Gingrich: Mueller’s Law Firm Gave 99.81% of Its Donations to Hillary Clinton Last Year

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Thursday that 99.81% of donations from special counsel Robert Mueller‘s former law firm went to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

“The Mueller investigation has so many conflicts of interest, it’s almost an absurdity,” Gingrich said. “The law firm that he came from, gave 99.81% of its donations to Hillary Clinton last year.”

“That’s right, .19 of 1% went to Donald Trump,” he said.

“The people that he’s been hiring are all anti-Trump lawyers. It’s hard to understand why he would assemble such a team unless it was a deliberate effort to go after the president and the president’s team. I don’t understand why the House and Senate Judiciary Committees aren’t investigating a lot of this stuff,” Newt said.

He continued: “The point you made about leaks is a perfectly good example. The leaks have to be coming from inside Mueller’s team. So who’s leaking? Why is nothing being done about it? Why are people not being fired? I think it’s very reasonable to say that this is a very dangerous witch hunt that Mueller keeps expanding because he can’t find anything in the original charge. ”

“He’s not going to find anything about Trump and Russia, and yet he’s hired all these guys who have given up their very expensive law services to come out and try to get somebody. And they’re going to eventually find somebody to prosecute because there are too many lawyers being paid too much money for them to go home having accomplished nothing.”

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This whole charade needs to end and it needs to end with people in jail.

Trump needs to wake up and smell the roses.

Trump said it before.........IT'S A WITCH HUNT!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into Russian interference in 2016 election.  When Sessions recused himself, he let the fox into the chicken house...........Rosenstein, Mueller, and Comey are having a feast on chickens.

It could be that Mueller, or Rosenstein, and Comey, have information concerning Sessions tenure in government that Sessions doesn't want disclosed.  The Obama bunch was in charge for eight years and you can bet they dug up dirt on everyone in sight that represented a threat to the Obama myth, and the Clintons are professional dirt diggers. In fact, that may be the reason Obama wanted Clinton as Sec. of State.

Better to have them in the tent pissing out, rather than outside pissing in.  And that phrase is borrowed from LBJ.

At any rate, something is restraining Sessions from doing his duty.  I think he wants to avoid being fired since it would look real bad on his resume, but recusing himself and playing like he is above reproach is not going to work forever.  Sessions is demonstrating his ineptness as AG as well as being a responsible human being who accepted the position of chief law enforcer, and refuses to do it by pretending that it is not really his responsibility.

And that is dereliction of duty. Plain and simple.

Trump had better fire him.

THANK YOU.  THE question I keep asking over and over and over.....  The Trump-haters keep talking about Trump collusion to win the election, and I have yet to hear ANYBODY say what evidence they have proving Russia had anything to do with it.  Do they have any links PROVING hacking?  Do they have ANY kind of trail to anyone/anything?  Russia hasn't done to the best of knowledge anything more than some of our politicians like Obama traveling the globe and making his pitch for candidates he'd like to see win other elections...  All I see is a new phobia (by choice) russiaphobia

Nope, there is none to be had. Only the Russia collusion with HBeast and her cronies in the party of rats.




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Florida Sheriff — “I Will Not Enforce Assault Weapons Ban, Neither Will Most Sheriffs”

Dennis Lemma, who is the Sheriff in Central Florida’s Seminole County, told a group of 2nd Amendment activists recently that he would not enforce an assault weapons ban that could soon become Florida law if the “Ban Assault Weapons Now” amendment passes in the Sunshine State.

According to News965, the ban has the following specifications.

The amendment proposed in the state legislature would ban possession of assault weapons, which are defined as “semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.”

Lemma, an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a first term sheriff who is running for re-election, said this about whether or not he would enforce such a law.

“It’s not only that I wouldn’t, the majority of sheriffs across the state would not do it,” Lemma said in the video. It’s up to the sheriffs what they are willing to enforce.”

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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