Deteriorating Mental Faculties: Time for Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi & John McCain to Step Down

It is time we put an end to career politicians in this country who have long overstayed their usefulness as so called elected officials and have reached the age where they obviously suffer from age-related mental impairment afflictions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Case and point are Maxine WatersNancy Pelosi, and John McCain in particular. Here we have 3 politicians, who when speaking resemble a Saturday Night Live skit rather than addressing issues as intended.

Maxine Waters simply cannot give one speech or make a single appearance without embarrassing herself with outrageous statements and unrealistic notions. She definitely lives in an alternate reality mentally and can hardly say two words publicly that makes any sense.

Waters has become an embarrassment not only to herself but to the Democrat party and above all, to the people she is supposed to represent. Waters is 78 years old and obviously is suffering from Dementia in the worst way. Time for her to leave office, either by resignation or get booted out, she is incapable of making even the most simple, rational decisions.

In the case of Nancy Pelosi, we have an Alzheimer’s patient who should be in the nearest nursing home Alzheimer’s unit where she can be cared for on a 24/7 basis, not in public office making decisions that affect the laws of the land.

Whether you are a Pelosi supporter, or not, it is hard to watch someone in her condition try to address real issues f.... Not a single speech, interview, or public appearance can she make without rambling on incoherently, getting confused about people or issues, and ending up making a fool out of herself.

Pelosi has even had to have staffers rescue her at the podium when she kept referring to Donald Trump as George W. Bush. Her condition seems to deteriorate with each public appearance she makes.

Her most insane quote is her infamous “We have to pass the bill before we can find out what’s in it,” referring to the Affordable Care Act in 2010 is a classic example of someone who is not mentally existing in reality.

Pelosi’s time in public office needs to come to a close with retirement. The 77-year-old obviously suffers from Alzheimer’s affliction since she displays all the symptoms such as disorientation, memory loss, poor judgment, and confusion to name a few.

John McCain, on the other hand, does not suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s affliction like Waters and Pelosi, his mental problems stem directly from his time as a Prisoner Of War during the Vietnam War. McCain has attempted suicide during his 5 and a half years as a POW and has never fully addressed his PTSD. The 80-year-old has been in office since 1987 and has not gone for the psychiatric help he needed due to his time leading up to and assuming public office as a Senator.

It is getting harder and harder for McCain to function on the job as was seen recently with his bizarre and out of place questioning of James Comey. This and other strange behavior has been a staple for McCain all during his time in office.

What McCain’s PTSD has done is create a pattern of mentality where he feels compelled to help enemies of the United States. Such was the case when he was quick to help Obama in his quest to send terrorist groups in Syria billions of dollars, billions in military equipment, actual training by the US military in Jordan, and run weapons to them via Benghazi. McCain was quick to visit his terrorist buddies in Syria who by that time were known as ISIS shortly after his sponsored support.

Because McCain’s PTSD and subsequent support for enemies of the state stemming from his time as a POW, he is not in any way suitable for being in public office and in no way has the ability to actually represent anyone other than the ghosts still haunting his mind.

Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and John McCain no longer have the mental capacity to perform their job duties. It is time to remove all three of them on the grounds of being totally mentally incapable of doing any jobs at all, much less than representing citizens in their districts and legislating law.

We can no longer permit individuals to stay in office who obviously no longer have the ability to make rational decisions.

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And let's not forget the loony who needs to be removed from the bench...

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Well done, Marilyn!

Sign me up!

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Good grief. It even shows in all of their faces, that they are out and out bonkers, nuts, imbeciles.

Let's not stop with them,......there's plenty more that could be included on that list.

AMEN.........the list is SOOOOOOOOO long

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Good work, Frank. Looks just right on them all.

Who are all of the nitwits who vote these idiots into office?  It's scary to think of how many of them there are, living and breathing and voting.  Is there a group of witch doctors who have them all hypnotized or were they just born that way?  It's easy to manipulate a person with an IQ of 50, telling them how to vote.

Or bribing illegals with freebies to vote dem...

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We ought to buy some billboards for signs like these  ;o))

How much is a billboard, btw, I wonder.




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