GOP Slams Obama's Immigration Action as Declaration of War

Republicans broadly slammed President Barack Obama's executive orders to give work permits and defer deportations to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants, with some legislators telling Newsmax on Thursday that his unilateral actions amounted to a declaration of war.

"He's throwing down the gauntlet — and this is really a political tactic," said Texas Rep. Steve Stockman. "It's to divide the Republican Party. It has little to do with the people he professes to want to protect."

"That's not what the American people want, to just draw a line in the sand and if you step over it, I'm going to fight you," Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston told Newsmax. "I'm still stunned at his audacity."

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions described Obama's orders as "worse than I thought.

"The whole systematic approach of the chief law enforcement officer in America devising incredibly complex schemes to not enforce the law is stunning," he said.

"It's just a further collapse of law enforcement throughout America and it's the wrong thing to do. It's going to impact Americans in their jobs, in their neighborhoods, in their schools, and in their hospitals."

In a speech from the White House that was televised nationwide on cable TV, Obama announced some of the most sweeping changes to the nation's immigration system in decades.

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Someone needs to PLEASE remove Obama and Mini-ME Joe Biden from their office.


Both are a danger to our way of life. Both are mentally tipped and Both will lead America to a ruinous end!

bla, bla, bla,  repubs  put your shoes on, get off your hind ends and impeach

It doesn't work that way. The Congress does the impeaching as per the Constitution.  The people elect the Congress. The next election is two years away and now obama has the green light to "executive order" anything he wants.  

The Congress should already have "Article of Impeachment" lined up and the people don't necessarily have to move away from their computers to send complaints to the Congress or call them.  True, it would be better to show up in D.C. and raise verbal hell but without organization  and unity it ain't gonna happen.  Very few of us can afford to fund an individual trip.


I request all citizens contact their representatives in Washington and their respective State Legislatures to make Nov. 20 a day of Mourning respecting the day the United States Constitution Died. Further it should be a day we fly our Flag at half-mast.


Additionally, why in hell is this site showing the demokrats icon as a stallion?  The icon is a damn donkey.  Get it right.  For the Tea Party to suggest that the stature of the Demokrat party is anything other than a bunch of "politically" hard headed feeble-minded people is embarrassing.  Horses can learn, donkeys not so much.


It is an act of war, alright! And if Congress does not act to stop him, then it is time for the American people to do so!

Gregory Lesnieski

What's your plan?


I can tell you what I wish would happen....or rather SHOW you:

This is the kind of response they are trying to illicit from the Tea Party so they can brand you as a bunch of radicals. In the words of our illustrious Emperor, "Stay the course" don't allow yourself to fill your heart with bigotry and hate. Don't give them the ammunition to derail your movement.

We are already branded as terrorists, what more do you want?  We are fighting for this country, and they hate us.

To: Marilyn Calkins



Obama recently authorized the printing of some 34 million green cards.   We all know his amnesty isn't  for 5 million its more like 34 million.  


Great comments everyone. Only thing missing is the "Thank You" to all the lame brain nitwit voters that elected this piece of work, not once but twice. We are at a turning point in our elections. Fraud, corruption, buying votes, dead people voting, cartoon charter's voting, animals voting, where does it end, voters voting (6) times for Obozo, then complain they were discriminated against because they couldn't vote for him more than they did. . NO Voter I.D.'s!  Remember, it is not just Obozo, look at the quality of the morons that surround him. Yep, thank the Dumb Down, Low Information, American Voter for this whole mess. The bill boards and "T"shirts showing Bush saying "Miss Me Yet" and "Hows that Hopey, Changey thing working out for you all". Are right on the money. What a bunch of low life idiots! And some of you want to go to war for these loosers? Lock and load for what? Saving the Republic is one thing, but saving these idiots bacon is not in my vocabulary. Ask any veteran they will tell you, it will take armed revolution to save this Republic and return it the Constitutional Republic our forefathers made for us. NO GUTS, NO GLORY., that is not longer in the vocabulary of the couch potato average American. 




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