GOP Slams Obama's Immigration Action as Declaration of War

Republicans broadly slammed President Barack Obama's executive orders to give work permits and defer deportations to as many as 5 million illegal immigrants, with some legislators telling Newsmax on Thursday that his unilateral actions amounted to a declaration of war.

"He's throwing down the gauntlet — and this is really a political tactic," said Texas Rep. Steve Stockman. "It's to divide the Republican Party. It has little to do with the people he professes to want to protect."

"That's not what the American people want, to just draw a line in the sand and if you step over it, I'm going to fight you," Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston told Newsmax. "I'm still stunned at his audacity."

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions described Obama's orders as "worse than I thought.

"The whole systematic approach of the chief law enforcement officer in America devising incredibly complex schemes to not enforce the law is stunning," he said.

"It's just a further collapse of law enforcement throughout America and it's the wrong thing to do. It's going to impact Americans in their jobs, in their neighborhoods, in their schools, and in their hospitals."

In a speech from the White House that was televised nationwide on cable TV, Obama announced some of the most sweeping changes to the nation's immigration system in decades.

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Im afraid your right. If we can't come come together collectively it "may" just come to blows. There are to few doers in this country and the real patriots are to few right now to be of any consequence. This Tea Party thing is a good concept but most of it's leaders and participants are a bunch of blind blow hards that couldn't put out a match if they were holding a bucket of water. Unfortunately ! They stay in their Main room and tell eachother how right they are and just inflating eachothers egos instead of being on the hunt for a viable solution.

Steven: There is one more thing I over looked. We have 32 or 33 % of the American people approve of the job Obama is doing. We have another 47 or is it 48 % of the American people on some sort of State or Federal assistance. And the U.S. Military's loyalty all over the chart, makes options very slim. Wish there was a simple answer, this is going to get messy either way. 

It's to late to stop what happening. Welcome to the new socialist republic of the world ! Riots in the streets, a crashing of the stock markets and a over burdened welfare system is coming to a neighborhood near you. Say goodbye to the middle class ! We can't blame any particular party because they have been doing this since 1945 and we have been to busy to pay attention ! My grandfather used to say, "You made your bed, now lay in it !" The question now is how are we going to salvage our soverignty and repair our Republic ? If any of you watched his address to the U.N. he layed out their plans for whats in store for the integration of the U.S., the middle east, China and Russia into the new order. The E.U. is waiting. The U.N. and Nato along with the I.M.F. are ready to enforce their agenda.
Worker bee class, military or police class and the managerial class. Which class do you choose to be in ? Personally I don't like any of the three ! There are things we can do, but we're all to damned busy arguing over who's wrong or who's right, so we will just have to take the scraps they give us. Im getting old and my health is failing and I thank God I'll be dying soon. I don't want to live in a world full of the kind of people that inhabit it today. We as a country could have stopped this a long time ago but we chose not to get involved. Now reap the seeds each and everyone of you have sown. The answers were easy and as plain as the nose on your faces but you chose ignorance over dillegence and this is what happened. The answeres are there but your just to blind to see them. Good luck wizards of smart ! You just keep depending on your elected officials and see what that gets you. What has it gotten you so far ?

Now that Obama has nothing to lose after the midterms, he's starting his all-out war on America.  We will fight against him even harder for the next two years.

your right we will do nothing about it. But they is one thing we can do and that is it make a citizen arrest if any one got the balls to do it. he did not remove the law from us only the deployment's  who's work for him.

  • ######‪#‎President‬ Barack HUSSEIN ####‪#‎Obama‬, ...WeThe People ...HAVE SPOKEN, ...YOU just HAVEN'T BEEN LISTENING. '''BUT....When Our "KARMA", Takes CONROL of Your IDIOUSITY, ...It will be too LATE for You to... "HOPE for MERCY,........for .............. Your DERANGED, ...PERIOD. "QUOTE , RDavid Hummel.

    ATTENTION: #Sen Jeff #Sessions, and #Sen. Ted #Cruz, PLEASE..."SHARE" this with The Lame DUCK Senate.

    The The ...'GOP', and ..."ALL their TALK", must be "URGENTLY ENGAGED, TAKE """IMMEDIATE,""""....ACTION", ...for... """"Now"""", is theTIME...for... GOP REPRESENTATIVES & SENATORS, to chose TO SERVE WE CONSTITUANTS, (((especially those that may vie for the Presidency in 2016))), ....NEED to Engage a""" CONGRESSIONAL CORRECTION"" "& """""ENFORCE"""", of a """"""CONGRESSIONAL"""""RESOLVE', to BOTH these *"CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES'*, ... """"BEFORE """"" YOUR"""" CONSTITUANTS"""" Make the present "FERGUSON MS"., CHAOS, , ....... appear as 'side show'', ...COMPARED to ..."The Retaliatory , Defiant , and significantly ASSAULTIVE DEMEANER", ...of... "WeThe People", that elected you to Office. ....""""Accountable Congressional Action"""" Must be open , for PUBLIC Purview on the respective Floor(s) of The Congress, ...PERIOD, """"NO, HOUR, nor Saturday, nor Sunday ...nor Holiday should INTERRUPT , The ATTAINMENT of a Congressiona ACTION to RESOLlVE ...To..."HALT, Negate, DIS-Empower, Void, and or REPEAL ....President, Barack HUSSEIN Obama 's ...Pending EXECUTIVE ORDERS relating to and including,"Immigration and Gun control". """Congressional Action NEED...BEGIN as URGENT as The President, Concludes His EXECUTIVE ORDER SPEECH on 'Those.. SAME SUBJECTS, ...PERIOD.
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    This toolkit will send the GOP to Hell
    It's about time Barack took Executive Action on Immigration and Gun Control. Rumors are swirling that the gun control Executive Orders will be highly combative and contentious. Some are even saying 'say goodbye to your guns and jobs!

    Ted Cruz On Executive Amnesty: ‘Despotic’ on Tea Party Command Center
    Adding to the copious amount of reactions to President Barack Obama’s impending executive order allowing nearly five million illegal immigrants to remain in the...

  • Of Course! They have to have those Dem Voted and more! Will be living on our di,e and taking away fro the American People! He hates America an will destroy it, any way he can! One thing more OBAMA, DO NOT QUOTE SCIRPTURE From Our BIBLE! That Is SACRLIDGE ON YOUR PART! That was just for Christian's benefit to slam everything in our face! Well, It didn't work, but God Sure Heard You!

That was my first thought as well.  Obama just declared war on the United States.  Good, if it's war he wants, he will get it.  No president has done this before.  He is out of control and out of his mind.  Any resemblance to Hitler?  I wouldn't doubt he is blood related to him.  If he is, that blood is a cancer.

Does anyone actually believe that Boehner and McConnell are going to stop King Barry? I don't.

We haven't had a Congressional Declaration of War since Roosevelt. Good on ya.

hey gop what fell on you,we have been telling you politicans for 6 yrs now.that ovomit/satan is an ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum threat to we the people.along with jarret/pelosi waters wasserman shelia jackson rangal biden/cummings hell all democrats and most republicans.who have not abided by the constitituion/bill of rights.and you mr politicans/government have offended my country my family and me for the last time/you say now its a declaration of war.ovomit has declared war on we the people.since his chicago street agitator days.and we have been telling you this.but it seems your either in with ovomit or being payed off, blackmailed or threatened by him.and we no longer have any confidence in our government any more.we demand ovomit be immediately arrested for not abiding by the oath of office or the constitituion.and the sargent at arms can arrest ovomit in the senate or house he is in charge of security.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens




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