Father of Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant on Dems Booing Trump Immigration Policy: ‘I Just Ignore Them, Like They Do Me’

Wednesday, Jamiel Shaw, father of Jamiel Shaw II, who was a 17-year-old high football player killed by Pedro Espinoza, an illegal immigrant, was interviewed on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

During that appearance, he reacted to boos from Democrats in attendance at President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress to immigration portion of his speech.

Shaw criticized those Democrats but added he was going to ignore them as they have ignored him.

“Oh my God — I was like, man you know, what do they want?” Shaw said. “They don’t want nothing but division, bickering. They don’t want to solve no problems. They don’t want to help kids or husbands or family members that’s been murdered by illegals. I mean, just the way they did that was so disrespectful. But it’s bigger than them, so I just keep on moving. I just ignore them like they do me.”


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Your heart goes out to this man, he's so brave, and so sad.    Maybe, his Son's legacy will be, that his Dad, had enough courage, to try & prevent someone's else's child from suffering this fate.   He's standing up, and the filthy, non-feeling Democrats ,who don't even value human life, attack him.     I hear "Taps" blowing in the near distance, for the final burial of the Liberal party. 

They are just a bunch of scumbags.

 To save our country, Support D. Trump.

Bless you, Jamiel Shaw, our hearts go out to you.

Somali refugee on the run after 'murder attempt' in U.S.
How convenient. A Somali refugee living in the U.S. is now on the run after being charged with the attempted murder of an American.

And apparently, the refugee's lawyer says President Trump has played a key role in this highly disturbing saga ...

Read the latest now on WND.com.

We better start carrying firearms to defend ourself.

Will all respect for the family of the guy killed I wonder if Nancy Pelosi's would have a civil answer for them.  Keep in mind those booing Trump are being payed for that by Soros and Obama's so called army he is forcing to oppose everything that Trump develops.  You see in Obama and his past 8 useless years we had a Muslim in charge of the United States and he promoted any demonstrations and violence that happened in our country.  I am of the opinion that those who don't like our country should go back to their original country or see if we can get anyone to take them, which I doubt.  We ought to take Pelosi, Warren, McCain and bunch more of the Democrats in the senate and send them to Syria because after-all they no all the answers and are perfect in their thinning of how to run a country.  That would take care of 2 items, Syria since they have a need and America since we have to get rid of some "Bumps on a Log" who are opposed to fixing anything unless thought of by a Democrat.  

We conservatives have to start sticking together before it's too late.

The U.S. Government needs to tell these scumbags that they will be killed if they ever try to cross the border after being deported the first time! They'll quit coming or we'll just drain the "STUPID POOL!" They understand "BULLET" IN ALL languages! One less demoncrap voter, too!

We must remove the incentives that draw the illegal aliens to the US... welfare, social services, free medical care and education... and jobs.  A society that permits lawlessness and shelters the illegal alien form prosecution and deportation.  All these things must end and with their ending... the magnet that is drawing the illegal alien to the US will end. 

We will not need a fence...  or lethal deterrents to discourage illegal immigration... Illegal Immigration will stop on its own accord, just as soon as, the jobs and free stuff given to illegal aliens ends.

I heard on Rush Limbaugh's show that  the swamp is not being drain yet.   W H Y???????

Why... Ask AG Sessions ... if you can find him.  He may be too busy recusing himself from his duties as AG... What we have here are major road blocks... the AG, and the Director of the FBI are both ineffective dupes. Neither is working to indict the criminal cabal running our government.  We have no LAW AND ORDER and the Sheriff is out to lunch and doesn't intend on returning.

AG Sessions and Dir. Comey both need to resign NOW or get off their duffs and start investigating and indicting the criminals in our government.  What we really need is a functioning and effective Citizens Grand Jury System in America... A system that permits the people to petition a Grand Jury of their piers, for a true bill of indictment against any government official ... without the need to have a CORRUPT PROSECUTOR file the indictment. We also need a system that challenges prosecutors who deliberately avoid indicting political criminals and when they do indict throw their case... Setting the criminal loose.

The fact is that our criminal justice system is as corrupt as Congress... our government is totally corrupt... and may be unrecoverable... without the people resorting to an armed revolution.  Governments are maintained by force of arms...  Bad governments, that refuse to acknowledge the people's will, when called upon by the people to do so... instigate civil war. The people have the right ... nay the duty... to overthrow despotism and too establish governments they believe meet their need for liberty and prosperity.

We are very close to civil war... and men like McConnell and Ryan are pushing the wrong buttons... as they attempt to stop... the legitimate peaceful transition and return to Constitutional government.  Those two... McConnell and Ryan... are about to bring this country too massive civil war, and the blood of millions well be upon their hands.  

The victory is in Christ, our earthly battle will not be in mass but fought one traitor at a time.
If Trump is completely clean on the dibacal with Sessions then he should be on national TV rebuking the communist democrats. The Democrats are using Sessions to bring Government to a halt, using all means necessary for the destruction of America and to usher in the NWO. Democrats are simple minded little communist fools doing the bidding of Soros, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi and the countless traitors that make up the communist democrat party, their intended goal with this issue is to stop Sessions (a honorable man) at all cost to prevent any and all Criminal proceedings against the Clintons and possibly the queer crackhead. So yes this fight will continue and tensions will rise and as I have said before, the tree of Liberty will get its drink.
As long as Republicans in Congress continue to stall and talk with no action we will slide deeper into the pit. You've heard me say before and I will say again, I trust no politican with my freedom. I do trust most of my veterans and Americans that have a true thirst for our Constitution and the Freedom and Liberty that it provides. As long as we have Americans that will sacrafice at the tree of Liberty when the time comes we will persevere until the day our Lord returns for us. We call these Patriots by many names but they are cut from the same stock as our 3% in the first American revolution. The Democrats neither have the skills, logistics nor the stomach for the future battles. Our Patriotic men and women come from every economic class, racial, Christian and Jewish orders, Doctors, Lawyers, Laborers, Skilled Tradesmen, some Democrats many more Independents and Republicans. We may stand alone at times but we are always joined in the spirit of our Constitution that supplies us with that Freedom and Liberty.

God Bless America and the State of Israel

Live Free or Die




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Democrat Disaster! 53% Of Black Voters, 60% Of Other Minorities Say Liberal Media Trying To Help Democrats Impeach Trump

Thanks to President Donald Trump ALL Americans now know the mainstream fake-news media is an extension of the Democrat Party.

In a recent poll a majority of black voters and minority voters say the media is trying to help Democrats impeach President Trump.

And half of FOX News too, by the way.

CNS News reported:

Both black voters and other minority voters are more convinced than white voters that most reporters are trying to help impeach President Donald Trump, rather than report the news fairly – with a majority of each of the three groups holding that view – a new Rasmussen Reports survey reveals.

In the national voter survey, conducted November 12-13, 53% of all voters said most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump:

“When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?”:

“Help impeach President Trump”: 53%
“Block his impeachment”: 8%
Report “news in an unbiased an unbiased manner”: 32%

But, 53% of black voters and 60% of other minorities, compared to 51% of whites, said reporters are trying to get Trump rather than report the news fairly.

Tucker: 'Star' witnesses couldn't point to any high-crimes

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