Did You Know There Are Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones In The USA

Non-Muslim ‘no-entry’ zones have been multiplying all over Europe, and even popping up in cities here in the U.S. This should heighten every American’s awareness of the imminent danger we as a nation face. Once established, they are unsafe, and proving deadly for non-Muslims to inhabit or even to walk through the neighborhood.


These signs are being placed all over the UK

Parts of the UK have already become ‘no-go’ areas for police because minority communities are operating their own justice systems, according to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

Honor killings, domestic violence, sexual abuse of children and female genital mutilations are just some of the offences that are believed to be unreported in some cities and growing at an alarming rate.

It starts off innocently enough with them wanting to share a neighborhood with like-minded, religious thinking community dwellers. They slowly grow larger, and incorporate more Muslims into the area, and begin buying up property as fast as it becomes available or leasing it. Then they install their own courts, government, justice and punishment system, Sharia law. At that point threats are aimed at anyone living in the neighborhood that is non-Muslim. These areas have been formed with ‘ethnic cleansing’ harassment tactics; forcing existing residents out of their homes by Muslim provocation and fear of property damage and physical harm. It’s very effective, and the results advantageous to the Muslim community in establishing another ‘no-go Sharia controlled zone.’


They declare it by hanging signs that say:  “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone, Islamic rules enforced.” Do not enter unless you are willing to submit to Islamic Sharia law, or risk great personal harm. This is strict Muslim ideology rules, not the rules of the host country or state they are residing in. They are now self-governing in a “voluntary apartheid” by shutting themselves into closed societies and then demanding immunity from our criticism and our courts. And frighteningly enough, they are getting away with it.


In the U.S., Dearborn, Michigan: Over 100,000 Muslims, 45% of the city has settled into their first ‘no-go’ zone. 

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Ted, wish they would do it now.  While they're at it, put obama and his criminal enterprise, including the ones in Congress, SCOTUS and the JCOS in a FEMA camp so we can restore our Constitutional Republic.  We can start the treason trials at the FEMA camps.

 Chritine Great idea ! Just think ?! Our own GETMO ! I want to be a judge ! I will be fair ! And most likely be in the governments corner ! XXXXXXXXXXX ( fingers crossed )

I heard 600,000. And there is a group of good Americans that go there each year and walk thru slowly. The muslims harass and scream and yell, and they just keep going... This I saw on a news clip... THIS, I feel ,is Farrakhan and his Brown Shirt brigade's doing...

There are some really strange things going on in this site. I was typing a comment, quite detailed with reference info and mentioning some well know names and and other relavant data--- then Firefox crashed. This is not the first time that has happened to me on these blogs. To me, that is highly suspicious. Im not being wacky, but Im starting to think that my postings are being read by someone who does not like what iam saying. Iam not one to pull punch's. I tell it like it is and i think it must upset someone. With the capabilities of some organizations such as NSA and a couple of others, I start thinking we have been infiltrated.

Oren, I have no fear, it just pisses me off because Iam not the worlds greatest typist and I had  spent quite awhile ginning up the message.I can replace it but of course, there again,if they have the capability to interupt what is being said, it raises my hackles. Anyway, I want to let you know that Iam working on some vital changes that I would suggest you include in the COS proposed changes. Of course I will send those to you for all to scutinize and for possible inclusions in your final submittal. And Im still trying to find time to finish reviewing what you have written for possible comments. Question, there was a gal, I do not have her handle, but she said that she had an issue with one of your entries and you asked her to clarify her statement. Did she get back to you  ?

Oren, I agree. The fact that we could not get rid of Boehner because of the "fix", leaves only the hope that he will do a 180. I will not hold my breath. But, if he does,I will be the fisrt to say I was wrong. But that does not excuse his part in the massive debt he has assisted  Obama to pile on the American people. The only remaining real hope is the COS. The other option is not pleasant, but maybe the only way to save the country.

      Oren : Your post, every word truth ! And as far as posting our real names ? I always have ! And for some strange reason ? I don't trust people who will not use their real name ! I once put up s blog post asking that question.  Why not use your real name ? And never got a answer worth reading ! Hell, I have even given driving directions to our cabin ! Hide ? What for ? Take care Oren. Missed your post for a bit. Glad to see your up and running stronger ! Later my friend. Ted I Lewis 

Not sure if that comment was aimed at me, but I will say this, people post on here, not as a social connection, but rather an idea and debate site. I have personal, none of your business reasons for not putting my name here. Im not looking for hoorahs, rather trying to add some knowledgable statements to the conversation. I do not want you or anyone else here to know my personal business, address, phone number or anything else unless I offer it. Pass this on to Oren. There are two types of critisism, constructive and destructive. I personally have not intentionally stated any of the latter. Maybe some people can not stand to be countered with opposing ideas>?

If someone is comfortable posting personal information on the internet, that's their business. If someone isn't, that's their business as well.

   Info, so true ! I just never heard a good reason for it ! 


 Oren : will do ! But it does get hard to keep that faith in people. My Faith in GOD grows stronger every day ! I get to the point, why bother? For years, and you know its truth, everything was join, train, buy guns, buy ammo, buy food and all the rest ! And every day ? We loose more of the country we love ! I at times believe nothing will ever happen to take back our beloved country ! We both have been in this for YEARS ! Day by day it gets worse ! Never better ! But, I know it can't keep going as it has ! SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN ! Take care Oren. Ted.




Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Deep State Treason:  Former State Dept. Official Under Trump Tells China To Quit Negotiating Until Trump Is Removed In 2020

Deep state traitors no longer hide their deep hatred for the American people —

Mrs. Susan Thornton, the former acting assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, told her Beijing audience to stop negotiating until President Trump is removed from office in 2020.

Until July 2018, she was Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the Department of State and led East Asia policy making amid crises with North Korea, escalating trade tensions with China, and a fast-changing international environment.

The Conservative Treehouse and The South China Morning News reported:

A former official in the Trump administration has said that China can weather the storm brought by the trade war with the United States but might have to “keep steady, keep their heads down and wait” for change in the White House.

Susan Thornton, former acting assistant secretary of state to US President Donald Trump, told a gathering in Shanghai on Wednesday that she hoped a trade deal between the US and China could be concluded by next month.

But the reality was that it would “take a while” for China and the US to talk about cooperation again, Thornton, who in 20 years rose to become the US State Department’s chief negotiator for East Asia and Pacific affairs, told the South China Morning Post.

“I want to be optimistic,” said Thornton, whose 27-year career in Washington ended in July. “I tell all our foreign counterparts they should keep steady, keep their heads down and wait. [They should] try to not let anything change dramatically.”

“If this sceptical attitude towards talking diplomacy continues in this administration, you might have to wait till another administration,” Thornton said at an event held by National Committee of US-China relations and Shanghai’s American Chamber.

Embedded video
EAP Bureau    @USAsiaPacific

Acting Asst. Sec. Susan Thornton and EAP team en route to her nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! 


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