Establishment GOP Unnverved At Being Put On Notice by Bannon

Wrecking ball: With Steve Bannon, the power behind Donald ...

Republicans holding seats in both chambers of Congress are “put out” with former White House strategist Steve Bannon issuing a statement to challenge incumbent Republicans in order to oust establishment office holders impeding Trump’s campaign platform that resounded with citizens nationwide resulting in Trump winning the White House.

In other words, Bannon is working outside the Beltway to “drain the swamp” that is Washington, DC, to the consternation of establishment Republicans working against Trump.

The Republican establishment has gone so far to suggest that Bannon’s plan could jeopardize the majority held in the Senate by Republicans.

The Hill reports:

Republicans on Capitol Hill fear that Stephen Bannon’s plan to wage primary challenges against incumbent senators will put their majority at risk in 2018.

Senate GOP aides warn that Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, is not motivated by a desire to advance President Trump’s agenda, but instead by a quest to remake the GOP in his own, nationalist image.

“If anyone misunderstands what Steve Bannon’s goal is, they have to open their eyes. He doesn’t care if we win or lose the Senate. He doesn’t care about the consequences for the president,” said one Senate Republican aide.

“Mr. Bannon, it seems clear, does not care about Republicans maintaining their majority in either chamber. He’s putting his former boss’s agenda on the line in his quest of take over and destroy the Republican Party,” the source added.

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