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February: Annual White America Sucks Month

Bashing white America and stirring the pot of racial discord has become in vogue all year round. But every February, the usual suspects (race profiteers and America haters) use Black History Month to double down on their rhetoric. Their operatives who control our public schools lay guilt trips on white students for being white while teaching blacks kids to feel victimized and resentful.

White America is once again beat over the head with slavery as liberals argue the need for federal government payback (reparations). In a nutshell, the Left’s annual message is America is still racist and owes blacks, big time.

The Left’s approach to Black History Month is to celebrate black achievement from a divisive “blacks vs white America” point of view; insidiously leaving out the contributions of whites from black success stories. Their desire is to create the illusion that these blacks succeeded “in spite of” racist white America burning the midnight oil plotting ways to keep them down. Clearly, the Left’s intention is not to unite Americans nor heal the racial divide which has grown exponentially under Obama.

Everyone is expressing outrage over Obama touting a moral equivalence between Muslim terrorists and Christians in his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. But his comments also included a backhanded slap across the face of white America. Obama said slavery and Jim Crow were justified “all too often” in the name of Christ.

Rather than furthering the truth that we have moved light years from Jim Crow, Obama nurtures the lie that blacks are still victims in America. During an interview, the black interviewer told Obama that she cut the hoods off her husband’s hoodies fearful of police shooting or killing him. Obama replied, “I understand.”  Are you freaking kidding me? Why is the president of the United States feeding into such absurdity? I will say this for the ga-zillionth time. Over 90% of the time blacks are killed by other blacks.

In that interview, Obama also furthered the silly notion that cops need special training. Hogwash! Either someone is breaking the law or they are not. Skin color should not matter.

Mr President in the name of fairness, unity and healing, how about mentioning that white Christian abolitionists risked their lives helping blacks escape slavery via the Underground Railroad?  In 1852, the anti-slavery novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by white Christian active abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe was published which some say lead to the civil war.  Over 600,000 (mostly whites) died in the civil war which purged our nation of slavery.

Liberals love to obsess on things America has gotten wrong, while ignoring the price we have paid to make things right.

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They should stop this annual fest to nothing.  Pretty soon it will feature Obama and that will ruin the entire month for all.  He is so lazy  positive proof you can get ahead if someone pays your way. 

Exactly, get something for nothing is the name of the game. Remember what was said by the  white southerners in the 60's "give them an inch and they will take a yard" in other words "predator" is the adjective to use. If you see a weakness exploit it

Can we still go with Lincoln's plan?   Put them ALL on a ship back to Africa...  If they think it's SOOOOO HORRIBLE here, then why don't they immigrate to a country of their choice?

Well said..!!!

We all know the answer to that.  They would not get all of the privileges and free stuff if they moved to another country.  I have read that England and several countries in Europe give out free stuff but if all the blacks suddenly migrated to these countries, I think they would start complaining loudly.  But imagine them moving to any African country and demanding all of the free stuff............ Plus, they get to open their big mouths here and go on and on about how badly they are treated.  Could they do that in Africa?  We are being hammered over the head daily by the racial hucksters, who make lots of money doing it and the low information blacks suck it up. 

YUP....silly me.......what was I thinking of?  Africa doesn't pay you to make babies and sit at home on your butt.

Marilyn, that's true. But USAID and "Planned Parenthood" insinuate themselves into African families to pretend to help mothers by murdering their innocent preborn children and the mothers, too, and calling it "family planning," because they really do hate the Black race. So evil. God help us all.

This is called the reparations business. The jews have done it in Germany, the blacks do it here, and the Hispanics are getting on board too. It's Racial politics. The people who support this do not want Equal Rights they want Special Rights. It's a power and quilt trip a sham, a con a lie. The press is the mouth piece.

There you go again with moral equivalency where none exists. German reparations occurred after World War One, not World War Two. The western powers, especially the United States rebuilt a lot of West Germany and some of the east. The Soviets not so much. There were not religious differences involved in the European theatre of the conflict. The conflict in the middle east Ottoman Empire verses, Christian states and unaligned Muslim States, was a different story. You may want to look up the Armenian tragedy. The Jews have pursued Nazi War Criminals long after the rest of the world let it go.

I do agree that the current racism is colored against whites and is basically a tool that the Democrats will continue to wield as long as they think it works for them.

If it hadn;t of been strong Republican representation during the major part of the civil rights movement,

none of this would have happened.    For those that remember it was the dixiecrats (southern

democrats that apposed all the achievements that the civil rights movement accomplished.   Rememter

thaat the vast majority of demonistrations and violance took place in the south under democratic

state administrations.      Remember Fabus from Arkansas, Wallace from Alabama.    Funny no

one wants to mention this.   The RINOS certainly dont want to remember

They conveniently forget those aspects.




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