GOP Leader Decries Party's Move Against Conservatives--Will Fight To Reverse

According to this article by World Net Daily's Drew Zahn, Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell is rallying support to fight back against the progressive establishment takeover of the GOP, and open the party back up to conservatives and tea partiers.

He has filed a motion in the upcoming RNC meeting in Charlotte, NC, to reverse the recent rules changes that have, in his estimation, caused "vigorous condemnation" of the national GOP.

Could this be our chance to take back the GOP and avoid the potentially suicidal leap into a third party?  Blackwell's motion will need to be passed by a majority of the RNC Standing Committee on Rules and by a 3/4 vote of all the members of the RNC.

Our homework assignment:

(1) Find out who is on the standing committee on rules,

(2) Find out who your RNC committeemen are who will attend the meeting, and

(3) Email, write, or leave phone messages urging them to give Blackwell their full support!

I for one will not be shy about letting my committeemen know that my future support of the Republican party hinges strongly on the outcome of that vote.

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Dee, Whomever wrote this post here, please stay in touch with us on this and please write a good letter so we can all email them...

i agree...thanks for this update

I am 69 yrs. old and have been a republican all of my adult life. I had a bumper sticker made up about 10 yrs. ago "I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT MY GOVERNMENT NEEDS AN ENEMA" I say this sadly I think we need to start over fresh with a new third party! Our officials are simply not doing their jobs! It is way past time for we the people to fire all of them and start fresh. They are paid public servants! NOT! ROYALTY!

Same age, same sentiment.

I've suggested that a long time ago.If they want stand up for the people who put them in office then lets recall the and fire their mangy a*se's No use paying the deadbeats if they wont do their jobs.I've already put my congressman on notice.If Odictator dont set up his throne in a couple of years this will give us a chance to build the Tea Party and oust the repubs altogather.Its way past time for new blood and the Tea Party is up to the job What do you think?

By all means we have to get the GOP back on track .. there are too many Rhinos running the show  .. the Tea party should be taking the lead here .. they are not afraid to speak out for Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ..

 Folks email your Congress and let them know "We the People" are backing Blackwell and his effort to turn the GOP back to it's true meaning .. Conservative Constitutionalists ..That Love the Liberty and Freedom that GOD and our Founding Fathers intended for this Nation ..

I agree, it's time for the Tea Party to begin the 3rd party formalization process. It was evident during the Republican National Convention last year how the Repubs view the Tea Party. We have 4 years until the next election to ramp up . This is  our only chance for freedom and liberty to survive as the Republican Party has been circumcised and rendered useless, nothing now stands in the way of the Progressives    

Here we go... why is it that the GOP/RNC doesn't publish the names and contact information for their committeemen?  I'll venture a guess... they don't want the thousands of calls such TRANSPARENCY would bring. Email, write and phone... requires, email addresses, mail addresses and phone numbers.

It is a fact that the RNC/GOP keeps the identification and management structure of their local and national organization cloaked in the fog of anonymity... It is very difficult to find out where and when my local GOP/RNC committee group meets and what current business is likely to be discussed at their next meeting.  The fog of anonymity, is all designed to keep the grass roots in the dark and out of the back rooms where policy is made... they want our contributions and our support/vote but not our input or interference with their internal management or their decisions.

One only needs to look at the responses to this post to understand that the GOP/RNC doesn't care to keep their constituents/party members informed of their inner workings... meetings or members of their committees.  They are almost all in the dark as to how to contact their State and County committee members. I wonder why? Whose Party is it anyway?

Colonel, I was able to find the names and email addresses of my committeemen for Arizona on the state GOP web site.  It might be that it's easier to find them in Arizona because in general they've been putting up pretty solid conservative candidates, so they're not afraid to face the constituents they support.  It might not be so easy in states where progressives run the party.

Is it possible that you could call them in Arizona and get them to give you the Washington numbers at the main GOP headquarters.  If they baulk tell them you trying to help with the conservative movement.  They could probably use the help.

Your correct Peter... They are also listed on our State GOP web site... however, you have to be somewhat computer savvy and I also noted that contact information, phones, mailing and email address, were not available for many of the committee members.

It would be nice if the party would make a positive effort to involve its members... by mailing an information bulletin to the registered GOP voters in their area at least once a year... giving the  names, contact information, and meeting locations and dates.  Now that would certainly indicate that they desired general membership participation.

I have searched for over an hour for NYS committee list but nada.

If anyone has info on it, would you kindly share?





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