Having been raised in the time of Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, and Perry Mason... I look out upon the current landscape of our country, and am sickened by what I see and hear. I am left wondering "what has happened to us?" It has left me asking myself a second question, which I pose to you here and now: at what time do I, you, (WE) compromise the principles that we have been taught by our parents, or have adopted over the course of our lifetime? What reason can be given by anyone, that justifies such change in our heart and souls be made?

Just pick a subject, one of too many, and consider your position on it. Are you willing to sacrifice your "wholly owned" beliefs to satisfy anothers' wishes or demands? It seems to me that there are a lot of off the wall demands being made around here nowadays. gay marriage...illegals from ANYWHERE wanting to be one of us.... these are a couple of my chosen examples. Law of God: homosexuality is a sin. Natures law: two of the same sex cannot produce a child. I will need to see a man give birth to an actual baby. If homosexuality is what you want, I don't care...but don't ask me or expect me to be accepting of it... It is not in line with the law.

POLL: What should be done with illegal aliens in the United States?

We are, and have been seeing for a long time now, a plague of illegal immigrants...from everywhere. Are you old enough to remember the song by CSN&Y... "Immigration Man"? Graham Nash being "detained"wrote: "here I am with my immigration form...its big enough to keep me warm...when a cold winds coming..." In those days it is obvious that we wanted to know who wanted in, where they came from. and their purpose here. Today I am seeing a "who cares" attitude.

I hear the word "diversity" and my blood pressure spikes... what ever became of being American? Illegal Immigration Gods Law: see U.S. law. Natures law: born into life as we have come to know it, no do overs. Those who come here from third world countries come for only one reason... they want what we have. While they are not willing to speak the language, assimilate,  nor work, they want to be one of us and have what we have. In fact they demand it...usually behind the ACLU. What bothers me most is the fact that these people are based in religion...when you have nothing...its all that is left that has meaning. If that religion teaches hatred and the killing of Americans, why in the world would we want them here among us? We cannot save the world contrary to some (misguided) beliefs...

Now I will add a final catchphrase that is familiar to you... income inequality... and I have about had it. There have always been the haves and the have nots'. I can't wait to see how the "god" that lives in the White House changes this reality. As for me... We come in alone and will go out the same way, dollar value means nothing. Youthful abandon has been replaced with fearful anticipation. While I enjoy being an American, here in whats left of my country, there will be no longing when my time is at an end. I'll be glad to go... see-ya bye... Beyond that happy thought... Happy Easter to all Tea Party members / Americans. Thank God today and ask for His intervention and salvation... after all we need to get our fix in... before the upcoming sold out Obama / Putin UFC match...

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Who is John Galt?

John T. Galt, protagonist of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".

I wanted to thank you for this reply. As a result, I have done a little quick research, and can now begin answer your question. It would seem that there is a book that I need to read... Thank you for your service to our country and may God bless your every step.

The reply that I posted to ancient warrior was actually written for you... My prayers are herein shared equally among you two members, as are my thanks

The ACLU can go to hell! They are a trouble-making, misguided organization! Illegals should ALL be deported-----IMMEDIATELY! NO QUESTIONS! NO PASSES! NOTHING! DEPORTATION! They have no rights here! All they  are is a leeching bunch of free-loaders!

The ACLU was founded by a full blown Communist supporting radical. God raised up others. The ACLJ and many others to support freedoms in our Country. We should support those organizations that get no Federal funding, unlike the Marxist supporting ACLU that, indirectly gets a big tax funding!

Nature has no laws that cannot be violated for human kind! Nature is a word and not a god! Natural progression did not give Evolution and this fact was won all but in one debate. The opponents were not supporting facts of science. All the rest, and I watched them, the anti-Evolutionists won and big time. Evolution is a political move to remove freedoms from our world and the next phase was Global Warming that has been debunked in the Jesse Ventura Documentary on worldwide TV!

Jeff, we may know the truth but that does not mean vial and ignorant people do not get charge of things, and with Obama and Putin, our life! They are together is this and that is absolute!

Well back than we had morals, and God was a part of the citizens of these nation, once the citizens decide to take everything in there hand that's where the problem start to happen, now Satan is taking over and its not going to get better its going to get worse from now on

Our country isn't the same as the country I grew up in. I am a baby boomer raised it seems in another world. Our countries founders believed and studied morality and God's, Nature's and Man's law actually meant something to them. A part of America lost, I believe an important part. Our laws and the way we lived has had a gun against it's head by the progressives and we're made less by bowing to their wishes.

Compromise plus nose in the tent. And here we are. It will be ugly and noisy, but it isn't too late.

Remember, if you dance with the devil, he'll lead!
Well put E.G.Hose. Thanks for posting this.



Yeah, and have them repay ALL the vacation funds to the taxpayers!

Amen Judy!  However, you forgot one thing:  Castrate the pedofiles so we don't have to put them in prison and PAY for them.  Set them free, for surely they won't repeat any crimes AGAIN....ever!  Also,...this punishment fits the crime!




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

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WTH -> Rosie O’Donnell Claims There Are ‘Over 100,000’ Concentration Camps In America

Actress and left-wing activist Rosie O’Donnell made the stunning claim that there are more than 100,000 concentration camps in states across the country, holding unaccompanied minors who illegally enter the U.S.

Appearing Monday on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live After Show,” Rosie O’Donnell was asked about the role she’s playing in Lights for Liberty, a rally being held July 12th to demand and end to what host Andy Cohan called “detention camps.”

“Yeah, the concentration camps, even though there’s lots of controversy about the word. But actually, legitimate scholars who study genocide say, yes, these are, in fact, the criteria for concentration camps, they meet them. There are over 100,000 camps in nearly every state,” O’Donnell said, failing to cite the scholars she mentioned. “There’s between 10,000 and 13,000 children, that could fill Radio City Music Hall twice. That’s how many children unaccompanied alone in these camps.”

O’Donnell, of course, was echoing fellow far-left figures like New York freshman Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has spent the last several weeks comparing the oft-overcrowded Border Patrol facilities currently holding thousands of unaccompanied minors who illegally entered the country with adults to contraction camps like the ones that executed Jews during the Holocaust. Indeed, that comparison was roundly rejected on Monday by the United States Holocaust Museum.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum unequivocally rejects efforts to create analogies between the Holocaust and other events, whether historical or contemporary,” the organization said. “That position has repeatedly and unambiguously been made clear in the Museum’s official statement on the matter – a statement that is reiterated and reaffirmed now.”

It is worth noting that the policy of separating children from adults and holding them in separate facilities was expanded by Barack Obama. It was his administration that separated thousands of children from their parents as a way to deter illegal immigration.

Rosie O’Donnell Backs Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Bid — ‘She Knows How to Handle That Baby in the White House’

Rosie O’Donnell said she is supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

O’Donnell said, “Warren is my choice.”

She added, “We need a leader. We need a leader, and she’s been leading. Every time she opens her mouth, she gets more respect. Because she has plans for everything, she knows what she’s doing. And I think she knows how to handle that baby in the White House.”


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