UPDATE- Idaho: Refugee Boys Admit To Sexually Assaulting Five-Year-Old

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO– Establishment politicians and media outlets are trying to dismiss the Twin Falls refugee rape case, but Breitbart can reveal more details from our interview with the parents of the five-year-old girl who was attacked by three refugee boys on June 2.

Local officials in Twin Falls have still not provided services to the victim, but have instead issued press statements that downplayed the attack. The statements by local leaders have led to a spate of dismissive articles in establishment sites, including The Washington Post, Slate and Jezebel, which portray the local activists who support the victim as racist rumor-mongers.

But the facts are getting out. For example, yesterday’s Breitbart exclusive with the victim’s father which revealed that he had seen 30 seconds of the video of the assault was discussed on Sean Hannity’s radio program Friday afternoon.

As this new interview segment with the victim’s mother and father shows, the assault has also had devastating consequences for both the victim and her family.

The five-year-old daughter was allegedly orally and anally raped by a seven and 10-year-old boy, according to police allegations, while a boy believed to be 14 years old videotaped the assault on his cellular phone. All three boys were refugees. Press reports indicate one was from Iraq, while two were from either Eritrea, Sudan, or Somalia.

Breitbart asked the victim’s mother how she heard about the assault.

The shocking story does not fit the establishment media’s anti-Donald Trump narrative because it underscore the growing civic cost to Americans caused by Washington D.C.’s bipartisan support for mass-immigration.

As Breitbart writer Michael Patrick Leahy laid out in detail in a recent article, the roots of the refugee program date back to Bill Clinton’s administration.

The current influx of Muslim refugees into Twin Falls has been spurred by the alliance of government and business interests who have brought a cheap labor force into the town of 55,000 people to work for local food-processing companies. The companies participate bin the government program because it is cheaper to hire imported workers from conflict-torn tribal societies in Somalia, Iraq and Eritrea than it is to hire young Americans who understand and maintain Americans’ civic rules.

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5 Year Old Victim's Father Saw Video of Twin Falls Refugee Rape


Idaho: Refugee Boys Admit To Sexually Assaulting Five-Year-Old

Three refugees, ages 14, 10 and seven, pled guilty to sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl in Idaho.

The boys, one from Iraq and two from Eritrea, entered their guilty plea last week but the case’s resolution received almost no national attention. (RELATED: NYT Admits CNN And MSNBC Are Ignoring Rockville Rape)

“We agreed to the plea bargains. That by no means implies my clients were, or are, fully satisfied with the outcome of these cases or the prosecuting attorney,” Mark Guerry, the attorney for the girl’s family told the Idaho Statesman. “After 10 months their right to some form of justice was long overdue.”

“They were prepared to testify at a trial or enter into to plea agreements months ago. More importantly, no convictions or mere words in statements could ever mitigate the unrelenting trauma and grief their little daughter now suffers as a result of this vicious sexual assault,” Guerry added.

The Washington Post and other liberal news sources last summer rushed to cover inaccurate claims about the assault (that the suspects were Syrian, for example) — which they used to try to pour cold water on anger surrounding the assault — but have so far remained silent on the boys’ admission that they did, in fact, sexually assault the little girl.

One local resident in contact with the girl’s family previously told Fox News that the boys made “her naked, and urinated in her mouth,” but those claims are impossible to verify because the judge sealed details of the incident from public view.

The sexual assault case bears similarity to the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl in Rockville, Maryland by two illegal immigrants, ages 17 and 18, who were enrolled in her high school as freshmen.

According to police, the two Rockville suspects, Jose Montano and Henry Sanchez, forced the girl to perform oral sex on them while they took turns raping and sodomizing her while she cried out for them to stop. Both Montano and Sanchez were allowed to travel to meet family in Maryland after initially being detained after crossing the border.




 Lowest Female Unemployment
In 18 years!”

President Donald Trump needled the mostly anti-Trump Women’s March on Saturday, reminding them of the positive economic gains for women under his administration.

“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March,” he wrote on Twitter. “Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”

Temperatures in the Washington, DC area rose to 59 degrees on Saturday afternoon after several days of cold weather. The Washington, DC march was smaller this year than the previous one in 2017, but organizers focused their efforts on attending a march in Las Vegas.

Thousands of women across the country rallied in major cities to oppose Trump and his policies, vowing to step up activism in the 2018 congressional midterms.


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