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What is theory value ?
How to ?

Formula : Duration / sine = Law of pizza

Gentleman ٩(^◡^)

Thought of being bore with your game tool, during later at the evening ? The question is : not knowing what to cook for your family. And what will it be the rest of your life. Here is the answer : ....Sell your soul to his company while perceive real product itself, saving your life and time. Money does speaking on its own way. So does he I am talking about the things in electronic recipient . The manual thought of being the somebody who know its ingredient portable handheld game that solve anything in the kitchen. I have to introducing my inventive solution “ Lottery Recipient Tool “ could carry information to The 21st century. A set of programming dinner table.

Once in a lifetime, guess what you been dreaming of, great idea of better than anything else. Personally, I have a great moment of thinking what is feels like . Just like candy company, who sold nutrient to a market, meanwhile keeps produce candy everyday since the value built up at certain level at supermarket . Now, it’s worth a billion dollars. You have to believe it before you have seen It. For example, mostly, majority to economic needing in investor to know his product from a daily routine. Likely to know how exactly to become a salesman as you carry a suitcase, wearing a formally dark suit, hung on the bar during happy hours, sold your product, include Entree, know your ingredient in just a few minute. As soon as you like the taste of family choice.

Finally, welcome to the missing calls from the reality of last cold summer: Hoping you has game going to be joyfulness and peacefulness. Please safe with your family, Be your own destiny.

Herrick 2017 ' ٩(^◡^)

Title : Journey

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Vacuum:  A space, empty, absolutely devoid of any matter.  Sometimes found in the head of a person.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Another attempt by anti-American leftists to influence response and behavior, and in this instance using emotional political correctness as the means.

The TPCC is certainly viewed as a threat to those who sink this low.




EXPLOSIVE Press Conference w/ McConnell


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