GOP Leader Decries Party's Move Against Conservatives--Will Fight To Reverse

According to this article by World Net Daily's Drew Zahn, Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell is rallying support to fight back against the progressive establishment takeover of the GOP, and open the party back up to conservatives and tea partiers.

He has filed a motion in the upcoming RNC meeting in Charlotte, NC, to reverse the recent rules changes that have, in his estimation, caused "vigorous condemnation" of the national GOP.

Could this be our chance to take back the GOP and avoid the potentially suicidal leap into a third party?  Blackwell's motion will need to be passed by a majority of the RNC Standing Committee on Rules and by a 3/4 vote of all the members of the RNC.

Our homework assignment:

(1) Find out who is on the standing committee on rules,

(2) Find out who your RNC committeemen are who will attend the meeting, and

(3) Email, write, or leave phone messages urging them to give Blackwell their full support!

I for one will not be shy about letting my committeemen know that my future support of the Republican party hinges strongly on the outcome of that vote.

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I'll be curious to see how this turns out.

Until the eastern blue bloods of the Republican Party is totally given their walking papers i will not again contribute to the Republicans, no never again. As a Tea Party supporter i will only support this Sovereign Constitutional Republic: not the RINOs mental state of compromise with the enemy, the Progressive Humanist Marxist/AKA the Communists or their useful idiots: period.

Yeah, but, who will give them their walking papers and why?

Like I say, I'm relearning about our Constitution and how it was designed and supposed to work. If we're ever going to get it back, then we have to figure out how and the political parties are part of it, by design! “We the People” are the corrective force that's supposed to be the ultimate check to keep the Constitution in balance.

I am NOT saying that we should willynilly start flooding the Republican party with new membership. What I am pointing out is that there is someone within the party that is trying to correct it and they will not be able to do it alone.

I tweeted Greta Van Susteren, of Fox News asking if she knew how to contact the members of the rules committee. I don't know, if I'll get an answer, but, I'll keep trying.

The communists did not take over our political system over night, they did it piece by piece, right under our noses, over a long period of time and we won't get it back in one fell swoop. We are going to have to dig in, develop some kind of long term strategy and do what necessary to get our country back. What we need is some good old American tenacity.

I have no idea how the Republican Party works. I spent most of my life noting how it doesn't work. The time has come for that to change.

Step 1. It's time to do some research and lay out the inner workings of the GOP. To those of you who

            have been registered Republicans, now would be a good time to hear from you and get your

            insights to the organization.

In the end, it may be necessary to create a third party, but, it won't happen now. There is no consensus among the American people as to what to found it on. The Democrats are not in charge because every one is flooding to them they just created enough controversy and division, that everyone is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to implement their own personal ideas to counter them.

Step 2. We need to keep the Tea Party intact, the way it is. The Tea Party platform gives us our

            means of communication, a place to express and vet our ideas. Never-the-less, from within

            the Tea Party we could form the “Reform the Republican Party Platform.” If successful, the

            Republican Party will be put back on track. If not, then as soon as the movement gets to

            critical mass, it becomes the basis for the new third party and whats left of the GOP can go

            join the Democrats. We need to be very open about our sentiments, the Gop has one chance

           left, if they don't get on board they can go play by themselves!

Step 3. The way to proceed is: 

                   I. Get the information about whose who in the GOP and how to contact them and then

                       spread it around so we'll all know.

                               a. Then flood the GOP with inquires about them getting serious about

                                    getting back to their conservative roots. Withholding money and

                                    membership until they do.

                  II. Those of you who are still members and still contribute may want to unenroll and

                      stop donating Until they support conservative reforms. Individuals who quit an

                      organization may not be noticed, so maybe a group ought to get together and act at

                      the same time.

                III. Those of us that are independent may need to consider joining as a way to give

                     authority to the people who are making headway in the GOP. I'm considering it,

                     but, I need to know more, because what happens if the GOP starts with their lip

                     service again and I need to withdraw?

Lastly I want to make sure that they get the message through their thick skulls. So I want them to know that in the future I will donate to the individual candidate, but, not the GOP. And I will not donate to any more of their candidates that they promote over our objections. The GOP has two strikes against them, they nominated John McCain and Mitt Romney, two losers. I'm not letting the GOP make the third strike. They have demonstrated beyond doubt that they don't have a clue and they need their noses rubbed in it.

To try and drive home the point to the GOP, I am considering donations to the GOP. Donations in the form of ONE dollar. Why one dollar? Because I think it will cost them most of the dollar to record the one dollar donation. I want to send a small enough donation so that it is more of a financial punishment than a reward. Why?

Because even these guys, as thick as they are and as annoyed as they will be will have to recognize that one dollar donations is more of a vote than a donation.

Let's say the committee actually puts the rules back and the GOP starts to get more reasonable, but, we still can't trust them because of the way they've acted in the past.

If this idea catches on, and say 100,00 people send in one dollar, that's a lot work to record one dollar 100,000 times, it will stand out and be noticed.

On top of that we just don't send one dollar, we add a letter or email that reminds them of how they treated Ron Paul and his supporters. We remind them to put our conservatives back on their respective committees and we in form them that their choice of Majority and Minority leaders stink and they need to go. And we end courageously, thanking them for replacing the original rules that never should have changed to begin with and the the donation is minuscule because the progress you've made is minuscule Make larger corrections and the donations will get larger and I might even join the GOP. Keep making baby steps and you'll keep getting baby donations, the choice is yours!

I want to point out that Obama and the Democratic Party feel that they have a mandate. They don't, but, in politics perception is reality.

I hate that expression so much because perception is not reality.  In reality, if you perceive that the thin ice will hold you and you walk out onto it, you don't get across it, you die.  But, politics is politics and we need to work with what we have.

Without any unified opposition the Democrats appear stronger than they are. The Republicans appear weaker than they are and that plays directly into their yellow streak. We are going to have to prop up the Republicans to even out the perception and demonstrate that the Democrats do not have a mandate.

We need to prepare for 2014. Then we can reassess for 2016.

I think the Republicans know this and feel that they don't have to do anything because they feel that the independents have no where else to go.

I think that that is the truth, but, lets come at the Republican Party in a way that their going to hate, but, have no choice but to except.

Here we go, trying to mix oil and water. The RINO's are a better fit with the progressives.

I don't want to mix oil and water--I want to displace the RINO's, not join them.  If they're not happy with seeing more and more real conservatives win elections, then they can leave the party and become Democrats!  :)

That's like a passenger on a ship, that doesn't like the swells, telling the captain of the ship how to run it and then telling the captain that if he doesn't like it then the captain can leave his ship and the passenger will take over.

At some point in time we need to deal with reality.  The GOP is a ship that was bought and paid for by people who invested time and money into the organization.

I will grant you that the GOP today has nothing but harm intended for America.  What we have today is the Democratic Party and a secret admirer of the democratic party.  But, that is what we have and it has to change.

The only way in, that we have, is that the expressed purpose of the GOP is a public purpose.  In order to have a stake in the GOP we are going to have to make an investment of time and people and resources so that in fact we have a share of the organization.

If that is not acceptable, then we are faced we the problem of creating our own ship from scratch, from the bottom up and then competing in a three way race in less than two years.  That will not happen in four years, never mind two.

If ratcheting the pressure up on the Republicans is not an option, because we resent that the people who created the GOP are dragging their feet,  Then we might as well become Democrats. 

There is no one in the GOP/RNC who was alive when the initial investment and work was done to establish the party... the GOP is a not for profit political party organized by charter in most states and it is supposed to be run by its members... not some insider elites who keep close and tight control on the infra-structure and committee members.

The GOP is a public institution... it is not a ship bought and paid for by any set of individuals... who invested their personal time and money.   It is primarily funded by individual contributions from its members resources...with some matching government funding available for presidential campaigns.  It is accountable to its members AND... under various state laws for the proper management of its funds and resources.

As such it has a duty to its members and the public at large too conduct its business in accordance with their charter and the laws of the State and Federal Government that regulate political parities.  However, in practice much of the party is run by a select inner circle... who are activist and properly positioned to maintain control over the party apparatus. This dynamic must change if the general membership of the party is too gain control over the principal functions of the GOP ... to nominate candidates and help fund the campaigns of the GOP nominees.

If the GOP has a chatter then there must be some record of it.  I want to know how it's structured, do you know how I would look it up?

Who the hell even wants "a stake int he GOP"?    I can help "build a ship" from scratch. Can't you??

Is everyone too comfortable and lame to get up and try? Is the good ol' GOP just too familiar a foe that you people can't say "I'm not going to take it anymore?" and take a leap of faith in God and humanity to walk the unknown path of something new?

How do you think this once great God fearing republic was separated from the King of England and became a nation?  People declared, Tyranny No More!

Thank God the REAL PATRIOTS had the courage and committment to get up, stand up, and stand for real freedom.    I fear too many are willing to compromise that sacrifice.

I can't take it anymore and will stand up.  And this just ain't lip service, I promise.

I'm 58 years old.  I've heard, "Form a new third party" for most of those years. Nothing has happened, why?...........Because it's more involved then spouting slogans.

First of all Our four fathers spent twenty years trying to become British citizens because England represented the greatest government the world had every seen, at that time.

It was the twenty years of rebuke ,from England and our countries organizing and reorganizing trying to make headway in England that built the political foundations that that allowed them to take on the most powerful government in the world. 

They understood the problems with the government because they were part of the government, they held public offices, they were part of the military under that government.

The GOP is an established political force in the United States of America.  They have a political infrastructure built for American elections.  They have abandoned their principles, But, they have a knowledge of American politics that date back to Abraham Lincoln.

To beat the GOP, you'd have to duplicate every thing they have including campaign contributions, procedures not to mention taking over their dedicated political base.  What can you offer them that the GOP can't.  But, realistically you have to have a bigger organization, because you can't beak the Democrats until you can at least beat the GOP in a three way race.  And you need to do that well before the 2014 elections.

If in fact you are going to start a third party your going to have to start somewhere.  We're going to have to attract contributors for campaigns.  We going to have to hire people to run the office, lawyers to handle campaign contribution laws, create and organize a nation wide ground force to knock on, how many doors?

I don't want to be discouraging or insulting to anyone,  But, as gently as I can, I'm going to tell you.

Anyone that does not see that it is infinitely easier to organize to infiltrate an established party than it is to start from scratch just isn't serious about succeeding.

It is exactly what the communist did, successfully, right under our noses and for the same reasons we have to.

But, for those that are adamant about a third party, it is the organization and the experience that is gained influencing and penetrating the GOP that creates the nucleus that can be brought to critical mass that can then break off and create the third party, if by then it's still necessary.

If an organization can't get create enough support to influence an existing party,  What would make anyone think that they could start an entirely new party that will take on the Democrats when they control almost 50% of the people who vote? 


I agree with Ralph.

Getting involve in the republicrat party to restore it to the republican roots maybe the answer.

What about the majority of the independents/republicans going to conservative party and moving that party upward and onward?


Exactly van... and that is why the true conservative needs to retake this party... the GOP.  It is time to become directly involved in your local GOP committee... find out when and where they meet... then take your family, neighbors and friends to their meetings... when it's time to elect the officials of the local committee be sure to nominate or run... and vote for those that are truly committed conservatives. 

Take back the local and state committee's and at the national convention... vote out the bums... the RINO's and win back our party....

I noted the poster above is having trouble finding out the names and contact information for various RNC committee members... this is no surprise as they want to remain anonymous, insulated from the general membership of the party... keeping the grass roots in the dark like mushrooms... feeding them sh** every now and then, as they do as they please.  It's time to pin them down... too find out who and where they are so we can hold them accountable for our PARTY.

The RNC and GOP apparatus is organized as a non-profit political organization... with a charter that indicates it is controlled by its membership... not some back room filled with elitist.  It is however the duty of its members too become involved and actively supervising the hold them accountable to their charters.




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