Michael Flynn steps down as President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser amid new revelations about telephone calls with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

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This is not a good sign... it certainly doesn't bode well for any of Trump's promises of action rather than retreat... Gen. Flynn had the right to discuss general topics of concern with Russia as part of Trumps Transition Team... he was not engaged in diplomatic negotiations... in spite of what the MSM and his enemies claim.
Trump failed to support a man he CLAIMED was a major part of his plan to make America Great Again... Who's next?  Trump had better address the reasons for accepting his resignation and they had better be convincing and overwhelming.  We don't need more caving to the LEFT.

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If he did something wrong that he wasn't authorized to do...He should go...Things happen with people and Trump is doing the right thing in this issue... good luck with picking another person...

Agreed. If Flynn hadn't done anything wrong, believe me, Trump would not have let him go.

I have to agree with you.  We have seen how loyal he is with people.  He must have acquired special info about this.

Trump rightfully complained about leaks in the White House that brought Flynn's transgressions to light in the first place. Of course, the liberal media like the Washington Post jumps on the opportunity to make Trump look bad. Trump needs to make sure that he fills the leaks. Otherwise more and more people will turn against Trump when instead we need more and more people to pledge their allegiance to Trump as any good American patriot does.

Oh, Trump definitely has enemies in the White House who will use all of their power to find dirt on people in his administration, and of course the liberal media will lap it up. He really needs to do what Abraham Lincoln did. When Lincoln came to office, he immediately fired anyone and everyone who he could not trust, and who were intent on putting up road blocks in front of him. Trump knows who he can trust and who he cannot, but he needs to get going with getting his enemies out of the White House; just hurry up and fire them. 

There were no illegal activities... Gen. Flynn was operating legally under the Presidential Transition Act of 2010 - 2016

Very sad for sure - I really respected Flynn and the situation does seem suspect/fishy (more MSM witch hunt than real issue?). Either way ... now the issue/focus should be making sure whoever replaces him is the right man.

Nice sum up of what happened:

The leak in the intelligence community and State Department was unfortunate... and needs to be dealt with by the Trump Administration. I wonder why Trump did not claim Executive Privilege, regarding conversations by his senior staff with foreign dignitaries.  After all, Trump was the legal President Elect and Gen. Flynn was a key member on his transition team... If there is to be a smooth transition of power, one has to expect engagement and some direct coordination with key foreign powers by the Pres. Elect's team...

Gen. Flynn did not engaged in official diplomacy... as defined by the Hatch Act. He was not officially negotiating for the US Government with Russia.  Albeit, he had the right and legal authority, as a member of the Trump Transition, to talk with the Ambassador of Russia. The contents of that conversation should have been protected under Executive Privilege.

Need to prosecute the person(s) who leaked a private conversation!!!!  why the heck can these leakers not be prosecuted? 

 I believe it was bad advice that led to the resignation... advice from the GOP Establishment.  Trump may want to reconsider that advice in the future. Dismissing Gen. Flynn will not solve the underlying problem... an out of control MSM and internal GOP Establishment enemies opposing the Trump Administration.

In fact, it will only ENCOURAGE MORE of these groundless attacks... next will be a renewal of the calls for Ms. Conway to resign, over the outrageous claims she ENDORSED Ivanka's products... and violated ethics rules.

This may be the opening of a volley of attacks designed to compromise the National Security Council... by eventually loading it up with moderate agents of the Establishment and New World Order.  There is indeed more going on here than meets the eye. 

The Iranian Treaty (unratified) and its salvation may be at the bottom of this move... Flynn was definitely on course to reverse all of its components, many done in secret... recall, that Congress and the people were told that their were parts of this agreement with Iran that were secret... so secret, that members of Congress could not see it without viewing it in a secure room in the basement of Congress..

Exactly. Trump needs to stop these leaks. Otherwise the liberal press will find out about other illegal activities and skewer our president. This cannot happen.

I smell a big old STINKY RAT!!! Flynn is a DemocRAT, worked under Obama. Trump knew this but kept him on (to trusting). NOW all this so called chaos is going on. Flynn has been lying to VP for last couple weeks but yet talking on tapped phones with Russia and would have had to have known he would get caught????????......something smells bad. SET UP!!!!!!




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