(Angry Patriot Movement) – When a Muslim couple realized they had a Christian waitress, they decided to turn up the heat and make her life miserable for the duration of their stay… and it was a big mistake.

They threatened this Christian woman with death threats in person and on social media, but it caught up to them in the end! The couple was arrested and charged for their threats of terrorism, and the FBI began an investigation into their long history of threats, via NWA.com.

This couple, who were Muslim converts, believed themselves to be superior because of their adopted faith. The couple, Daphne Ridenour and Alan Crawford, sat in Mel’s Diner in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, and they terrorized this young waitress.

They told her things like, “People like you are the reason we kill” and “Only a Christian would treat [us] like that.” They claimed they were not being given the preferential treatment they deserved as Muslims.

The waitress, who chose to remain unnamed, continued to serve them and couldn’t wait for them to leave, but they were by no means through. They found her profile on Facebook, posting a photo of themselves dressed in Muslim attire and holding weapons.

They also bombarded the waitress with death threats, making her and her family fear for their lives. They claimed on social media that the man, Alan, would show up at her place of residence with an AK-47.

But because of this waitress’s courage, the couple were reported to the police and the FBI. And the shocking horrors they found in their rap sheets will keep you awake at night. In 2009, Alan was charged with rape and sodomy, but the charges were later dropped.

In 2015, a service member from the military was killed, and the local police confirmed the couple were a threat at the funeral service, but they were not charged. That same year, the couple was removed from a mall in Fort Smith because they were performing suspicious acts by filming the entrances.

They have made multiple death threats through the use of social media, like the threats made against this waitress, but Alan also threatened to kill a car dealer in Fort Smith and claimed to have a lot of guns.

These two converts are carrying out vicious crimes and using the PC nature of this country to protect them, and it infuriates me. Violent people converting to a violent religion just to satisfy their personal needs.

The liberals and Muslims of the world continue to point to the “abuses” they have to face, yet it is the American people and those of other countries who have abuse inflicted on them. You are not superior if you are Muslim, and if you threaten someone or commit a crime, then you should be facing prison time for your actions.