Erick Erickson: Everything Obama Does Is Intended to ‘Humble the Arrogant Crackers’

Red State editor and conservative commentatorErick Erickson filled in for Rush Limbaugh on Friday and he really lived up to the reputation of the radio show he was hosting when he concluded that “everything Barack Obama does domestically and in foreign policy is designed to humble the arrogant crackers who have always run the United States.”

Erickson was talking about the letter sent from 47 Republican senators to the “Iranian nut jobs” when he decided to share his “overarching theory to explain everything” President Barack Obama does, the “single unifying theory” of the Obama Administration.

“Barack Obama believes the United States of America is a destabilizing, arrogant force in the world. We need our comeuppance and we need to be humbled,” Erickson declared. “And so everything Barack Obama does domestically and in foreign policy is designed to humble the arrogant crackers who have always run the United States.”

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I think Erickson is right..."The arrogant crackers who have always run the U.S."  If the arrogant crackers have done such a bad job, then why does everyone want to come to America? 

This mindset is not the sole opinion of Obama; almost all of the elected democrat party members share his views. We will not change the country back to what was intended by the founders until the general public understands what Obama et al. truly believe.

A certain element of the general public - the demlibs - will not accept anything that does not fit into their preconceived ideology of "original sin."  And they are enamored of a rather nebulous "image" - an "image" personified by obama - who tells them what they want to hear in this regard.  And anything the "image" does is acceptable.  These individuals seem to be engaging in self-flagellation over anything and everything in the world scene they view as "unfair."  And the world - and life in general - is not "fair." It never has been "fair" and it never will be, BUT it is better on the whole than it has ever been.  Nonetheless, by slavish subservience to the "image," they will absolve their individual share of the guilt for the "unfairness."  Therefore, they will continue to expound the "it doesn't make any difference" attitude with regard to actions of the "image."  Q.E.D. 

Oh gosh, forget that.  You can't tell those obamabots anything.  Obama does not break any laws, prove it.  Everything he does is by the Constitution.  They are idiots.  They refuse to listen because we are wrong, so they say.

That is just what I was saying - only in a few more words.


Obama and his hack regime are nothing but a bunch of malcontent vandals. His hateful regime is totally incapable of doing anything positive or constructive. Therefore they derive absolute joy from being destructive. Hating America is definitely their thing and they delight in the fact of knowing how much it angers us. That miserable racist bunch are like the rotten kids that sneak up to a home during the holidays and tear up the Christmas decorations. Their sick delight is get a glimpse of the victim's faces when they discover the senseless damage. Even sickos eventually get their comeuppance.


     I think you are speaking for lots of Americans.  Obama has done nothing to lessen racial tensions in this country....on the contrary, he has successfully whipped up racial tensions, even in whites who never had those feelings before.  Of course, this is part of the MARXIST/COMMUNIST/ISLAMIST AGENDA to divide the people and destroy America.  So far, this racist traitor is succeeding in his evil task.

THAT is exactly why they installed Obama into the WH!! They wanted a Black hate monger to further their agenda!! Only a Black hate monger could further racial divide in this Country!!

Our Country and our race relations were doing just fine.  We tolerated each other and appreciated the difference.  We realized that in order to achieve anything good, we had to have good in our heart to begin with.  Every culture has their thing and we just lived together appreciating the difference.  Martin Luther King helped us to understand our differences and to appreciate each other.  Then OBUMBO hit the stage and things have gone downhill fast.  I too don't or didn't have a racist bone in my body.  But, Obumbo has brought race back into the picture and shoved it down our throats.  The result is a tremendous amount of anger being stirred in the pot.  It did not have to be this way,

I know exactly what you mean.  Wasn't that many years ago, several of may friends made comments to me that I was the most unbiased person they knew, and that I could never be called a racist.  Well.............can't make that claim anymore.  Not sure that I'm really a racist, BUT.... I don't really trust any black people these days.  And as soon as I hear the "race card" pulled out, I almost automatically close my ears.  Even IF.....IF...there really is a "race" issue, I no longer care.  They've lied and used the excuse TOO many times, and now it no longer has any real legitimacy.  And that's through their OWN behavior, not other people.

Personally speaking, I've more arrogant Oreos than Crackers!




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