Donald Trump Alabama FULL Speech, 2016 Presidential Campaign Rally, Mobile AL

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Elaine, I see where Nabisco will be heading to Mexico - there go the Oreos, etc.. We refuse to buy anything Nabisco and anything Hershey's because Hershey has moved a good portion of its chocolate making to Mexico, too. Just look at Reeses, etc.. Be sure to check Christmas candy, too...between Mexico and China, not in our home.  We want the CITIZENS of America to have the jobs and not be unemployed, or unable to find a job for so long, they are on welfare, while the jobs are heading overseas and south of the border. 

GREEEEEEEAAAAAT!! WE GET THEIR CRIMINALS AND THEY GET OUR CHOCOLATES!! DAMN ! For a while I thought we didn't have the CRIMINAL IN CHIEF as President! They will still complain, but...OBAMA IS THE WORST WE HAVE EVER HAD!! NO CHRISTIAN WOULD EVER DO TO US AS A PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY!! Now we have to go ELSE-WHERE and get chocolate... There are others, but OBAMA is stripping our country of traditions, culture, and MILITARY AS WELL!! TRUMP 2016!! I pray sooner!! TEA PARTY  COMETH !! Larry,Naples,FL.

We all can be here talking about this until the next asteroid or comet hits the planet, let's be brief.

  ‘THE WASHINGTONIANS CORRUPTOCRATS’ are the political amalgamate of liberal-democrats and RINO-type republicans there in Washington right now;… only and only talking / expanded time/ doing nothing whatsoever, – in others words, ‘politics as always’-, while the american public suffers the result of lack of leadership and unconstitutional actions of the current administration.

Of course nothing is happening in benefit of the people, ‘politics as always’ still at full throttle…they still wasting time and money , just pretending , trying to fool once again the american public.

The 2010 vote did not serve the desired expectations -(a number of RINO's were elected),...similar did happen on 2014.

By now , the american public is well aware about what is going on with the current administration, – their roots, they agenda,tendencies and purposes.

The Obama regime understands that their days are counting backwards at fast pace, and so, they will try to do as most injure possible with the time at hand.
RNC/GOP is a weak organization not able to carry the needs of  the American public,....just walk with me, if you will;.....

We should not and cannot expect the GOP ( the rancid GOP establishment) be able to produce a candidate powerful enough to defeat Hillary Clinton for presidency.

The internal battle they have for power makes all of them weak, matter how good the public (and themselves)think any of them are

Quite frankly, if everyone out there look and analyzes closely and carefully , soon it will come to realization that the GOP is not prepared to issue a true-core authentic people's candidate that represents any Joe and Jane in the American public.
One thing is crystal clear, the GOP does not have anyone to win over Hillary Clinton, for what the rancid sold-out establishment organization is offering to the american public is just nothing.....potential presidential republican contenders are just a bunch of RINOs....are they not?

However, in the middle of all this manure going strong for the American public - not for the conventional RINO type establishment - there is Donald Trump....and so the GOP rancid establishment is not quite happy with him...the RINOs do not like him at all, not a they?

Input anyone?

"Let it sleep, for when the dragon awakens,  it will shake the world".     Slowly, America is awakening, as more and more people, are becoming affected ,by the universal misery,  brought to us by Obama, and all who follow him, or those too weak,  and compromised to resist him.       It is "hitting" home, even with the Low-Info's.         Notice the younger faces in the stadium, they are beginning to pay attention, as their future is spelled one way,  "J-O-B-S".        Wall Street is feeling the pain of our weakness.       The Country is becoming aware of the "Big Lie"............"All is well, nothing to see here, Folks".      The Media, and others, have tried to distort reality, quote false figures, and statistics, but it seems it is rather "hitting the fan".       The dragon is awakening in the form of Donald Trump, man of the Truth.      No axe to grind, just love and a way of recovery for a Nation almost over the brink, under the steerage of Chicago Thugs, and Criminals.  Trump 2016

HEART FELT, AND WELL SAID JO !! Couldn't have said it better myself!!  TEA PARTY COMETH!! Larry,Naples,FL.

President Trump has my vote and support!

I agree with the jobs at home but the President of Facebook is running scared and making charges that we would hot have enough workers.  I thought he would be smarter than than, Trump is not saying they all leave on the 1st day.  Facebook is crying wolf because he's afraid he will loose a few bucks.

screw facebook mark this country is more importain then any zukerburg

Enjoyed every minute of this speech. How refreshing to have a NON-politician say what needs to be said. A man who cannot be bought and who truly loves America and Americans.

Obama hates America and Americans. Bush has been bought. Hillary represents all the countries in the world who want to annihilate us. I don't know about the rest - but I do know that Cruz is great. He is the only person who could be V.P.

Do not wake me from my dream:  Trump for 8 years and then Cruz for 8 years. I have lived through 7 years of a nightmare, so I need my dream.






sounds good to me except we need gowdy as jod leader and rand paul treasury sheriff aripoa homeland leader

As long as the GOP attacks Trump, the better he will do.




Political Cartoons by Ken CatalinoPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


TRUMP:  Trump To Give ‘Start Your Engines’ Command At Dayton

President Donald Trump will give the command for drivers to start their engines before the Daytona 500.

Daytona International Speedway officials named Trump the grand marshal for NASCAR’s season opener, meaning he will deliver the most famous four words in auto racing. “Gentleman, start your engines,” has been a staple of races around the country and world for decades.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said Thursday the president plans to attend the race. Track president Chip Wile confirmed the news in a release.

“Daytona International Speedway has been privileged to have hosted several sitting presidents of the United States over our history,” Wile said. “We’re honored that the president of the United States has chosen to experience the pageantry and excitement of ‘The Great American Race.’”

Trump is the third sitting president to attend a race at Daytona, but only the second to attend the Daytona 500. George W. Bush attended in 2004. Trump is the first to be given an honorary role in pre-race ceremonies.

Trump is scheduled to spend part of the Presidents Day weekend at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a flight restriction for Sunday and the U.S. Secret Service, which is responsible for presidential security, also tweeted to fans that drones are prohibited within 30 miles of the race in Daytona Beach — a restriction put in place for presidential visits.

Trump has hosted previous NASCAR champions at the White House and last October awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to motorsports titan Roger Penske. Last year, Trump also praised retired driver Mario Andretti, the Daytona 500 winner in 1967, reminiscing about a ride Andretti gave him in a race car for his reality show “The Apprentice.”

“I said, ‘Mario, get me out of here. I want to get out of this car,’” Trump recalled. “We went so fast. We literally — we covered four blocks in like a second.”

Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs

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