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A Donald Trump victory in the presidential election would be just the beginning of a massive upheaval in Washington, Fox News' Sean Hannity said Tuesday night, predicting that "Paul Ryan is not going to be the speaker of the House in January" if the Manhattan billionaire wins the White House.

Hannity, a vocal supporter of Trump's, said the real estate mogul's march through many of the early swing states indicated a disgust on the part of the American electorate with its government. And while Democrats bear a large responsibility in Hannity's estimation for turning its back on much of the country, he said both parties are culpable.

"They see Washington is broken. And Republicans are just as guilty. Paul Ryan is not going to be the speaker of the House in January," Hannity said during a phone interview on Fox late Tuesday. "I was going to save that for my program tomorrow. He's not going to be the speaker. I mean, an amazing turn of events because the establishment on both sides lost touch with the real lives of real Americans, and Donald Trump opened the door, said we're going to fix it and turn the table over."

Hannity walked back that assertion somewhat in a post to his Twitter account early Wednesday morning, writing that "assuming Trump wins, it's up to him and congress if Paul Ryan should be speaker. I am disappointed the speaker didn't show enough support."

Amanda Carpenter, a former communications director for Ted Cruz and a contributor to CNN, responded to Hannity's post with incredulity.

"Sean wants Trump's first act to be WAR? When does the unity start? I'll put down the sword if you guys will," she wrote in her own post to Twitter, linking back to Hannity's message.

Hannity said he had spoken to Trump three times during the evening but refused to offer much in describing the substance of those conversations. He said Trump has been "superstitious" as he watches the election returns.

"He's kind of been, you know just holding his breath like the rest of us and waiting and watching. And you know, I think he's very sober about it and I think, you know, he's a guy that loves a big challenge."

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The primary initial step to getting this Country back on track, has been accomplished.

Now we, and I mean WE, the voters, have to complete our responsibility, of cleaning out the rest of the rubbish in DC.

In the off year elections coming up, we need to clean out the halls of congress, Every one of the RINOS, and GOP long term establishment incumbents, revealed themselves during this election cycle.

Our job is not yet over.   

ah... of course. one election ends and immediately the most important thing is to focus only on the next election.

question = How has that been working out for you/us up until now?

thinking that electing different politicians alone is a solution is killing us.'s a cycle of ineptness, not a solution at all. A total waste of the two years in between elections.

Ryan turned on Trump like a crowd follower instead of acting and being Speaker of the House,now he realized he made a mistake and wants back in, he needs to go away,being loyal to the party and the candidate is not a part time job,we must have someone to be 100% on the side of the American people, Ryan is not that man.

 I don't believe it wise to allow Ryan to remain as speaker... period.  He has proven disloyal and untrustworthy.  In all the years Ryan has served, he has NEVER authored or co-sponsored any major affirmative act to restore Constitutional Government. he has avoid serious confrontations over Constitutional issues... such as the qualifications of Obama to be President or too impeach him or any member of his cabinet for high crimes and misdemeanors. He is responsible for much of the swamp in DC.  He should be grateful that he is till a member of the House of Representatives...

Trump must hold fast to removing the Speaker... if he is going to drain the swamp it must start with the leadership in Congress... they failed the public's trust and must not be permitted to lead.. in any fashion... not even as chairmen of committees or sub-committees.  The Establishment political class are totally untrustworthy...

Trump knows that when taking over a failed company ... you don't leave the same leadership in place.  It is time to uphold his promise... to DRAIN THE SWAMP.   Pres. Trump can demonstrate he has the strength and commitment to make the hard decisions need to drain the swamp by removing the GOP Leadership in Congress ... those in charge of the Swamp... Fire Ryan and McConnell, and their cronies.  Remove them from their seats of power.  War is not necessary but if one may be necessary if they are to drain the swamp.  The hardest tasks should be the first undertaken.

He should have also put a stop to the dems little "sit-in" over gun control....and he let them get by with that piece of illegal activity.

I totally agree Colonel. Trump will be the first Republican President since, I believe, 1920. to have a Republican controlled House and Senate. There are far too any things that need to be done to allow the failed Republican leadership in congress to remain in place.

Both Ryan and McConnell and their sidekicks are self serving political prostitutes.

Paul Ryan reminds me of a high school class president trying to look smart in front of the freshmen.

He should have been passed  over a long time ago.

Isn't it interesting that Reid and Pelosi have been quiet since the election results......  Ya' think they're not happy campers?

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it is all over for this traitor i don't want him as speaker

That will be great news if Paul Ryan is not House Speaker.,

We will do quite well without him.

He may be good with numbers but he is a total liberal and that should matter a lot.




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