George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Obama: How They Rigged The American System

  Why hasn't President Trump, arrested George Soros ? The is more then enough evidence against him to put him away for a very long time.  I am serous about this, and its a fact how the members of what is stated to be elected officials are bought out to betray our Country.

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*Media Blackout*  Klaus Eberwein "Commits Suicide" Ahead of Testimony Against Clinton Foundation

n Friday, I reported on the alleged suicide of Republican donor Peter W. Smith,....  Today, reports are out that a former head of a Haitian government development agency allegedly committed suicide just prior to allegedly testifying against the Clinton Foundation before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, and the media is largely silent.

Klaus Eberwein, 50, was found dead in his motel room from an apparent gunshot wound to the head, according to the Miami-Dade medical examiner, who ruled his death a suicide.




Newsweek’s Headquarters
Raided By The NYPD

The headquarters of Newsweek was raided by the NYPD Thursday morning. Police reportedly took photos of the magazine’s servers.

New York Post reports:

About two dozen NYPD officers and investigators from the Manhattan district attorney’s office raided the offices of Newsweek and its parent company, IBT Media, on Thursday.

IBT Media was co-founded by Jonathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. The IRS placed a $1.2 million federal tax lien against Uzac in December 2017.

The agents were said to be photographing servers in the offices, but not downloading any files at the offices on 7 Hanover Square, according to sources.

Few details have emerged from the raid.

“Looking into reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office @ManhattanDA raided Newsweek/IBT Offices today….sources say police have been there for hours. The DA has declined to comment,” tweeted reporter Avi Asher-Schapiro.

Newsweek is also in the news Thursday after an “insider” told The Wrap editor Jon Levine that the magazine has abandoned journalism for “rage clicks,” in the Trump-era.

“Newsweek was once a premiere media organization and an incredible springboard for young journalists hoping to grow a name for themselves,” the source told Levine.

“The company culture has turned the newsroom into a toxic work environment, while the publication has descended into a content farm for last-resort clickbait,” the source added.


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