lot of technical expertise to do it with. All you need to do is post the link from the Vimeo website on whatever social network you choose in a group and your profile status for it to appear and grab the viewer's attention. This video is a classic example. 

It has already been around awhile, but it hasn't been seen by nearly enough people. In order to turn our country around, the next best step I can suggest is for everybody on this website to post the link on their Facebook wall, as well as on every group on Facebook they are a member of.

We need to reach HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Americans with this video, and I can almost guarantee you if we can accomplish that, we will turn the tide and RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC!

I would like to challenge each and every one of you to highlight, Copy & Paste the link below and post it on your Facebook profile walls, as well as on every Facebook GROUP and Page you are a member of. Simply copy and Paste the title and the link below onto your Facebook wall, groups, and pages. Once you have pasted it, allow a couple of moments for the video to appear before you click on "POST" and it will be seen by thousands, if not tens of thousands of people. If we can get 50,000 diehard American patriots to do this, we can wake up the sheeple.

Agenda: Grinding America Down



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