Governor Says Residents Questioning Refugee Settlement Should Leave His State

Governor Mark Dayton attended a community conversation about race hosted by the St. Cloud NAACP and told people who have been questioning refugee resettlement in the central Minnesota region to “find another state.”

WJON reports the Governor’s statements, “This is a time for everybody who is a Minnesotan, a real Minnesotan to take a stand and say, ‘not in our state.’ If you are that intolerant, that much of a racist and a bigot, then find another state, they really should go somewhere else.” said Dayton.

An audience member replied, “I don’t want to be called a racist, but I do feel that I have a right to question some of the things that are going on.”  He asked the Governor about who was financing the refugee resettlement in St. Cloud and Dayton replied, “The real answer to that is jobs, I think people who come here want jobs,” according to KARE 11.

Another citizen asked about assimilation into central Minnesota culture, a panel member responded by asking what central Minnesota was doing to become a more inclusive society.

The St. Cloud Times reports Dayton as also saying, “Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. But, this is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here and this is Minnesota should find another state.”  The paper also quoted him as making a bizarre comment about the state’s citizenry, “Our economy cannot expand based on, white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough,” Dayton said.

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Just look at the dude ... clearly off his rocker.

Ever notice that most of the libtard/sheeple/minions have that pie eyed blankface look about them? Communist span gets a lot of them now.  The blitz is on by the communists hitting EVERYWHERE!

Sorry we do not need any more diseases ridden people form the the third world pushing there Islamic agenda on us NO if we need bring anyone into the safety of America it is the Coptic Christians !! and not a damn word about the atrocities perpetrated on them by the peaceful gutter religion of Islam ! nothing in the press nowhere why ? because Obama and Islamic administration with the help of his Socialist friends in the news media outlets will not report on anything that's looks bad for Islam ! 

Looks like the "deer in the headlights".

Minnesota citizens have got to get rid of this stary-eyed dude.

Recall this dimwit now. Come on Minnesota it's time for you to put on you big boy pants and recall this traitor.

The American people are looking for jobs......and this guy thinks we need more immigrants. Really?

If what the governor says about not having enough citizens to fill all the jobs is true, then MN should have 0% unemployment, right? Of course this has nothing to do with Democratic Voter base increase, right? MN needs to run this Muslim loving asshole out of their state!

Welcome to the "Socialist Republic of Minnesota!!"

I have been calling MN that for 25 years. Been there, worked there. 

OH, and by the way, if you don't have enough WHITE people there, SHUT DOWN YOUR ABORTION CLINICS. Maybe you would increase your population. 

AND< maybe if you weren't such a muslim lover, more white and black people would move there, but that would be to easy of a remedy now wouldn't it?


Good Post Jim. The guy looks like he just walked off a 'walking dead' photo shoot.

The real (U-6) unemployment rate for MN is 8.0%.

either vote this guy out or live with the consequences




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