GOP Leader Decries Party's Move Against Conservatives--Will Fight To Reverse

According to this article by World Net Daily's Drew Zahn, Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell is rallying support to fight back against the progressive establishment takeover of the GOP, and open the party back up to conservatives and tea partiers.

He has filed a motion in the upcoming RNC meeting in Charlotte, NC, to reverse the recent rules changes that have, in his estimation, caused "vigorous condemnation" of the national GOP.

Could this be our chance to take back the GOP and avoid the potentially suicidal leap into a third party?  Blackwell's motion will need to be passed by a majority of the RNC Standing Committee on Rules and by a 3/4 vote of all the members of the RNC.

Our homework assignment:

(1) Find out who is on the standing committee on rules,

(2) Find out who your RNC committeemen are who will attend the meeting, and

(3) Email, write, or leave phone messages urging them to give Blackwell their full support!

I for one will not be shy about letting my committeemen know that my future support of the Republican party hinges strongly on the outcome of that vote.

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Patriots, if you have not worked a primary you really can't understand how difficult it is to get people out to vote in it.

This is very hard when you have a candidate running against an incumbent who is getting mega donations from special interest (Soreass, LBGT groups, planned parenthood, etc.) and you rely on the individuals to contribute.

If you are not able to be a committee person, please volunteer on a campaign and help.  There is much work for us to do.

We need YOU.

You sound like you've done this before. 

I haven't, The most I did this election was dress up in an Uncle Sam costume and stand next to my Fire Obama sign for three days before the election.  I felt stupid at first, but, I actually enjoyed it.  Even getting the finger from Obama supporters.  Of course that was when I thought he was going to lose.

I've decided that I'm going to do more for 2014.  To do that I need some information. 

Do you know where I go to to find the political districts and how there laid out.  I want to start from scratch and take charge of my area rather than just join someone else.  I want to reach out to the Tea Party people in my area and make sure we all know who we are.  But, I have no idea what my area consists of, politicly. 

Ralph, give me you city and state where you live and I will give you your district or I will try...

Who are the Simple ASSES that decide who runs???  Allen West,should have been first choice. I know--Race Card but that would be one less BS thing. 1- great military knowledge 2-a peoples -people AMERICAN!! Not a U.S. GOVT.$$ Prostitute. Toss the RINOS Mcain & Bohner, come to mind


The simple a**** are the GOP/RNC committee's... beginning with your local/county GOP committee and extending upward to the State and National GOP/RNC.  You and I are responsible for allowing our party to be co-opted/run by RINO's.. get involved, attend the local GOP committee meetings and either become a committeeman or nominate and vote for those individuals who will act in the nations best interest.  Take over the party from within.

Col: Amen.  This is what many of us are trying to do.  It takes full commitment from many of us.  A few will not do it.

Please fellow patriots become a committee person and work the party to restore our republic.

We need YOU.

State Executive GOP Committeemen and Committeewoman are usually the people that find the people who runs for office...And you have to be elected in your Senate GOP District in you state every two years, but it does not cost much monies to do this for this particular office...

I am not falling for this guy's story . I think the GOP is running scared , and they are telling us what the think we want to
Hear , It seems a little suspect to me , that just as the Dema want unlimited money to spend , the Reps all of a
Sudden remember we exist . I do nt believe it is true. I am sorry but I am nt the trusting kind.

Here I go again!

I keep getting in trouble and talked down for saying it but...

The Republican Party has left us.  They have been co-opted, compromised and the core.  They are beyond redemption at this point, unless their is a complete (and I do mean COMPLETE purge of the party and politicians involved and we all know that is not going to happen).

So...that leaves us with the only other viable option of starting a 3rd party and making it work.

Just sayin

That's why my bumper sticker says "I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT MY GOVERNMENT NEEDS AN ENAMA" The problem is once you have performed the Enama! What do you do with all of the ___t!

Ken, your point of view should not be talked down--it's a very valid one worthy of intense debate--which is exactly why I posted this topic.  My argument all along has been that mathematically speaking, it would be much easier for us to take over the GOP through the primary elections and face Democrats one on one than to try to win 3-way races in general elections against even a weak Republican and a strong Democrat.

Note that I never advocate working with the existing progressive GOP leadeship.  You are right, they have left us and will not accept us willingly.  But Republican voters will.  I'm talking about a "hostile takeover" (via completely honest and peaceful means, e.g. education and grassroots support for candidates) of what was taken from us in hostile fashion.

In effect we would be destroying the progressive leadership of the GOP just as many wish to through a 3rd party, but in a manner that will be much more beneficial to us--for we would be able to take over a well-established organizational and communications structure and pick up the existing GOP voter base rather than having to build both from scratch ourselves.

Thanks for the succinct reply.  You are spot on.  Colonel Nelson and I have gone round and round about this (and I say that respectfully) several times.

I just can't quite get it thru my thick head that we have enough time left to "take (the current Republican Party) over from within" and work our way to the top ie; the Boehners of the Party, and get it back on it's truly conservative course.

But, then again, do we have enough time left to build a new third party from the ground up?

I always was one of the young bulls (way back when) that looked at the herd from atop the hill and wanted to immediately "run down the hill and s***w one of em" and have to be constantly reminded by my wizened brothers "let's walk down and we'll get em all".

Thanks, as always, for slowing me down with some reason and sanity.




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