Groups ask school districts to reconsider transgender restroom policies

MADISON, Wis. — Sparta Area School District Superintendent John Hendricks is a man of few words when describing the motivation behind his proposal to allow transgender students to use school restrooms of the gender with which they identify.

Unfortunately for Hendricks, Wisconsin Family Action and Alliance Defending Freedom are being loud and clear in their message that such gender identity policies violate a student’s right to bodily privacy and potentially could cost taxpayers by opening up school districts to legal liabilities.

But it’s not like Sparta, a small city of 9,600 in western Wisconsin, is acting alone. More and more school boards in the state and across the country are implementing new guidelines to accommodate transgender individuals, who make up 0.3 percent of the nation’s population.

“The first responsibility of a school board and a school administration is to protect the safety of students and to protect their privacy …When you have these policies, you put those at risk,” Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling told Wisconsin Reporter. “At a minimum, you put the right to privacy at full risk for students when you allow the very, very few people who fall into these transgender situations to use bathrooms reserved for the opposite sex.”

In an Oct. 7 letter sent to Sparta School Board members, Alliance Defending Freedom and Wisconsin Family Action explain that no federal laws require public schools to pass comparable policies. Similar memorandums were sent to school boards in Minnesota and Rhode Island.

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You know what, I have had just about enough of this crap, there is a boys restroom and a girls restroom.  I don't give a rats butt what they think they are, if they have a penis they are a boy, if they have a vagina, they are a girl and they will go into their respective restrooms.  If that messes with their identity crisis, oh well, deal with it!!!!!!!

Well said and right on.....!!

Hate to be blunt but a hole or a pole seems appropriate.

Stay home, don't go to school. Why waste taxpayers money if you're not going to use common sense?

Home school. Keep our children away from the perverted school districts which cuddle up to the "transgender" minority.

We should not even have to talk about this! Choices are what they are just as being into any alternate lifestyle. Surely many are struggling with these issues but need to know that it is their choice to try to force it on others! Do any of us want to bet it has something to do with counseling by some Liberal idiot and the Liberal media?

Lets us recognize gender has nothing to do with this farce. A warped gender identity is totally separate from the actual genitalia of those who use these private areas.

I might be more sympathetic if those who act like a duck and/or a pig, (yes there are some), might be assigned equally to coops and sty's so that they would be mentally rewarded. Same application of a neuter locale might apply to those with a gender confusion.

It is NOT the gender (brain) that defines which bathroom one should use - it is the sex (genitalia) between ones legs that is the determinant. PERIOD,

interesting that everybody with a mental disorder aligns with Democrats. or is it?

Like kind attracts like kind.

Oh my gosh, I never thought of it that way, yet it is so true!!!!

if Pelosi and Reid accurately represent the Liberal/Progressive/Democrat Party, i think Health Care costs are going to skyrocket, as half the population will need extensive psychological counseling / therapy to become productive members of a free society.





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