One of our members watches the State Department “up close and personal” sent me these Benghazi questions.  Please help me answer them.

1. Autopsies of the four victims. What did they show? Who conducted them?
Who reviewed them?

2. What classified material was taken from the consulate? What code equipment
was taken? What transmittal equipment, such as satellite dishes, was taken from

3. Who are the likely buyers of the classified materials, code equipment, and
transmittal equipment?

4. Has the Benghazi consulate been re-opened? Why or why not? What new
security is in place or planned for the re-opened consulate?

6. Has a new Ambassador been chosen for Libya?

7. Did the Ambassador have a gun issued to him? Why not?

8. Will the new Ambassador and other staff members be issued guns? How about
for all other embassies around the world?

9. Occidental Petroleum Company has been the longtime oil administrator in
Libya with numerous ground personnel. Have they been asked for input?

10. Just where are the suspects in the attacks? Why are they not available?

Any help?

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Hmmm....good questions they are.

Hmmm--need honest answers too.

They are doing what all politicians do--lie, steal, cheat! Then blame someonelse.

I understand that congress will not accept Kerry until Hillary has testified.  I hope they will stick to their guns this time.  We have the right to answers. 

What good will Hitlary testifying do...she's going to lie anyway.  I agree with Dan Brown, that is to jail/prison every damn one of them.

Gut reaction on my part, and I have nothing to substantiate it:

Any one else think Hillary may have been roughed up?

I do think she bit off more than she can chew. She should have stayed on the porch if she can't run with the big dogs! We have to remember the Clintons are in their mid 60's and no spring chicken to be chicken! This is what liberals do when they get caught--get sick! Remember obama admin gave the ok for SSI claims to be expedited ! SSI claims are notorious for taking years. How did all those unemployed get on SSI so quickly? obama expedited the applications to be ruled in favor of applicants. This is to drain Social Security/Medicare faster-one of his goals! So, the Retirees who voted for his highness obama better brace themselves AND read their fate in the obamacare mandates! mean Bill finally busted Hillary mess'n around? I have wondered about Hillary & Jerret? :))  maybe Bill found out what it is like to be cheated on ? After all Bills affairs? Maybe Hillary got fed up with men ?

Butterfly-- what do you mean after all of Bill's affairs? Hell he's having the time of his life  now! It isn't news worthy now and the  media that wouldn't report it any way. Hilary's off playing Sec. of State and Bill is off _____ doing what the hell he wants to do. 

 ANDY, & EDNA....... Andy, you are correct !!  But Bill's always been a pig !  Edna..... if I had to hang out with liberals?  I'd have to be on a coma !

Not Bill.  Someone may have been sent to keep her from testifying and bringing down Obama's regime.  Again, just speculation on my part.

Hillary would love to set herself up for the next Presidency.

I don't know about her being roughed up, but for what it's worth I saw her on the cover of The Enquirer or one of those papers, and it said that Hitlary has a brain tumor.  In the photo she looked worse than she ever has.  I wish it was true and that it would be contagious.





Rush Limbaugh Explains How Robert Mueller
Will Attempt To Financially Destroy President Trump

 Special Counsel Robert Mueller has crossed President Trump’s “red line” after issuing a subpoena for documents related to the Trump Organization’s business dealings with Russia.

New York Times reports:

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. The order is the first known time that the special counsel demanded documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president. […] The Trump Organization has said that it never had real estate holdings in Russia, but witnesses recently interviewed by Mr. Mueller have been asked about a possible real estate deal in Moscow. In 2015, a longtime business associate of Mr. Trump’s emailed Mr. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen at his Trump Organization account claiming he had ties to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and said that building a Trump Tower in Moscow would help Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh theorized on his program Friday that one of Mueller’s true objectives is to financially destroy President Trump.

Partial transcript via Breitbart News:

And these requests, the subpoena for documents from the Trump Organization, I ask you again, what has that to do with the campaign and with collusion and with the Russians? They’ve already been looking into Trump business in Russia with the Miss, what is it, USA, whatever his pageant is.

Do you all remember during the early days of the campaign there was news that Trump, in a tax return something like 20 years ago, took a $900 million deduction that was granted and survived an audit by the IRS? Now, I forget the details. It had to do with losses that he had incurred in that year in building things. It was around 900 or $920 million deduction. I’ll never forget when it was reported because most people will never come close to ever having that in a lifetime, and to have a guy personally write that much off?

Anyway, I think Mueller wants that $920 million back. I think Mueller wants to prove that that was a faulty deduction. I think that they want to go back, they want to get Trump’s tax returns because they want to nullify that $900 million deduction, and then they want to collect 20 years of interest and penalties and wipe Trump out.

In the meantime, President Trump’s lawyers are in the process of negotiating with special counsel Robert Mueller to bring the Russia probe to an end, reports Rebecca Ballhaus and Peter Nicholas of the Wall Street Journal.

Mueller’s tentacles continue to reach further and further.

CNN reported that investigators are attempting to determine whether former Blackwater chief Erik Prince misled the  House Intelligence Committee about a meeting he had in Seychelles in January of 2017.

Prince is accused of using the meeting as an opportunity to establish a secret back channel with Russia.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge spoke with one of President Trump’s personal lawyers about the new subpoena request by Special Counsel Mueller.

According to Herridge, Trump’s lawyer was unaware of the subpoena and said it may be a ‘wrap up’ subpoena or ‘clean up’ subpoena which may signal the end of the investigation.


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