DNC Transgender Spox Turns Into Stuttering Mess When Tucker Asks About Science

A transgender advocate struggled to answer simple questions about the science of gender identity in a discussion about former President Obama’s transgender bathroom decree Thursday on Tucker Carlson Tonight. “Let’s move from the politics to the science,” Carlson said to Zac Petkanas, Democratic National Committee senior advisor, launching into a series of questions about the implications of allowing people to determine their sex.

“There’s no biological anchor to sex anymore. It’s all determined by the individual,” he said. “So my obvious question for you is, how do I know if a person’s male or female? Is there some absolute standard people have to meet to be male or female, other than what they say?” “One’s gender identity is enough to show what gender they are,” Petkanas replied.

“There are massive implications of this that everyone is either too dumb or too embarrassed to explore, but let’s do so now,” Carlson added. “If your sex is what you say it is, then what prevents me from playing on a women’s field hockey team? What prevents me from getting convicted of a felony and demanding to go to a women’s prison? It’s a real question.” (Read more from “DNC Transgender Spox Turns Into Stuttering Mess When Tucker Asks About Science” HERE

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Impossible for people to determine their gender, God determines gender at conception!

This loser is what we call a cupcake or a snowflake, he supports Obama and that makes him a 100% loser.

God made man and woman for each other!

There is something missing in this morons make up, like a working mind!


Put this moron in a padded room with peelousy.

When people tell God that they know better or more than God there is real problems in the land

Does this person believe that the muslim faith will allow him/her to be what he/she identifies with in the sex category?

this is what happens when you have shit for brains

No ! This what happens when a fraud and usurper going by the name of barack hussein obama is allowed to sit in the White House with his tranny/ transgender " First Lady" for eight years ! The obama family is one big lie ! The so called daughters are rentals . They have no Genetic relationship to the two gay men pretending be US President and First Lady 

 This entire TURMOIL about SEX IDENTITY has reached the point where soon we will be TERRIBLY UPSET for  the unfortunate people who suffer from being born with their LEFT FOOT growing out their Right Ear !!! I'm not very sure of this, but I do think one such case was reported in the Northern Himalayas in 1932, but was immediately corrected by throwing the victim off one of the lesser known peaks of the HIMALAYA's as was the custom at that time for solving  birth defect problems of the many Tribal people of the region.

Of course, I jest and do "not" mean to trivialize any SEX IDENTITY problems that some people might have. YES, there are some cases where the human body gets "Cross Wired" and the condition is a great problem for those who have it. But, THERE ARE THOUSANDS of THOUSANDS of medical conditions that are RARELY spoke of but nevertheless are very problematic to those victims as well. We cannot possibly CURE ALL at once, nor even come close to coming up with solutions.

As far as Sexual Identity goes, I am VERY DISTURBED that a "so-called" SOLUTION to the problem is to come up with  the idea of TRANS-GENDER bathrooms, and turning it into a FEDERAL MANDATE that ALL BATHROOMS IN AMERICA MUST BE TRANSFORMED INTO A "SOCIAL EXPERIMENT  by wrongly thinking that only people with a TRANS GENDER PROBLEM will be USING THOSE REST ROOMS !!!!! WHAT A STUPID AND DANGEROUS IDEA THAT IS !!!!!!!  


I do believe that most of these NEWER cases of SOCIAL ENGINEERING are merely means to DISTRACT the AVERAGE CITIZENRY from what the MAJOR ISSUES of the DAY are !!!! TOO much IDIOTIC challenges for the public domain ONLY CAUSES, CONFUSION, ANGER, HATE and DISTRUST to name a few precursors to SOCIAL UNREST.  We can see how the world is currently in FLAMES because of the Social Engineering of POPULATIONS being transferred from one region of the world to another, causing MUCH ANGST among both the Refugees and the Host Nations. It is causing GREAT PROBLEMS that will only, if not corrected soon, create such internal strife that MANY LIVES WILL BE LOST andthe world's demographics changed forever, one way or another !!!!!


I suspect we ALL know who the PEOPLE BEHIND IT ARE !!!!!   WE had better END THEIR WORK NOW, before it becomes TOO LATE !!!!

AGREED...!  WELL..., bottom line here is..., you are MALE or YOU are FEMALE....!! You have what you are born with...., unless you are one of the very few that have a gender birth defect..! Then they treat you what best fits what you have...! THE REST IS MENTAL..., period...! Example..., Bruce Jenner / Caitlyn....!! Strictly mental...!! End of story....!!

Communist Goal #16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights. #24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech. #25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV. #26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural and healthy"........and then ther is 2Tim Ch 3. evil to the core this BS is.....

This screwball is clearly nuts and needs to be in an institute for mental illness!




Political Cartoons by Gary VarvelPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Pelosi Disaster!  95% Of Americans Tuned Out Impeachment Show Trials On Friday — Only The Second Day Of Testimony

Despite the constant hype Americans are already tuning out the sham impeachment trials.

On the second day of the public show trials 95% of Americans turned off the nonsense.

Americans are worn out by all of the fake news and hysteria.


Dan Gainor   @dangainor

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Day 2 of Democrats' Impeachment Hearings 

Yawn: 95% of U.S. Adults Skipped Friday’s Impeachment Hearings

Americans aren’t exactly obsessed with the Democrats’ impeachment hearings, it seems. Friday’s second day of live, wall-to-wall coverage drew an average of 12.7 million viewers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,

Flashback: Horrible News For Shifty Schiff – Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Impeachment, 76% Don’t Trust Dems And Believe Media Is Pushing The Sham

No One in American Wants Impeachment except the Far-left Socialist Democrats and their Corrupt Media. They hate President Trump because he is a winner. He beat them and he’s making America great again as he said he would.

The Democrats and their corrupt media are totally blinded by their rage and they don’t realize that no one is in favor of impeachment.

We reported a week ago that FOX News released a poll where they stated that 49% of Americans were for Trump Impeachment. But their polling was flawed. The real extrapolated results of the poll using an accurate proportion of Republicans, Democrats and Independents showed that only 30% of Americans are in favor of Trump’s Impeachment and they’re all Democrats.

Next, a few days ago we reported on another poll that was consistent with the results of our extrapolated FOX News poll.

Nearly three quarters of all Americans have little or no trust in the way that Schifty Schiff is running the impeachment process –

Heritage Action   Heritage_Action

You won’t hear this in the mainstream media: Nearly three fourths of Americans have little to no trust in the House Democrats’ handling of their impeachment process. 🤔

Today another poll was released with similar results.

Most Americans believe that the corrupt media is trying to help get President Trump impeached. Three-quarter of Republicans, half of independents and even a third of Democrats believe this to be the case. No one trusts Schifty Shiff or the corrupt media pushing his impeachment sham.

IT Guy@ITGuy1959

1- "Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and a plurality (48%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party say most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump, a view shared by only 36% of Democrats."

Let's recast that last phrase 

Rasmussen Reports @Rasmussen_Poll

Most Say Media Working With Democrats to Impeach Trump... 

This is perhaps the worst gaffe in modern political history.

This Schiff Show does not have a happy ending for the Democrats. Even with the support of the entire corrupt fake news media, it’s a total sham and everyone knows it!

Ranking Member Nunes breaks down House Democrats' fake impeachment inquiry

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