Ford Says It's Moving All of Its U.S. Small Car Production to Mexico

Image result for ford moving to mexicoFord Motor Co. says it's moving all of its U.S. small car production to Mexico.

Ford CEO Mark Fields confirmed the long-expected move Wednesday during an event for investors and Wall Street analysts.

Ford currently makes its Fiesta subcompact in Mexico, but its Focus and C-Max small cars are made in suburban Detroit. Making them in Mexico would boost company profits because of low wages there.

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Then their vehicles should display the appropriate company logo to identify where that car was actually manufactured.

Awesome statement!


Great job, I would like to post on FB if that's OK with you?  If so, should I include your name?



Please do! You're welcomed to use it anywhere. You can use my name if you wish.

You outdid yourself, Frank, this is great, it is not exactly funny, but mostly disgusting. Hell will freeze over before I'd buy one of their products. I really do hope President Trump makes them regret their decision, in spades. They should be ashamed of themselves, instead of being American, they choose the Evil of Greed.

Thanks. I tried to gather a few of those images that rubbed me the wrong way and then stuffed them into the letters F O R D.

I am divided on this issue. companies have the right to do this but maybe part of the reason for this is the cost of having to comply with all the rules and regulations that businesses occur that do business within the usa.

Yep- taxes and regulation.  Fix those and the Fords of our country will have no reason to move. (Well, except moving to a Right to Work state!) 

Roy, that's exactly right. The demoncraps have been doing these things to American businesses for many years and getting away with it. Time to get rid of all that crap and stop them. They are destructive losers.

this sends a very bad message...maybe unions have something to do with this. i wonder why just the small cars? there is more to the story they are hiding something.

nafta, the giant sucking sound that Ross Perot referred to. 

24 years ago I voted for that man, partly because of his nafta position, and partly because GHWB lied to me.  And for 24 years I have regretted voting for that man.  

I elected Bill Clinton. 




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