FAKE NEWS: Media Says Trump Supporters Waved Russian Flags at CPAC, Omit Fact it was a Leftist Stunt

Numerous journalists reported Friday that President Trump’s supporters were seen waving Russian flags before his CPAC speech, but they omitted the fact that the entire incident was a stunt pulled by an anti-Trump leftist group.

“Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag. Staffers quickly come around to confiscate them,” tweeted Snapchat’s Peter Hamby. The tweet received over 9,000 retweets.

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Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag. Staffers quickly come around to confiscate them.

However, as James O’Keefe, who is at CPAC, revealed, “This was Ryan Clayton from Bob Creamer group “Americans Take Action” handing Russian flags. Ryan was forcibly removed. You edited that out.”

This was Ryan Clayton from Bob Creamer group "Americans Take Action" handing Russian flags. Ryan was forcibly removed. You edited that out. https://twitter.com/peterhamby/status/835150821411143682 

Americans Take Action is a far-left organization whose openly stated mission is to have Trump impeached.

Despite the fact that the Russian flag stunt was an orchestrated set-up, mainstream media outlets are presenting it as if Trump supporters chose to wave the flags and were not misled into doing so. Some of the individuals seen waving the flags could also have been members of the far-left group responsible for the prank.

“People were seen waving Russian flags with “TRUMP” written on them,” reported AOL News, omitting that the entire incident was a prank.

“A section of people in the back of #CPAC2017 waving Russian flags — a staffer just came and demanded they all be handed over,” said POLITICO’s Tim Alberta without mentioning the whole thing was a stunt.

This is another example of why Trump calls the media fake news.


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I disagree on your point where you call this "fake news". Were it truly fake news it would be a made-up story about an event that didn't happen. We need to be more cautious in calling everything we don't like fake. It just makes us look even stupider than we look waving a Russian flag with Trump's name on it. We always complain about the left not taking responsibility, it's time we show them what that looks like.

Look up the VIDEO. It's on film showing the hateful Dude handing out the flags to unknowing TRUMP supporters. Don't speak till you know the WHOLE story not just the bits and gooey pieces the propaganda news wants you to hear.

Here's an idea.....provide the link for the video you're referring to.  That would be the POLITE, thoughtful, helpful thing to do.

anyone with half a brain can see this was a stunt by the moronic left

Is this group funded by Soros.

Why would a Trump SUPPORTER wave a Russian Flag to begin with? Don't take much to figure out they are not supporters but lefties looking to start s**T.

Most people don't realize that the Russian Federation Flag is no longer a Gold Hammer, Cycle, and Star, on a Red background... The new flag for the Russian Federation is a simple tri-color flag ..Red, white and blue stripes... Their new flag is almost patriotic, in its format (red, white and blue).  Hence, the unsophisticated attendees at CPAC, thought they were simply waiving... party favorites ...

See: https://www.bing.com/search?q=russian+federation+flag&form=PRUS...

Col Nelson,

I agree with you.

Regards, Sally

Trump must continue to ISOLATE and EXPOSE fake news agencies... doing it often and in public formats. which reach millions.  Turn the tables on these phony Marxist propagandist.  Trump must also sue, every time he can, for libel and slander... Go after their money and put them out of business.

Problem with this Sue thing. 

First Amendment protects criticism of government officials even if the remarks are false or defamatory., 1964; established guidelines for determining whether public officials and public figures could win damage suits for libel. To do so, individuals must prove that the defamatory statements were made w/ "actual malice" and reckless disregard for the truth
Added Point:  A government or government agency may not sue for libel, although government officials may bring defamation suits

Note Papers like NYT have avoided Libel suits for years because proof of Actual Malice is almost impossible to prove.

made w/ "actual malice" and reckless disregard for the truth
Added Point:  A government or government agency may not sue for libel, although government officials may bring defamation suits...

Actual malice may be easier to prove in Trump's case...  given the circumstances surrounding Trump's persecution and the volume, voracity, and types, of ugly attacks by the MSM.

I was there! This incident was in the back of the room and quashed quickly. The people with the flags handed them to people unknowingly thinking the flags were for Trump. Democrats have exploding heads throughout America and will psychotically perform these types of stunts for the next 4 years because they have NOTHING TO OFFER!!!




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