Donald Trump Alabama FULL Speech, 2016 Presidential Campaign Rally, Mobile AL

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I have loved THE DONALD, ER... PRESIDENT TRUMP, since before I read his book,( The hard-cover).He IS AWESOME!! I am very excited to see him as PRESIDENT, than the evil bunch we have now. I look forward to the day, I wake up the next morning, and see the POLLS  after the Election !! TRUMP WINS!! Man, that will feel AWESOME!! GOD is using TRUMP, as HIS 'TRUMPET'! The DONALD,  doesn't lie, doesn't, do drugs, and, HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES! NOW THAT IS WHY HE CAN'T BE BOUGHT!! He is using a BILLION, of his own money.I thought the 1st DEBATE, was AWESOME!! I stepped outside that night, and at 10:30 P.M., (and we usually have some kind of traffic going on), YOU COULD HEAR A PIN DROP !! Everyone was at home at a DEBATE-PARTY, or a sports bar... LISTENING TO THE DEBATE!! I want to see DONALD TRUMP as PRESIDENT TRUMP !! Like he said, 'i wish the ELECTION ' would be tomorrow!',DIDDOs to that,( thank you RUSH LIMBAUGH !! ), !! TRUMP / CRUZ 2016!! Larry,Naples,FL.

To take the expieriance of a life long business man who by "Polititicains" comment on how he does'nt fit can claim only one thing so far, he's not a lier like most Demacrats and Republicans have now proven to be on every issue. Americans! God gave us this funtion of a country both parties have sold out for the love of money rather moral or not.


Ted Cruz?....let's say  that,...let's say he is 'great for VP'...well,....number of individuals out there consider the man a conservative republican very god even for no only vice-presidency, but for full first chair presidency;... 

And yet.......the man seems to be.... 'shaking hands under-the-table'

Sen. Ted Cruz also supports temporary legalization status in the immigration bill

Astonishing Video by Ted Cruz to Show Pro-Amnesty Bill Supporters and to Use for Recall Support!

And at the same time (as any smart politician would do.....anyone can remember.....

Ted Cruz Attacks Dreamers To Win the November Midterm Election

Ted Cruz's Hidden Amnesty Agenda, that ALMOST nobody noticed!

Cruz Tries to Claim the Middle Ground on Immigration

Ted Cruz Lays Down Gauntlet on Immigration Bill

Sen. Ted Cruz also supports temporary legalization status in the immigration bill

So, in others words the man is acting like a so called 'moderate' republican (AKA.....a RINO)....shaking hands under-the-table with left and right.....trying and doing deals with GOD and Satan simultaneously....a typical every day establishment republican....from the GOP.

Mr Cruz also makes money pretending to fight against Obamacare...

Ted Cruz’s Fake Fight Against Obamacare Is Making Millions

Simultaneously( in a flip-flop move), the man virtually endorses The Obamacare project with certain kind of 'explanation'
Media freakout over Ted Cruz buying ObamaCare insurance reaches day two

The man is very crafty and manipulative in order to gain flashy platform.....

Actually Mr Cruz emulates Mr Obama , we could invision him as the Barack Obama from the GOP
Ted Cruz Is More Like Barack Obama Than Ronald Reagan

Ted Cruz Divides Republicans As He Rises To Prominence

Of course the man has enemies;...and he called 'RINO'
Rep. Peter King: Ted Cruz And Rand Paul Are RINOs

Bottom line, he wants (and is working ferociously for it) ...he wants just power, be in the golden-type lavish almost God-like platform.

Question(s) ; How honest this man could be?....can he be trusted?....or is he another one extension of the regular every day career / do nothing for the ones who elected them politician ?

Well, is seems that way.
So the point of advice for / to everyone out there is to launch investigation and research in all politicians;...Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Biden Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren (the latest presidential shot at presidency candidacy from the liberal-democrat sector),...and as well all the our vote  - whichever it will be - is going to be an educated one to certain extend.

And that for short.

WOW!! YOU HAVE A LOT HERE!! The only other for V.P. would be JINDLE OF ALABAMA , or, DR. BEN CARSON. TED CRUZ would be smart enough to set people up for the 'GRAND FALL  and EXPOSURE to the 'PEOPLE', of the vast GOVERNMENT take-over not only of 'MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD ties to OBAMA, as well as the NWO. in the U.N.!! let's see what happens. A lot of 'SCARE TACTICS' going on right now. Bring on that cheater UNCLE JOE BIDEN, who else do they have?? OH, THAT'S RIGHT!! OUR DICTATOR in THIEF OBAMA, who is apparently so protected we can't seem to have anyone brave enough to rid us of him out of the OFFICE and GOLF COURSE!! Maybe FRANKLIN GRAHAM was right! He said OBAMA MAY BE SMITED BY LIGHTNING!! TEA PARTY COMETH!! Larry,Naples,FL.




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