Image result for fake indian elizabeth warrenThe yearly ritual of submitting tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may not be something most of us look forward to doing, but do we really want the federal government to do it for us?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has proposed legislation that would require the IRS to offer you the convenience of doing your taxes for you. The actual billwould require the IRS to create programs that help taxpayers process and file their federal taxes for free. Sen. Warren says taxpayers spend, on average, 13 hours and about $200 for tax preparation services to file their tax returns. Of course, this is unnecessary (if not misleading), as there are plenty of free services available to most Americans.

Having the IRS take over the process of filing our tax returns is not an idea that will make America great again. Our tax system is based on the concept of voluntary compliance, and hollowing this out by replacing it with a government-run tax preparation system moves the IRS from a tax administration, collection, and enforcement agency on to giving “advice” to the people it’s taking money from -- a clear conflict of interest.

How long before such "advice" becomes mandatory?

Can American taxpayers trust the same government agency that wants as much of their money as possible to also decide which benefits and deductions they will receive? Even if such a system were convenient and free, would we really want it?

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What in the hell are you smoking? Voluntary compliance? the very term is an oxymoron, let alone the concept. Try not volunteering and see how that works out for you. There is absolutely nothing voluntary about our tax or tax code. That is unmitigated BS fed to people to keep them in a state of lesser agitation than they otherwise would be. Unfortunately it works. People don't examine the law or the system it is founded on and blindly obey it. That is why it has to be adjudicated in Star Chamber proceedings known as tax court, not before juries lest they nullify at the level of the Jury which has been done on occasion and not publicized for reasons which should be obvious.


 Oh Yeah that just what i want more federal involvement in my life, we want less Gov. in our lives and this loone tune wants to make more !! DUH WOW what did you not get from the last election !!!!

First of all we have Taxation without representation. 

Second there are questions about the legality of the government to tax us.  That has never been addressed or resolved to my understanding! 

Another corrupt institution the IRS has been another agent of redistribution of our tax dollars via tax returns.

They have to go away, we should have a fair and easy tax system. 

Our social security should not be taxed as it was taxed when we earned it and gave it to them.  What is the logic the employer portion?  The SSA had that money for all those years to make money on.  They also told us it was in a lockbox for a long time, however it went into general funds and was spent. Without our consent or knowledge. 

Oh yes lets trust the IRS and let them do our tax returns they are our friends and will Make America Great Again I don't think so.  If anything this would grow this government agency which is exactly what we don't want.  We want smaller government and want you out of our lives.  The Federal Governments job is to protect the citizens that is there main job.  In my opinion everything else can go away. 

How about we just pass the FAIRTAX and do away with the IRS and tax returns completely!

I am with you on the FAIRTAX. Nothing else is constitutional and the FAIRTAX is constitutional.

Just one more Democrat job killing program!

Why don't we deport those people who do not pay their taxes, maybe to Gitmo.  Al Sharpton, where are you?


  Vietnam Vet

The IRS has been exposed so may times, I am surprised they even try to evolve, into another scam. You might think that the I.R.S. is owned by our government. A branch that collects taxes from the citizens in order to fund our government. If you think that, you would be wrong. The I.R.S. is owned by entities outside our country, and by its operation is a collection agency for the Federal Reserve and the C.I.A.Apr 14, 2014.

IRS Of London England:


Thanks for this information, was not aware of this.  But it's been closed down thank God.





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