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A Donald Trump victory in the presidential election would be just the beginning of a massive upheaval in Washington, Fox News' Sean Hannity said Tuesday night, predicting that "Paul Ryan is not going to be the speaker of the House in January" if the Manhattan billionaire wins the White House.

Hannity, a vocal supporter of Trump's, said the real estate mogul's march through many of the early swing states indicated a disgust on the part of the American electorate with its government. And while Democrats bear a large responsibility in Hannity's estimation for turning its back on much of the country, he said both parties are culpable.

"They see Washington is broken. And Republicans are just as guilty. Paul Ryan is not going to be the speaker of the House in January," Hannity said during a phone interview on Fox late Tuesday. "I was going to save that for my program tomorrow. He's not going to be the speaker. I mean, an amazing turn of events because the establishment on both sides lost touch with the real lives of real Americans, and Donald Trump opened the door, said we're going to fix it and turn the table over."

Hannity walked back that assertion somewhat in a post to his Twitter account early Wednesday morning, writing that "assuming Trump wins, it's up to him and congress if Paul Ryan should be speaker. I am disappointed the speaker didn't show enough support."

Amanda Carpenter, a former communications director for Ted Cruz and a contributor to CNN, responded to Hannity's post with incredulity.

"Sean wants Trump's first act to be WAR? When does the unity start? I'll put down the sword if you guys will," she wrote in her own post to Twitter, linking back to Hannity's message.

Hannity said he had spoken to Trump three times during the evening but refused to offer much in describing the substance of those conversations. He said Trump has been "superstitious" as he watches the election returns.

"He's kind of been, you know just holding his breath like the rest of us and waiting and watching. And you know, I think he's very sober about it and I think, you know, he's a guy that loves a big challenge."

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one thing pointed out last night during election coverage is -- Pence and Ryan are BFFs.

I wouldn't be too confident in sweeping upheaval change.  Blindly trusting it to happen is likely not wise.

*** America', "Please join with me 'To humbly, Honor, Thank, and Praise, Our CREATOR',  "The Giver of All Good Gifts and Graces', for, "HE', has answered the Prayer's and pleadings of Our Multitudes of Christ-Servants, of all religions of Our Nation."  Our God has provided Mercy, and Forgiveness to Our Republic, in a frame, form, and manner, that, " Honors, 'Our One Nation Under GOD', 'Our Founder's', 'Our People, of all stripe's and otherness-es', with-in Our-> "ONE NATION UNDER GOD." 

*** AS the VOICE of  "We The People", has been 'SHOUTED Aloud', throughout our republic, from 'Border to Border, and Sea to Shining Sea', that , "The Constitution, Bill of Right's, and Our Declaration of Independence', are the PILLAR'S of Americas Strength and Unity, that ENSURE, "The FREEDOM'S of Our United States of America, are the Hallmark of This Great Nation, and Blessed by God, produced by Our Founders, while being, "Preserved, Protected, and Defended', by Our Military's,'Air, Ground and Sea, with Courage, Endurance, Strength, Valor, and Loyalty, since June 14, 1775."    
*** Now comes the time for a  "CALL to Prayer', of 'Our newly Elected Executive Leadership", "To "RIGHT the Path of Our Country", to, "JOIN the Three Branches of Our Government", to, employ their Allegiance's to their Oath's of Office, to, "Heal the wounds and Uphold Our Principles of Moral's, Value's, and Ethic's" in their "CHARGE, with transparent ACCOUNTABILITY", ... to ... "MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN". Amen And Amen 

Robert, I am with you all the way!!!!!

Well said, and Amen! 

The RINOs will do whatever has to be done to protect their jobs.

Amanda needs to realize that a major HOUSE CLEANING is in order for the new President just like Obama did when he moved into the WH.  It's not an act of war to replace those who have teeter tottered on the fence.  IT'S AN ACT OF COMMON SENSE, something that might be hard for the media elites to understand..

Frances, you are spot on.  ryan has been a traitor to the Constitution and We the People, an Obama minion!!!!!

Frances,   Amanda is either uneducated, immature, or brainwashed demogoon. That explains it all.

The truth shall set us free.

IF Ryan was to lose the Speaker of the House position it would not be a bad thing - - - some people on the MSM have not a clue what they are saying they just repeat what they have been told . . .

Paul Ryan is a snake! Just like the song, about the woman that found the frozen snake. And after she had saved it, the snake bit her. She though that she could trust the snake! Don't trust, The Snake Trump!! 


These democrats need to GROW THE F**K UP.  They lost get over it democrats.

Amanda Carpenter needs to go pound sand.  Ted Cruz was a traitor to the party and tried to directly torpedo Trumps run for the residency.  Now she is talking about Trump and war with Paul Ryan.  Paul Ryan directly tried to destroy Trump just as Cruz had done earlier.  Both of them need to get on their knees and beg Trump to forgive them for  being stupid.




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