Footage Shows Twitter Execs Boasting About Leaking Trump’s Private Messages

Project Veritas has released bombshell footage showing Anti-Trump Twitter executives plotting to intentionally leak President Trump’s private messages to the public. The undercover footage released Wednesday features a senior Twitter network engineer boasting about how he’d like to bring the President down by illegally peering into his personal DMs and handing them over to the Department of Justice.

From Project Veritas website:

A Project Veritas undercover investigation has revealed a senior network security engineer at Twitter stating that his company is “more than happy” to turn over the private communications and deleted tweets of President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice.

If true, it is yet unknown whether Twitter is voluntarily disclosing this sensitive information or acting under a court order.

Twitter is currently in the midst of defending itself from left-leaning criticism that President Trump hasn’t been removed from the enormous media platform for violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service.”

“The fact is, even if Haynes was just speculating about helping Justice, his admission shows a clear and dangerous political bias at the highest levels of Twitter,” says Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe in the video.

Twitter execs secretly filmed boasting about leaking Trump's private messages

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Twitter is a sewer! It should be no surprise to anyone that these so-called engineers would derive a genuine thrill from being just another techie saboteur. Then again, unable to offer anything really positive in the arena of ideas, bringing down our President becomes their next best quest - hoping to be heroes for all the clueless reprobates on the Left. 

 I am a fan of Project Veritas, I do have a Twitter Account, but not Facebook, I dumped them, anyway, people all ready knew that the Social Networking Systems saved information about their members.

 The Fine Line Is why just President Trump, and Obama's activity is classified.




 Lowest Female Unemployment
In 18 years!”

President Donald Trump needled the mostly anti-Trump Women’s March on Saturday, reminding them of the positive economic gains for women under his administration.

“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March,” he wrote on Twitter. “Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”

Temperatures in the Washington, DC area rose to 59 degrees on Saturday afternoon after several days of cold weather. The Washington, DC march was smaller this year than the previous one in 2017, but organizers focused their efforts on attending a march in Las Vegas.

Thousands of women across the country rallied in major cities to oppose Trump and his policies, vowing to step up activism in the 2018 congressional midterms.


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