Dr. Ben Carson: Chances Are ‘Reasonably Good’ That I’ll Be Running For President In 2016

Dr. Ben Carson told radio host Hugh Hewitt Monday night that the odds of seeing him on the presidential trail next year as a candidate for the GOP nomination are “reasonably good” and that he will make a decision to run no later than next May:

Hugh Hewitt: “So I know you like debating, so the question arises: will we be seeing you on the presidential debate circuit next year that will begin, that the Republicans are organizing for those who want the nomination of the party.”

Dr. Ben Carson: “I think the chances are reasonably good of that happening. I’m waiting obviously for a few more months. I want to make sure that it’s clearly something my fellow Americans want me to do and I’m also waiting to see what the results are in November because if the people indicate that they truly do want a nation that is for of and by the people, then I, and along with I hope many other people, be willing to give it everything we possibly have.”

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Dr. Carson is precisely the caliber of person this country needs to be rescued from the decimation of the liberal and entitlement mindset that this administration has fostered and perpetuated. This mindset among this very large portion of the populous is enslaving those so hoodwinked. Between voter fraud and those whom focus only on what handout or entitlement they will get are exercising their right to vote while those working class that are being bled at all times to pay for the entitlements and the grotesquely bloated government entities and politicians, fail to exercise the right and responsibility to vote because many have slipped into the apathy mode. Dr. Carson is a man of true morals, ethics, and substance. His background is well known and not being hidden or shrouded in secrecy as is the fact with the one presently in power. There will be no questions of his legal residency, education, and actual work ethic to better the human condition. What will be the fodder from the bellows of the race baiters when they can't purport a false claim of racism if the conservative and patriotic core elects a man of color. I fear for the false claims and slander Dr. Carson and his family will have to endure once he puts his name in the hat. I pray that God will give us the grace to repair the damage that has been inflicted on our country and world standing by blessing Dr. Carson and help and guide him in his undertaking to put reason, ethics, morality, belief in God Almighty as our loving creator, and restore transparency and accountability to the government which is so grossly infested with parasitic and corrupt politicians of both main parties. Dr. Carson is the spawn of a single parent mother that instilled a true sense of accountability, true work ethic and pursuit of education to improve their life situation, and the drive to be an asset and active participant in making a positive impact on the lives of many by actually helping those he could through his gifted skills he worked for not by merely promising more and more enslaving entitlements. May God have mercy on us all and may be bless Dr. Carson in his pursuits to restore our country. Humbly submitted, Randy Franssen

A man of honor and integrity. I am unsure! He would be what America needs, but will they vote for him. Most Conservatives will, except for those afraid of one with honor! He knocks holes in Demoncrat lies and our Marxist supporting media! We also have so many others who do not fully hold to the Christian ethic as does Dr. Ben! I admit I know little about Christie but I do know he was not attacked like Ted Cruz! Of course the anti-America Demoncrats are attacking Gowdy for wanting to know the truth. I told you what it was and it was murder! I want Dr. Ben and who will be the running mate? Sarah, and if so, we know the Marxist evil media without morals will attack them both endlessly as they have in the past! Do we see a series of who the Liberal media attacks? It is those that support morals!

I believe that Dr.Carson is a good man, but I believed as many did that Mr. Obama was a good person also. Mr. Carson has no govt. experience as many have already stated, but we have also found out that Obama really didn't have the experience he lead people to believe. He was for the most part a community organizer. One who although was in the Senate, in presence only, (although for the likes of me I don't know how he ever got in there) he has since proven his utter stupidity. He has also proven he is an evil lying person. Like your typical terrorist Muslim. But Mr. Carson does have one thing Obama doesn't have and that's plain old fashioned common sense. Where Obama never had to pull himself up from a hard life to begin with, Mr. Carson has. I believe it's made a better person of him, and he has the right values and priorities. He has also made a place in the world and a good name and reputation through his work. To my knowledge Obama never held down a job of any substance. The only thing that bothers me is his stance on the gun topic. I will wait to cast my vote until I see and hear the other candidates. If he truly does get elected President I can't see at this point how he could possibly be any worse than what we presently have.

dunno about that once believing Obama is a good person stuff..

My reaction, about 3 minutes into his Keynote speech in Kerry's 2004 DNC convention was;


had never heard of him before, and didn't think about him at all again until he ran for president. Then there was another; 

UH-OH!... this is not good.

but then, we pretty much agree on Dr. Carson. My only additional concern would be; Can he do harm to enemies readily.. having been a Dr. for so long, living the oath of -1st do no harm. But without doubt I'd be happier to vote for him than another Bush, or Christi, or (OMG, they're actually yearning for it) Romney again.

Agree Jane.

Yes, I would vote for him. He Loves America, he is not a Racist, he is honest, and more than that, he Love the Lord God Jesus Christ.............Let's give him a chance. I believe that he can turn America back to wholeness again.

Dr. Ben, I saw the interview on Liberal media. You could not be stopped as he had no answers! You had this male commentator squirming in his seat. He had no way to go. You put him is his place with facts. God bless you. I know you in the Spirit and America needs you NOW!

I think that Dr. Carson is one of the most articulate speakers for Conservatism in the country. He's not a politician, but he's brilliant and would make an outstanding President that would truly unite the country.

For more videos about Dr. Carson, go to http://www.runbenrun.tv

Please share the videos you like best!

To encourage Dr. Carson to run, please sign the petition at http://www.runbenrun.org/petition

A lot can happen in two years. I am focusing on mid-term.

Ben's a shoe-in. Americans are biting at the bit to correct a wrong, to show the world it can elect a smart black president with good intentions and American values...Semper Fi Nam 66-67 

I can NOT support Ben Carson. How can I support a man who told Glenn Beck that he (Carson) thinks  weapons with large magazines should be relegated to the boonies. Anyone who does not seem to understand the words "shall not be infringed", should not be in the Oval Office It is the Constitution, Dr. Carson, that matters, not what you think.I do not want your opinions, I want you to support the United States Constitution. To my knowledge, Carson has never amplified on those words. Watch and listen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1wQrVNmo80 Carson:You Have No Right To Semi-Automatic Weapons In Large Cities

Furthermore, at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, where Carson gained national fame for apparently complaining about the policies of Obama, Carson slipped in the statement (start listening at the 20 minute mark) , "...we have started down the right path to solving .........Healthcare." See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6NU1giRA Carson: Obamacare the right path to healthcare. At the time Carson uttered those words (2013), Obamacare was already law, and that was the only path to healthcare we were on and still are on. How can Carson possibly even imply that Obamacare is the right track to healthcare?Yet that is what he is saying on the video. I omitted some of the words, but none of the context.

So just what did Carson mean by saying that we were on the right path?   If Carson, as some commenters think, is an honest man, then was he honest then? If he was being honest then, he should never be elected to an office that requires a true conservative.

In addition, Carson advocated for the use of electronic health records in the same video, but he never says who should control those electronic records. Does he mean that government should control those records?  Why would we even need electronic records except for the ability of doctors to send the records to another doctor when a patient moves or similar?

Despite his rhetoric, Dr. Carson has shown that his thinking has serious flaws, and that he might just turn out to be another elitist.

I also understand that he has registered as an Independent. If he runs as an Independent he will ensure another Marxist in the White House come 2017.

I really don't think America can put up

with another black person as president!

Look at obama: WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!






Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Horrible: Democrats Set The Constitution On Fire With Fraudulent Impeachment

House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning after an investigation that violated fundamental provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The investigation of the president began with the complaint of a so-called “whistleblower” who turned out to be a rogue Central Intelligence Agency employee, protected by a lawyer who had called for a “coup” against Trump in early 2017.

Democrats first demanded that the “whistleblower” be allowed to testify. But after House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was found to have lied about his committee’s contact with the “whistleblower,” and after details of the “whistleblower’s” bias began to leak, Democrats reversed course. In violation of the President Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to confront his accuser, Democrats refused to allow the “whistleblower” to testify. They argue the president’s procedural rights, even if they existed, would not apply until he was tried in the Senate — but they also invented a fraudulent “right to anonymity” that, they hope, might conceal the whistleblower even then.

Schiff began the “impeachment inquiry” in secret, behind the closed doors of the Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) in the basement of the U.S. Capitol, even though none of the testimony was deemed classified. Few members of Congress were allowed access. Schiff allowed selective bits of testimony to leak to friendly media, while withholding transcripts of testimony.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), having allowed the secret process to unfold, legitimized it with a party-line vote authorizing the inquiry. The House resolution denied President Trump the procedural rights enjoyed by Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and denied the minority party the traditional right to object to witnesses called by the majority.

Rather than the House Judiciary Committee, which traditionally handles impeachment, Pelosi also deputized the House Intelligence Committee to conduct fact-finding; the Judiciary Committee was turned into a rubber stamp. Schiff held a few public hearings, but often failed to release transcripts containing exculpatory evidence until after they had passed.

In the course of the Intelligence Committee’s investigation, Schiff quietly spied on the telephone records of his Republican counterpart, Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA). He also snooped on the phone records of a journalist, John Solomon; and on the phone records of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, acting as President Trump’s personal lawyer.

Schiff’s eavesdropping violated both the First Amendment right to press freedom and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. Yet he proceeded undeterred by constitutional rights, publishing the phone logs in his committee’s report without warning, confirmation, or explanation, alleging that Nunes and the others were part of a conspiracy to assist the president’s allegedly impeachable conduct. When Republicans on the Judiciary Committee asked the Intelligence Committee’s majority counsel, Daniel Goldman, to explain the phone logs, he refused to answer,

Ironically, Schiff had done exactly what Democrats accuse Trump of doing: abused his power to dig up dirt on political opponents, then obstructed a congressional investigation into his party’s and his committee’s misconduct.

Democrats’ articles of impeachment include one for the dubious charge of “abuse of power,” which is not mentioned in the Constitution; and one for “obstruction of Congress,” which in this case is an abuse of power in itself.

Alexander Hamilton, writing about impeachment in Federalist 65, warned that “there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.” Democrats have fulfilled Hamilton’s worst fears.

The Trump impeachment will soon replace the 1868 impeachment of President Andrew Johnson — which the House Judiciary Committee staff actually cited as a positive precedent — as the worst in American history.

In service of their “coup,” Democrats have trampled the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Republic has never been in greater danger.

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