Donald Trump: Obama ‘The Single Best Thing to Ever Happen to Jimmy Carter’

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump says President Barack Obama is the best thing that ever happened to President Jimmy Carter.

“He is the single best thing to ever happen to Jimmy Carter because a lot of people are no longer looking at Jimmy Carter as our worst president,” Trump said during his campaign rally at Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings, Montana.

In fact, a poll in 2014 suggested President Obama edged out President George W. Bush, President Nixon, and President Carter as the nation’s worst president, according to The Washington Times.

In the “worst” competition, Mr. Obama barely edged out Mr. Bush, with 33 percent rating the incumbent the worst president of the post-World War II era to 28 percent for Mr. Bush. Richard Nixon, who in the wake of the Watergate scandal became the only president in history to resign the office, was a distant third at 13 percent, and Jimmy Carter was fourth at 8 percent.

A few months later, Carter commented on being compared to Obama as the worst president during an appearance on MSNBC.

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Too funny! You would think no one could ever beat Jimmy Carter, the peanut king.

I said the same thing when the man-child was elected in 2008, Obama has achieved the impossible, he's made Jimmy Carter look good.

Obama makes Carter look intelligent. The rabble rousing street punk will pay the price.

Nothing would make jimmy boy seem intelligent.

"making Carter look good"

damm Sam, that's either an incredibly stupid person, or an evil, diabolical, sob, or maybe both.

Does jimmy's brother still sell "carter beer". Inquiring minds want to know.

jimmy, the house builder, FAILED to back the shar of iran, which has led the world to all its current muslim problems today. Way to go, you are very lucky mr o's presidency has regulated you to "next to the bottom of worse US president's (and you were very low). 

It may have been the single best thing for Carter but it was the worst for America !  Both Carter and Obama were given to us by the voters in the Gimmedat political  party.  Cater gave away the Panama canal (among other things) Obama gave away America !

Yes, and we must snatch it back from the jaws of Hell, if we still can!  There are lots of people who think that America is a lost cause.  I pray they are wrong!

Jimmy has been replaced as the worst President ever in America,Obama is the worst most destructive ever,he hates America and has done nothing to help this country but he has collected his pay for doing nothing,Jimmy was just plain stupid and didn't understand the World and wouldn't listen to any one trying to give him advice,Obama knows it all and his legacy is total failure.

Hay guys, obummer is the single best thing that has happened to the republican party

It is without question that Obama is the worse President EVER.

Dumb and Dumber!




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