Why would Beck attack a wife of a candidate?...and then with such filth? I understand the attacks of a political campaign but Beck went so far over the line I now view him as a loser with a lot of money and no character!

I have been on the Beck show and was treated well but since then has he had a Lobotomy? 

Last August, Glenn Beck attacked Melania Trump, the wife of GOP front runner Donald Trump, by accusing the former fashion model of “posing nude in lesbian porno shots.”

The accusation came as part of a lengthy Facebook post Beck wrote last summer criticizing the Trump candidacy. The talk radio host prefaced his comments by stating, “This is not an attack, this is an honest question.”

He then proceeded to list his issues with the New York billionaire, which included a swipe at the candidate’s wife. Beck claimed that in a Trump presidency “the First Lady would be the first to have posed nude in lesbian porno shots.”

Beck’s accusation, which as of yet is unverified by any credible source, was blasted by fellow radio talker Sean Hannity, who wrote in response: “I thought you were libertarian? Also I go back to the fact that you have changed. Trump’s wife is a mother and what she did in the past doesn’t make my top 10,000 list of problems we face as a country.”

Some would also argue that dredging up past indiscretions is a dangerous tactic for a former “morning zoo” shock jock whose on-air antics were famous for being excessively cruel even for that medium.

Beck was the first, but not the last Cruz surrogate to attack Trump’s wife. This week an online attack ad featured an image of the Slovenian-born fashion model from aGQ magazine photo shoot in 2000 before she was married to Trump. The ad reads: “Meet Melania Trump. Your next First Lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

Republican strategist Liz Mair, who runs the Super PAC responsible for the ad, claimed it was directed specifically at Mormon women in Utah. After facing blowback on Twitter for “slut-shaming” the GOP frontrunner’s wife, Mair tweeted, “I’m fine w Melania’s prior work. But I’m not a Mormon woman. I also want to defeat her husband.”

Trump, for his part, took to Twitter to defend his wife and blast Cruz. He tweeted, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!”

Cruz responded to him on Twitter with: “Pic of your wife not from us. Donald, if you try to attack Heidi, you’re more of a coward than I thought. #classless”

- See more at: http://www.teaparty.org/flashback-glenn-beck-attacks-melania-trump-...

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OBTW - He is also the fulfillment of Mormon prophecy! Disgraceful!

How pathetic can they be? I don't ever recall attacks like this within any political parties. There must be a lot at stake for the conglomerate known as the dc regime. oblamea tangos while the world burns!

Have listened to Beck even before 9/11, and must say something HAS snapped inside. It may be the stress of making a media company, but there's definitely a change and not for the better, 

I just can't resolve the fact that this man claims to be so religious, yet so full of anger. I think there's more than political differences here, under the surface. 

When people start acting like Paul Ryan, John Roberts, and Glenn Beck, they are compromised, or deluded. The deluded part is  difficult to believe. It falls hand in hand with what Progressives do when they are caught, red handed, breaking the law, they feign ignorance. One other possibility....they have been threatened.

Suspect he is drinking again.

I do not believe beck did anything wrong. She did pose nude and did a complete photo shoot for G.Q. magazine. That is public! What did he do wrong ? She is the one who was in a magazine. I don't see where it matters. Is everyone Pure as the driven snow ? Trump is the one running for office ! I would much rather see Melania than the current first Lady. If Trump wins, that is.

How about heidi sitting on street totally out of it police had to take her home she is a maniac depressive you want that in our WH??  since we aready have muslim brotherhood terrorist??? read up on heidiho CFR her & cruz want to make us like the ue canada mexico & America... Look at teddy the freakin liars BS???? Trumps wife is beautiful & it was classy. Beck is a bipolar derranged sicko!So is cruz i didnt do it I didnt commit voter fraud??? all he can win are caucuses by cheating. Killery could be indicted the day before the election and she would still WIN!

 Hey Ruth,  please get your facts right,oh that's right you are a trump supporter,facts don't matter. It is disgusting of you to say anything about health problems of a candidates wife, DISGUSTING !.


Hey Karma, You have no clue what you are talking about. Set up by whom ?. Is this more of trumps lies about cruz,you better actualy read about cruz,he has done more for you and every freedom loving American who was running and still running for president. Has trump ever protected your rights in our country,has trump ever won 9 times in front of the supreme court and for freedom of religion and 2nd amendment rights-heller case and write briefs on more supreme court cases than most anyone else around,I THINK NOT. Cruz did work for George w bush,so what,bush tried his best to protect us and succeeded. We were never attacked on our soil. We have been attacked repeatedly under this piece of crap. Stop listeneing to b.s artists like trump for your info,try reading believable material.

only1way2win. YOU are the one that dont have a clue. The NWO of which the CFR is the think tank for employed Heidi Cruz to help develop the plan for the Nort American Union (NAU). A melt down of the soveignties of the US, Canada and Mexico and the formation of the NAU.

That is undeniable fact.

And as far as the shyster lawyer Cruz, he is not eligible for president.

And he knows it.

Besides, the last thing we need is another slickass lawyer for president.

Other than being a sleazy lawyer, Cruz has no credible experience in anything.

Speaking of that, he even looks and acts sneaky.


I believe Senator Cruz's record before the Supreme Court was 3 wins, possibly 4 depending on how you count the decisions and 5 or 6 losses.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


Image result for puke happy faceWatch: Hillary Clinton Says She’s ‘Deluged’ With Requests To Run Again

Hillary Clinton says she is “deluged” with requests to try another run for president and has still not completely ruled out joining the crowded field of 2020 Democrat candidates.

The former U.S. Secretary of State has repeatedly avoided categorically stepping out of the race for the White House – or directly into it, for that matter.

During media appearances in the UK last month, Clinton twice hinted she may make a belated push on the basis she claims so many people want to see her on the national stage once more.

Speaking on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show in London last Friday, Clinton confirmed she would “have to make up my mind really quickly” if she was going to join the race.

When pushed to respond if she would make a run for the White House for a third time, she prevaricated and avoided a direct reply, instead responding with: “As I say, never, never, never say never.”

She did concede she would need to make up her mind “really quickly” about whether or not to jump into the presidential race.

Clinton has already missed the filing deadline for the first primary in New Hampshire but there is no deadline for the next caucuses in Iowa in early February.

Responding to Norton, Clinton said she had been “deluged” over the last few weeks thinking about running again, but added that, “right now, I’m not, at all, planning that.”

Norton asked: “The rumour mill is flying that you could step back into the ring.”

Clinton replied: “I hear that. I have been deluged the last few weeks with thinking about doing that, but right now I’m not at all planning that.”

Last month Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live she was under “enormous pressure” to consider a 2020 White House run.

When asked about her future in politics, Clinton said, “I feel a sense of responsibility partly because you know my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways. And I want to retire him.”

When asked if she is absolutely ruling it out, Clinton said, “ I will certainly tell you. I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.”

Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, are currently in London promoting their new co-authored book – The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience.

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