Anyone that knows Matt Drudge knows he does not drop Vanity Posts. Today he posted a warning to Hillary Clinton that he is about to drop a Bombshell that will end her election.


“Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers…”

Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers...

Just 45 min ago Drudge confirmed he received the devastating info and references to the info as the “mothership”.

What possible can he have on Hillary that will soon be exposed?

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Check out the comment here - the left is in a state of panic.…/0b1e9468-9d31-11e6-9980-50…

Election eve announcement could shake campaign

I sincerely hope the new documents were accompanied by some strong arm, any strong arm, of Congress, telling this creep (Comey) to DO YOUR JOB.  OR ELSE.

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We need to contact our rep's and ask them to inform the FBI that we expect them to follow the law and conduct a proper and through investigation... too, also ask that the 5 Immunity Agreements provided to Clinton's top aides and computer tech. be revoked if they have lied, refuse to answer any questions pertinent to the investigation, or refuse to fully cooperate with ALL government agencies regarding this matter... including Congress.  No more phony or rigged investigations... put all the evidence before a Grand Jury and let them decide if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute...

By the way... we must also insist that She not be pardoned before a conviction.... is rendered and if for some reason she is elected it may be time to have the Electoral College reject her ... and vote independently... the Electoral College can function as a check against election corruption, and fraud used to deceive the electorate.  In any other world a candidate under serious investigation for multiple felonies by the FBI would withdraw from the election.... Hillary should stand down NOW. 


The Law is the instrument of government... used to establish order in society.  The law applies to the conduct of INDIVIDUALS and or Corporate entities (as individuals)... 

Under our doctrine of jurisprudence... the law doesn't apply to groups or institutions as a whole.  If a member of society, murders a neighbor, the law doesn't prosecute the guilty parties family, it prosecutes the individual responsible. Our laws don't demand that we prosecute every stockholder, when a CEO violates corporate law... it applies to the individual.  Our laws demand individual responsibility under the law.

No individual is above the law... Meaning, that the Law applies to every 'individual' equally.  We don't apply the law to groups or classes of individuals as do some nations and cultures.  Example, in India, some laws apply to various CLASSES of individuals... likewise under ancient feudal law entire groups of individuals were excluded from certain types of law...  In our society and culture the law is to apply equally to every INDIVIDUAL... our law holds the individual responsible for his actions... it is therefore very personal.


Circle logic is your tendency and you are still not understanding the that law is designed to protect the citizens and is created by the votes to elect our Constitutional representatives in our Republic. It is again not personal to the individual it is to cover the entire society. 

Enough on this subject. I have campaign work to perform for Trump! 




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


ALERT --> Minnesota Elects First Muslim Congresswoman In US History!!!

Minnesota voters sent Somali immigrant Ilhan Omar of the DFL party to Congress on Tuesday night after she defeated Republican candidate Jennifer Zielinski by a 78-22% margin.

Omar and Michigan House candidate Rashida Tlaib (D) both became the first two Muslim-American women to serve in Congress after their election victories on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer

Yesterday Ilhan Omar won her election in Minnesota, becoming the first Muslim woman elected to Congress.

Today, she had to appear before a judge for her hearing regarding ethics violations.

It’s been less than 24 hrs since she won and she’s already in court for her corruption.

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Omar, along with being the first Muslim women elected to Congress is also the first Somali-American member of Congress, a seat in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district which was previously held by Keith Ellison, who was the first Muslim ever elected to US Congress. Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district has not elected a Republican to Congress since 1962. The district includes Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs.

The Minnesota state congresswoman ran a progressive platform which included “Medicare for all,” criminal justice reform and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Omar, a Somali refugee, came to the U.S. at 12 years old, which is why she often attacks President Trump‘s travel ban against a number of Muslim-majority countries which happen to be terror hotbeds.

In August, Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer confronted both Ilhan and Tlaib, who have both expressed hatred for Jewish people and who are campaigning with pro-HAMAS Linda Sarsour and CAIR, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.

When Loomer confronted Tlaib at one of Ilhan’s campaign events, Tlaib assaulted Loomer, and a police report was filed.

Omar’s campaign and election, however, are still clouded in controversy. Omar has been accused of marrying her brother and committing immigration fraud.

The day after her victory, Omar appeared in court to face a judge about the campaign finance violations she has been accused of.

Ilhan Omar was also arrested in 2013 for trespassing.

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Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer

This is Ilhan Omar.

She won an election last night & is now the first Somali woman elected to US Congress.

This is her mug shot.

Along w/ being a criminal, as you can see, she committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother so he could get a green card.

Good riddance.

Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer

Yesterday Ilhan Omar won her election in Minnesota, becoming the first Muslim woman elected to Congress.

Today, she had to appear before a judge for her hearing regarding ethics violations.

It’s been less than 24 hrs since she won and she’s already in court for her corruption.

Omar has also faced criticism for her ties to CAIR, campaigning with jihadi activist Linda Sarsour, Keith Ellison, who has been accused of domestic violence, and her public display of anti-Semitism, all of which has been either under-reported and ignored by the local Minnesota media.

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